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Monthly Goals July/August 2014

Posted July 31, 2014 by Lynn E. O'Connacht in Goals / 2 Comments


Monthly Goals. The text 'monthly goals' underneath a scroll with a key on it. A look back at my goals of the month.

Wow! What a month July has been! Actually, I think part of my reaction has to do with the way June kind of collapsed in on itself. So let’s get to the reminder of what I set out to do in July.

I Want to Read:
– Ghost Hawk by Susan Cooper
– The Islands of Chaldea by Diana Wynne Jones

I Want to Write:
– at minimum 1 chapter of A Promise Broken
– rework at minimum one scene from the Space Ghosts tale

I’ve managed to read both those books and the carry-over from June (The Angel’s Cut). I’ve managed to write five chapters of A Promise Broken and finally get myself a decent idea of how and where the book is going to end. I had a decent idea, but I knew this was the part that would need the most work plot-wise. It’s pretty exciting! I’ve been busy planning out what to do next and where to go from here — part of which has been entirely depressing — but I admit I’ve been slightly distracted from the Space Ghosts as a result. I did get some work on it done, but not a whole scene.

August is going to prove to be another interesting month because I’m anticipating dedicating a lot of my time to reading Strange Chemistry books for the reading month.

I Want to Read:

I Want to Write:
– at minimum 1 chapter of A Promise Broken
– rework at minimum one scene from the Space Ghosts tale

I’ve actually already started Stolen Songbird. But then I was good at put it aside. (Also, I wasn’t in a reading mood because I got distracted by writing and gaming.) I’m about a quarter of the way through, so that’ll probably be my first book of the month. I suspect that I won’t get through all of them, but we’ll see how it goes. If I manage to stick to my schedule it should be perfectly doable with some time to spare. Writingwise, we’ll have to see what I do. I’m still a little uncertain about how well the next bit I have to schedule actually works and I’d like to poke at it some more. I hope it’ll be something easy to fix. After that I’ll have rebuilt much of the original buffer that I lost due to circumstances in the beginning and I think I might start to vary it with shorter pieces for The Little Engine That Couldn’t that I’m aiming to publish this winter. I’d like a few short stories about Jan in it and I look forward to having a bit of a break. A Promise Broken is such a sad book in so many places and Jan offers up quite a few cheering opportunities. It’ll be fun. I’ll also be continuing to poke at the Space Ghosts and Jan’ll be a nice distraction for that as well.

So… Quite an ambitious month as far as months go. After that… We’ll see.


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    • Thank you! ^_^

      So far I’m doing pretty good. I’ve got two books left to read to reach my goals. Yay! (In fact, I’m so confident of making my reading goals that I decided to be a bad host and sneak a wholly different book in. We’ll see if I get further into it than last time.)

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