Jun 30 2015

Film Talk: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon, Act 8

Awwww. We’re not actually doing the Usagi is rabbit-shape Sailormoon is moon-shape? I am disappoint. I liked that idea.

Anyway! Last episode, Mamoru learned Sailormoon’s identity, I still can’t settle on spelling and names, Usagi learned that Motoki is not Tuxedo Mask, and the senshi are introduced to the Dark Kingdom. Or at least to Jadeite. Onwards! To spoils and spoilers!

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Jun 24 2015

Once upon a Time 9 Wrap-up

Banner for Once Upon A Time IXOnce more, Carl’s Once Upon A Time challenge/event has come to a close for the year.

From March the 21st until June the 21st, the whole of my reading has been all about the fantastical. Myths, fairytales, folklore, straight-up fantasy…

Which, I’ll grant, isn’t really anything particularly new for my reading habits, but the period feels different and more special because of the larger sense of community and companionship that comes with the event.

So there’s that. ^_^ Which sounds more negative than I mean it, but in my defense it’s been a bad week for my energy levels and as I’m writing this I have somehow managed to catch barely any sleep at all. (Actually, I know exactly how, but I don’t want to be grumpy all over my blog. But I am grumpy! Anyway!)

I tried to make my months a mixture of media and I think I succeeded pretty decently. I’ve been a little conservative in my counting on the review site, having excluded the Sailor Moon Crystal and Pretty Guardian Sailormoon episode commentaries because I would have been running those anyway. But pretty much everything else goes and I will be including them in this post.

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Jun 20 2015

Least favourite classic? Why?

A while ago — actually, a pretty long time in blogging and internet terms — Lynn from Lynn’s Books put up a classic book-themed meme. Since I was looking for questions to natter about at the time (you’re still more than welcome to ask them!), I decided to just nab the whole meme and work through the questions point by point. (Except for the time-specific ones like “What are you reading at the moment?” because scheduling that in advance is silly.)

So! Without further ado.

Least favourite classic? Why?

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