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Rerelease: A Promise Broken

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A girl looking out over the sea. A storm is rolling in.

A Promise Broken

Available as Ebook and Print editions

As of today, A Promise Broken is published through The Kraken Collective, a collective of several awesome queer indie authors I’m delighted to be a part of. WHOOHOO! This is something I’ve utterly failed to talk about a lot, and I’m sorry about that. It’s been fairly hectic the past two months. OMG!

But whoohoo! A Promise Broken is rereleased! To celebrate the ebook will be on sale for a week from now until the 27th of August!

What’s changed?

Honestly, not a whole lot. The publishing imprint has changed, so there are shiny new logos and I’d like to think that there are even fewer typos (even though typos are like a hydra; fix one and a dozen grow back), some backmatter book promos of fantastic similar books by fellow Kraken authors (seriously, go check them out <3) and… most notable of all: I’ve added content warnings! No more looking up whether the book has content warnings or not on websites or hoping that reviews will tell you. It’s conveniently available in all editions of A Promise Broken! Now that I’ve figured out a way to include them that I think works fairly well to balance people’s desires not to be spoiled with people’s needs not to be hurt by a book.

And that’s it, really. I hope that you’ll find all of the changes to be awesome and beneficial. 😀

What’s the book about?

Here, let me give you the blurb. You can head over to the book’s page to read part of the first chapter.

It’s a rainy day when four-year-old Eiryn has to say goodbye to her mother. Scared, confused and unwilling to do so, Eiryn tries to summon water to stop the funeral from happening and her life falls apart. Her uncle is always sad and busy; she keeps hearing her mother’s voice asking her to follow; her best friend keeps getting into fights; and some of her classmates hate her for existing.

Arèn never wanted children, but he’s desperate to protect his niece from his people’s extreme caution regarding magic and other races. Kerisaoina children aren’t capable of using it and his niece is no exception. Despite being only half-kerisaoina, Eiryn is already starting to show that she’ll be one of her generation’s most talented magic-singers and those who don’t approve of her existence are trying to take advantage of a young girl’s grief.

Eiryn is determined to make her uncle happy, but it’s hard to make other people happy when you have to struggle through the day yourself. She’ll find a way, though. She’s promised. And even if her mother won’t keep her word Eiryn will keep hers.

She’ll make everything right again.

You’ll see.

What warnings does the book have?

This book contains warnings for:

  • racism
  • bullying
  • depression
  • suicide ideation
  • family death

Not necessarily appearing in that order.

You can read an excerpt on my website here or on Kraken’s website. The excerpt covers funeral rites, so you’re thrown right into the content warning for family death.

I wanted to order the paperback. Where is it?

On CreateSpace! If you’d like to order it from elsewhere, please be patient a while longer! It’ll come back! I just didn’t realise that when CreateSpace said they’d take it down until I re-approved the new Kraken edition, they meant “We’ll take it down everywhere completely because clearly a PoD service cannot keep selling the old version while you’re working out the new one the way it does with ebooks”, so it’s currently cycling its way through being added to retailers all over again and that just takes a while. It should reappear sometime next week, depending on how quickly it gets processed.


Preorder Now Available: A Harmony of Water and Weald: a Sea Foam and Silence collection

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A Harmony of Water and Weald: a Sea Foam and Silence collection by Lynn E. O'Connacht

A Harmony of Water and Weald:
a Sea Foam and Silence collection

Available September 1st! 

Preorder your ebook copy now!

Once upon a time… there was a little mermaid who wished for legs so she could walk on land and learn about the strange creatures that lived there. She thought it would be easy, adjusting to life as a human.

She was wrong.

And even after finding happiness with her family, the Sea Witch isn’t yet done with our little mermaid, giving an enigmatic warning about her future…

A Harmony of Water and Weald is a companion collection to the asexual fairytale retelling Sea Foam and Silence, delving a little deeper into our mermaid’s first experiences as a human as well as what happened after her happily ever after.

Note! While A Harmony of Water and Weald can be read as a stand-alone, I wouldn’t advise it.

