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Please note! Blogging is on hiatus throughout July and August. Scheduled content posts such as the webserial, the Sailor Moon reaction posts and the monthly round-ups as well as news announcements will still be posted during this period.

Splendiferous summer, everyone! <3

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Goal Review and Upcoming Plans Jul/Aug 2015

Wherein I have made actual progress with something! OMG! I Want to Read: – Full Fathom Five by Max Gladstone – Fiddlehead by Cherie Priest – A Hat Full of Sky by Terry Pratchett I Want to Write: As much as I can. >> As I write this, I have not yet finished Fiddlehead. Nor, indeed, have I […]

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Sea Foam and Silence: Part 28

Sea Foam and Silence is a free verse webserial that updates in one-poem instalments every Monday and Friday. You can read the synopsis and the linked Table of Contents here. PLEASE NOTE! If you’re wondering why we’ve suddenly jumped from part 26 to part 28, don’t worry! You didn’t miss part 27. I accidentally forgot to […]

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Promo Ending Soon: “Courage Is the Price” to regular cost

Just as a quick reminder that tomorrow, Friday 31st, is the last day you can get Courage Is the Price for its promotional price of $0.99. I’ll put the price up to its regular $2.99 on Saturday, August 1st. Below the cut, all the details, links and an excerpt in case anyone wants them. ^_^

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Missing Sea Foam and Silence Poem

Because I am absolutely and entirely brilliant, I have managed to post the 21st poem in Sea Foam and Silence as the 20th and then failed to notice the issue for, uh, about a month. As I said, I am brilliant and clearly perfection personified. (Disclaimer: I’m neither brilliant nor perfection personified.) I noticed today, though, so […]

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Film Talk: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon, Act 10

Welcome back! To recap PGSM up to this point: We’ve met all four senshi, decided that Sailor V must be the princess because of the crescent on her forehead, decided that Tuxedo Mask is the enemy because he’s a thief (because saving them from youma totally does not count for anything), met Jadeite, and generally […]

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Full Fathom Five Readalong Week 2

Just to remind everyone of the schedule, here it is! Week 1: July 20 Ch 1-13  – hosted by Allie from Tethyan Books Week 2: July 27 Ch 14-32 – hosted by me Week 3: August 3 Ch 33-50 – hosted by Heather from The Bastard Title Week 4: August 10 Ch 50-62 – hosted by […]

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