I have so many feels about this collection I don’t even know where to start. But a lot of readers who’ve talked to me about Sea Foam and Silence were excited for me, so… I figured I’d write you all more. I did not anticipate that I’d write practically a whole novelette’s worth of additional material that mostly comes together to form its own narrative.

I really, really hope that you’ll enjoy it! I suspect that this isn’t the last we’ve seen of these characters, especially the Sea Witch, but when more will come, I don’t exactly know. For now, though, if you’ve enjoyed Sea Foam and Silence, I hope you’ll also enjoy these companion pieces.

Haven’t read Sea Foam and Silence yet, but want to? The ebook version is on sale right now for $0.99 (plus taxes if those are applicable to you) and will remain so until September 8th, 2017 to celebrate the release of A Harmony of Water and Weald.


News! Joining the Kraken Collective!

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Today it is Exciting News Day! *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE*

Today, you see, is the day that I officially join the Kraken Collective!

Kraken Collective Logo: A Kraken holding a rainbow-coloured assortment of books.

WHOOHOO! The Kraken Collective is a fantastic group of fellow queer indie sff authors who have all come together to produce high-quality fiction. You should go read their works if you haven’t already because it is amazing! Here let me quote you the about page, because it’s way more elegant and eloquent than my exciting squealing. 😀

The Kraken Collective is an alliance of indie authors who have pooled resources to publish high-quality fiction while retaining complete creative control over our stories. We aim to provide a wide variety of science fiction and fantasy stories, all starring LGBTQIAP+ characters. From alien hunting lesbians to complex political fantasy, The Kraken Collective publishes queer SFF that will blow your mind away and leave you craving more.

Although it begins as a simple cooperative between authors, we aim to grow into an unique publishing model capable of supporting queer indie voices everywhere in SFF. We are committed to building a publishing space that is inclusive, positive, and brings fascinating stories to readers.

I’m so honoured and humbled to be among this group of people, you all, I don’t even have words to express it right now. Or yesterday. Or the day before. Or pretty much any day since Claudie invited me.

What does joining the Kraken Collective mean for my works? A publisher change for some of them and new projects will be Kraken-considered first.

Right now, the goal is to republish A Promise Broken in late August to bring it under the Kraken fold and to keep working on DemiPrincess to publish that via the Kraken Collective as well, but that is… a while into the future yet because it feels like my slowest project ever and I’m determined to finish all three books before I even consider publishing it.

A Promise Broken is going to look much the same as it does now, I expect. I’ll be rereading it again for typos (so if you found any I still managed to miss, now is a terrific time to let me know!) and I’ll be redoing the metadata to be in line with Kraken’s guidelines. And do you know what that means?! <3

That means MOAR BOOKS because I get to do something that I have wanted to do and been terrified of doing in any kind of official-like fashion and that is including reading suggestions in my books! You know how a big trad publisher sometimes puts tiny little book adds at the end of their books to go “If you liked what you just read, you may like this as well”? Well, I really love those AND NOW I GET TO DO IT WITH MY OWN BOOKS. OFFICIALLY. Spreading Moar Book Love and getting you all even more books you might be interested in reading.

Uh, yes. This may be one of the things I’m most excited about because I’m weird and silly and I LOVE RECOMMENDING PEOPLE BOOKS because getting that one book into the hands of a person who adores it is THE BEST feeling.

But, yes. I’m currently hard at work trying to juggling all the things and getting A Promise Broken rereleased in a little over a month from now. I’m really excited to be working with everyone at the Kraken Collective (they’re great people and their books are awesome and if you like mine I’m pretty sure you’ll adore all of theirs too?) and I look forward to publishing great fiction with and alongside them! <3


First Patreon Goal Reached! Thank you so much!

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Patreon Goal Reached! Thank you, everyone!

OMG! Thank you all so so much! <3 It was just a $5 goal, but I am just… blown away. <3

Goal 1: A freebie flash fiction piece or a piece of poetry for everyone, every month!

I’ve already scheduled the new freebie for this month! It’ll be a shortish poem set in the middle of Sea Foam and Silence and it’ll go up on the 15th!

It’s called This Roar of Tiny Voices and focuses on our mermaid discovering birds. You don’t need to have read Sea Foam and Silence to follow along with the poem. It’s just a little extra piece that I’ve written for everyone who wanted to see a little more of the mermaid’s explorations on land!

Here’s the first verse as a sneak peek!

The first time I hear birdsong…
The first time after the Witch gave me legs. ^_^
That first time, it is a soft thing.

I’ll undoubtedly see if I can make it two freebie pieces, with one of them being something entirely new and stand-alone as a way to say ‘thank you’ too. <3

Next Goal: Lynn Talks Linguistics

We’re also already over half way towards the next goal! Wherein I start answering questions about grammar and linguistics.

Once a month, I’ll open up a question post where you can ask me about English grammar or linguistics and I’ll do my best to answer them! (Bear in mind that my speciality is teaching modern English grammar.) I’ll pick out questions I can answer and then you’ll all get to vote on which one you want me to answer!

And just…

Thank you! Thank you so much!

I strive to keep making fantastic content for you all to enjoy! <3


News: Huge Ebook Sale

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Ebook Sale: $0.99 ebooks at all retailers from June 1st to June 30th. Titles on sale are: A Promise Broken, Courage Is the Price, and Sea Foam and Silence.

In honour of Pride Month, I’ve discounted all of my books that contain major queer representation to $0.99 or its equivalent in other currencies. So if you were hoping to snap up some of my books cheaply… June’s your chance!

These three books are the ones that contain major queer representation in the bulk of its contents. As determined by me and by which I mean the queer rep is on-page and pretty explicit for a large chunk of the story.

All of these books have (mostly) happy endings for the protagonists. Which I suppose is a spoiler, sorry about that, but I thought this was something worth mentioning, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’re picking up a tragic queer narrative or not. You’re not. No queer characters get tragic endings. No queers die. Acespec representation is #ownvoices, not so much any of the others. Sea Foam and Silence is the only romance in the bunch.

A Promise Broken: On sale for $0.99 from June 1st to June 30th at all retailers

A Promise Broken

It’s a rainy day when four-year-old Eiryn has to say goodbye to her mother. Scared, confused and unwilling to do so, Eiryn tries to summon water to stop the funeral from happening and her life falls apart. Her uncle is always sad and busy; she keeps hearing her mother’s voice asking her to follow; her best friend keeps getting into fights; and some of her classmates hate her for existing.

Arèn never wanted children, but he’s desperate to protect his niece from his people’s extreme caution regarding magic and other races. Kerisaoina children aren’t capable of using it and his niece is no exception. Despite being only half-kerisaoina, Eiryn is already starting to show that she’ll be one of her generation’s most talented magic-singers and those who don’t approve of her existence are trying to take advantage of a young girl’s grief.

Eiryn is determined to make her uncle happy, but it’s hard to make other people happy when you have to struggle through the day yourself. She’ll find a way, though. She’s promised. And even if her mother won’t keep her word Eiryn will keep hers.

She’ll make everything right again.
You’ll see.

Queer Rep: Aroace transgender deuteragonist and several nonbinary secondary characters.

TW: Grief, depression, suicide ideation, fantasy racism, bullying.

Click to Buy the Ebook

Courage Is the Price: On sale for $0.99 from June 1st to June 30th at all retailers

Courage Is the Price

Seventeen-year-old Rue doesn’t need anyone other than Ghost, her not-so-imaginary best friend. They’ve been inseparable for as long as Rue can remember and she shares everything with Ghost.

The day before Rue returns home from school for the long holiday, Ghost disappears. Ever-fretful Rue tries to tell herself it’s fine, but she knows something is horribly, terribly wrong. She’ll have to overcome her anxiety find her courage and push her boundaries further than she ever thought possible in order to save her best friend, and perhaps make some new ones as Rue finds herself drawn into the fringes of a secret battle for human survival.

Soft science fiction meets fantasy in this exciting novella-length adventure of daring and friendship.

Queer Rep: Lesbian protagonist, transgender deuteragonist.

TW: Detailed description of anxiety attacks, mention of transphobia, parental neglect

Click to Buy the Ebook

Sea Foam and Silence: On sale for $0.99 from June 1st to June 30th at all retailers

Sea Foam and Silence

She warned of the pain. She did.
But no warning can prepare you.
Nothing can.

How could any of us have known
what it is like on the dry sand?
We just watched.

It’s hard, not being able to ask
questions, though I have learned some speech
with my hands. ˆ_ˆ

I miss my sisters. I love my prince.

I have made friends here. I have laughed with them,
learned with them, played with them.
I love them.

She said I would die if he loves someone else.
Will I die? At the beginning I wanted to. It hurts
so much. Life isn’t easy, will never be easy, but…
I don’t want to become sea foam.

Queer Rep: Demiro protagonist, aroace secondary character, lesbian secondary character, polyam HEA

TW: Some discussions of aphobic behaviour and pressure on queer characters to conform to heterosexual marriages.

Click to Buy the Ebook

And now that I’ve shared all that, I think I’ll go back to being utterly terrified of timely promo-posts and hide. But, um, hi. I wrote things that may be of interest to you during this month. ^_^ If they are and you decide to read them, thank you so so much and I hope you’ll enjoy them! <3

*flees and hides*



Sale: Sea Foam and Silence AND Feather By Feather (Also! More books with mermaids!)

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News. The text 'news' underneath a big envelope. News and updates on the site.

Quick (and very belated) announcement: The ebook editions of both Sea Foam and Silence and Feather by Feather and Other Stories are discounted throughout the rest of May!

Sea Foam and Silence is discounted to $0.99 (or what its equivalent is in your currency when I submitted the price change) and Feather by Feather has been discounted to $1.99 (or its equivalent in your currency).

But, hey, it is late and I should get some sleep after staying up way too late watching Eurovision, so let’s talk about May and books a bit more! May is also #mermay, you see! Which, basically, means that my Twitter TL is filled with the most gorgeous of mermaid art. Hence the discount of Sea Foam and Silence. It is a perfect #mermay treat! (Feather by Feather and Other Stories also has a little mermaid retelling, but the vast majority of that book is not mermaid-related. There’s a kelpie and some swan maidens. They’re as close as the other stories get to having mermaids.)

Anyway, it took me a ridiculous long time to connect the dots regarding #mermay, mermaids and, you know, my little mermaid retelling. WTH, brain? That is some seriously terrible connect-the-dots work there. But rather than complain about my terrible and awful brain. Let’s look at some other books and stories that you could read for mermay! 😀

The Seafarer’s Kiss by Julia Ember was released in May and it, too, is a queer little mermaid retelling! Bisexual in this case. So… If you want more queer mermaid retellings for mermay… That said, there is criticism of the way the book portrays enbies and trans people, so do be warned of that.

Who Is Willing by M.C.A. Hogarth features the Naysha, a mermaid-like alien race. They’re secondary characters, but they’re very prominent, so… If you happen to have a hankering for mermaids in space… This novella may well be worth looking at/for.

If you’re looking for an m/m erotica novella, Ariel Tachna’s Why Nileas Loved the Sea might be of interest to you.

Want something more YA? Maybe Between the Sea and Sky by Jaclyn Dolamore is more your style. It’s been ages since I read it, but I remember it as a sweet, fast read.

And… Somehow I was under the impression that I had more mermaid-related books in my life. Anyway! Hope there’s something you enjoy in that list!


Heads-up regarding the serials of Sea Foam and Silence and A Promise Broken

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Hi, all! This is a quick heads-up to let you know that, come June, I’ll be taking down the online serialisations of A Promise Broken and Sea Foam and Silence on Wattpad and this website.

This is part of a general restructuring and upheaval of my online presence in general. Right now, I’m coping particularly badly and am not in a good place in any way. I’m really sorry about that and I hope to have a more detailed and explanatory post available later this month. I just wanted to give you all a heads-up that the stories were going to come down, so you could still read them online if you were waiting on doing so!

The sampler pieces from Feather by Feather and Other Stories will be moved to Patreon and start reappearing as early as tonight! As of now, I’m undecided about whether to repost the serials to Patreon in some format.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and support as I work on figuring myself out!


SeraMyu Livetweets Scheduling

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Saturday is going to be SeraMyu livetweet day! :O Why? Well, simply put because I think Saturday is going to have the greatest chance of letting people join in or follow along with the livetweet if they want to. 😀

So… Let’s first start off with the basic details, such as the time. I’m going to start at around 20.00 CEST. I’m really, really sorry to everyone for whom that happens to be the middle of the night! (It’s about 14.00 EDT and 04.00 AEST, so… Yeah.)

This should hopefully give me enough time to do everything I need to that day, so I can focus solely on the livetweets, chat with people a while afterwards if anyone wants to and still go to sleep at a vaguely reasonable hour. The musicals are about 1.5 to 2 hours, but since I’m livetweeting, tend to pause in between to screencap or ramble or the like, you can safely assume it’ll take me about twice that long to watch the whole musical.

I’m really excited about this and I look forward to seeing you all for the livetweets starting this Saturday! <3<3<3<3<3<3

What’s the schedule like?

I’ve already watched the first three, so I’ll leave those out. That leaves the schedule looking like this:

First Stage

  • 22-04 Sailor Moon SuperS – (Kaiteiban) Yume Senshi – Ai – Eien ni… Saturn Fukkatsu Hen (1996 Spring Special)
  • 29-04 Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (1996 Summer Special)
  • 06-05 Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (Kaiteiban) (1997 Winter Special)
  • 13-05 Eien Densetsu (1997 Summer Special)
  • 20-05 Eien Densetsu (Kaiteiban) – The Final First Stage (1998 Winter Special)

Second Stage

  • 27-05 Shin Densetsu Kourin (1998 Summer Special)
  • 03-06 Kaguya Shima Densetsu (1999 Spring Special)
  • 10-06 Kaguya Shima Densetsu (Kaiteiban) Natsuyasumi! Houseki Tankentai (1999 Summer Special)
  • 17-06 Shin / Henshin – Super Senshi e no Michi – Last Dracul Jokyoku (2000 Winter Special)
  • 24-06 Kessen / Transylvania no Mori – Shin Toujou! Chibi Moon wo Mamoru Senshi-tachi (2000 Summer Special)
  • 01-07 Kessen / Transylvania no Mori (Kaiteiban) – Saikyou no Kataki Dark Cain no Nazo (2001 Winter Special)
  • 08-07 Last Dracul Saishuu Shou – Chou Wakusei Death Vulcan no Fuuin (2001 Spring Special)
  • 15-07 Tanjou! Ankoku no Princess Black Lady (2001 Summer Special)
  • 22-07 Tanjou! Ankoku no Princess Black Lady (Kaiteiban) – Wakusei Nemesis no Nazo (2002 Winter Special)
  • 29-07 10th Anniversary Festival – Ai no Sanctuary (2002 Spring Special)
  • 05-08 Mugen Gakuen – Mistress Labyrinth (2002 Summer Special)
  • 12-08 Mugen Gakuen – Mistress Labyrinth (Kaiteiban) (2003 Winter Special)
  • 19-08 Starlights – Ryuusei Densetsu (2003 Summer Special)
  • 26-08Kakyuu-Ouhi Kourin – The Second Stage Final (2004 Winter Special)

Third Stage

  • 02-09 Shin Kaguya Shima Densetsu (2004 Summer Special)
  • 09-09 Shin Kaguya Shima Densetsu (Kaiteiban) – Marinamoon Final (2005 Winter Special)

Will you be collecting these livetweets into Lynn Reacts ebooks for easier reading like you’ve been doing for the tv shows?

Honestly? Not unless a lot of people want me to and then I’ll probably add it as a smaller scale Patreon goal. These ebooks do take time to create, after all. I’ve learnt my lessons from three seasons of Crystal and the live action version. I would love to make everything available as (everfree) ebooks for fellow fans to enjoy easily wherever they choose, but it’s just not something I’m able to invest time in for no return right now. 🙁

Will you be adding screenshots and gifs?

Most likely only a handful of the former. I’m terrible at remembering to make screenshots and adding gifs would (feel like it) just take ages even now I know what I’m doing. Again, though, if there’s interest in me doing livetweets of tv shows and films, I’d be happy to add it as a specific Patreon goal. 😀

You said fansubs? Where’d you get them?

I did say fansubs, yes. And my deep, deep gratitude to all the fansubbers who made these musicals accessible to those of us who don’t understand Japanese or don’t understand it well enough to know what’s going on.

The fansubs come from With many thanks to the people at SeaofSerenity for their hard work and dedication!

I have a question or a comment you didn’t answer!

Ask or comment away! It’s what the comment section is for, after all. 😀

Just to Recap the Details:

Topic: Sera Myu musicals livetweets
Date: Every Saturday, starting April 22th, 2017 until September 9th, 2017
Time: 20.00 CEST / 14.00 EDT / 04.00 AEST
Location: My Twitter account!

I hope to see you all Saturday! <3


Book Release: Rapunzel, Rapunzel

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Cover for Rapunzel, Rapunzel. A young woman with very long hair and a tower-shaped hat, reaching out to blossoms on a tree branch.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel

Available as Ebook and Print editions

Read the teasers on Wattpad

You can’t be Rapuzel forever.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel is a collection of poems, a fairy tale of modern life, growing up and falling in love. Or not.

Divided into five different parts, Rapunzel, Rapunzel explores the impact of anxiety and bullying, and the strength of love, for others and for ourselves. It muses on the difficulty of discovering who we are and how the masks we wear affect our lives and relationships.

Most of all, Rapunzel, Rapunzel is about embracing all aspects of yourself, even the ones you’re scared to show, and finding strength in who you are as a person.

Content Note! View Spoiler » If this is sensitive material for you, please tread with caution.

Whoo! It is finally here! And apparently I was a terrible promotional person and completely failed to write up a release announcement for yesterday. :O Then again given the kind of day yesterday was, perhaps that’s a good thing?

Anyway! Rapunzel, Rapunzel is OUT and AVAILABLE! The print edition’s already been available a little longer (like, two days or so) and I’ve noticed that it’s already linked to the ebook on Amazon. WHOOT! That was speedy! Yay! That means that, short of promoting it more, I should be all good to go on the release! Since I don’t have time to promote it right now… Release wrap-up party? There’s chocolate!

Also, let’s be honest, even if I had the time to promote it, I’d be rubbish at it because I suck at telling people about my own work. That’s assuming I know how to talk about Rapunzel, Rapunzel at all because I have no idea. O_O Even less than usual, yes! So. Yes. What is there to say? It’s a verse collection/novel, divided into five distinct parts. Don’t go about expecting to find a straight-forward retelling of Rapunzel, though! It’s quite different from the fairy tale you’re used to, whichever version of it you compare it to. It’s got references to a few other fairy tales as well – and I really need to stick to one spelling for that word, but brains – and, well. You’ll have to read it and see for yourself, I think.

Sorry. I’m a little frazzled right now. Life is a whirlwind flurry, my anxiety has been all over the place for the past… week or so, I hate packing, I’m deeply in the throes of “Why the hell did I think this was a good idea? Universe, please kill me already” (see: anxiety), I have no idea what my sleep rhythm is doing anymore, I’ve been hiding from life and packing by reading more of HEX which is… possibly not the best idea, and, basically, I am not made for big life changes even if they’re ultimately good things. So. GO ME on writing this post up!

And my thanks to @quartzen on Twitter for tweeting about Rapunzel, Rapunzel yesterday and thus reminding me to check for a release post, because I would absolutely have forgotten all about it. I am that out of it, yes. My thanks also to the people who retweeted that tweet. You all are the best and I love you loads. <3

Now I’d better get back to packing. I still need to iron, uh, lots of things because I’ve been putting it off on account of how the thought makes me nauseous because anxiety is absolutely ridiculous and nonsensical.

Um. Oh, yeah. I should probably end with this: Buy Rapunzel, Rapunzel! It’s an awesome fairy tale retelling (sort of) where the princess does not need a relationship to be happy. (Wants one, yes. Needs one, no.) So… If fairy tale princesses rescuing themselves and discovering it’s perfectly possible to be happy and content as a single person are your jam, give this a look and see if you’ll like it. It’s also really short, so you’ll breeze through it!

Fair warning: The book’s working title was Person In Progress, so there’s still learning to be done by the end of it, but I like to think it ends on a hopeful and determined note and that you can see where Phoebe is going to go in future. (Who knows. Maybe I’ll return to her and do a sequel thing. One more fairy tale verse novel retelling and I’ll have to make a thematic series out of them.)

But. Yeah. Moving is… slowly happening, so expect to see nothing but scheduled posts for the foreseeable future and you will be pleasantly surprised if there are non-scheduled ones. And Rapunzel, Rapunzel is out! WHOO! Recommended if you enjoy verse collections, verse novels or fairy tale retellings of any kind.


Interview at The Dabbler and Other People Being Absolutely Awesome

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News. The text 'news' underneath a big envelope. News and updates on the site.

Today I’ve been interviewed at The Dabbler by Dianna L. Gunn about Sea Foam and Silence and #ownvoices in (indie) publishing. Yep, Sea Foam and Silence, rather than Rapunzel, Rapunzel. But isn’t the latter coming out soon? Yes! Yes, it is! Next Tuesday, in fact! But Sea Foam and Silence is my precious little #ownvoices romance verse novel, so I am always happy to talk about it! Also, I usually find talking about my work really hard and Sea Foam and Silence is surprisingly easy to talk about in comparison.

Anyway! Moving on to sharing news about awesome other people!

Dianna will have a YA novella out with The Book Smugglers this spring, so watch out for that too! Here’s the blurb (which I helpfully nicked from The Book Smugglers’ own page).

Good Bye by Dianna Gunn

All Lai has ever wanted is to become a priestess. When she fails the trials she runs away to the northern kingdom of Alanum, becoming the bodyguard of a wealthy merchant.

One night she hears stories about a mountain city where they worship the same goddesses she does. She abandons the merchant and heads north, determined to join the mountain city’s sacred order, the Sunrise Guardians, and serve her goddesses.

Sounds terrific, doesn’t it? I can’t wait! There are three more novellas coming too and you can read all about them here. I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve read of The Book Smugglers Press, so I can’t wait for this year’s novella line-up!

Also be sure to follow Dianna’s blog for more #ownvoices interviews and spotlights! And, because I’m me, I just can’t let this opportunity to spread some more praise for fellow indie writers pass.

Be sure to check out Claudie Arseneault’s Viral Airwaves. I’m in the middle of reading that right now and it’s so great. <3 I adore Henry far too much. Claudie’s also recently rereleased The White Renegade, a prequel novella (novelette?) featuring Seraphin, one of the main characters in Viral Airwaves, for free pretty much everywhere. (Amazon is, as always, the exception to the rule because it takes a fair bit of digging and waiting forever to get them to pricematch free books.)

Shira Glassman’s Mangoverse, of course! They’re just so lovely. But I’m going to cheat copiously and link you to Claudie’s fantastic #Indiemanche thread because she expresses its marvellousness so much better than I ever could.

RoAnna Sylver’s Chameleon Moon as well. It’s the current #AceBookClub read, so now is a great time to jump into it if you’re a fellow ace spec reader and want to join with others reading books about ace spec characters (among others) by ace spec authors.

And, because I haven’t yet mentioned it I don’t think, do check out Claudie’s in-progress but already absolutely awesome database of ace spec and aro spec characters in SFF.

There’s also Nikki’s Game of Books which turns reading into a self-challenge game in which you set a points goal and gather points for reading. It’s a very laid-back “Do what works for you” vibe to it as well. So far all of us participating have sheets tailored to our own preferences and needs.

Lastly, the very lovely Elizabeth Fitzgerald is hosting Read My Valentine again this year. It’s a low-pressure, set-your-own-goal romance reading challenge.

think that covers about everything and I think I have successfully deflected from talking about myself? Well, I may have just ruined it. So, um… To ruin it further, remember that Rapunzel, Rapunzel comes out next Tuesday, so if it’s sounds like your cup of tea and you can, please consider preordering to help with the initial sales visibility boost! <3

Okay, sales pitch done, so go check out everyone’s awesome as well! And please do share more of people’s awesome in the comments! I’d love to hear about it! ^_^