Sea Foam and Silence Serial: Index

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This is the index for the serial of Sea Foam and Silence as it is being serialised on the website. If you prefer, you can also read this version on Wattpad.

Table of Contents

The first time I see a tall-crab
We swim together
A song that is mine
Watching the sun, together
I want to see tall-crabs
The first night on my own
The shark
All alone
Before I can find my sisters
All things change
Just like the sea life
Oh my heart is sore
I will remember
A crisis
I will not get caught again
The seal
My first tall-crab
I can return
A shock
There is a storm coming
No one but me is watching
Movement catches my eye
I have been swimming in circles
There is no land
I try
I don’t know how long it has been
Still haunted
I am not the only one
My sister
My sister and I do not speak
What are you afraid of?
I stay where I am
I should have
To flow with my needs
Why have I fled my sisters?
In times of great need
The Witch
A year in which to find love
Was I truly a mermaid?
I want to see the ocean
Is that love?
He still worries
Though my prince has left
I have filled my life with others
My sisters are not all my sisters
Do they miss me? My sisters?
I am torn
My sisters and I do not dance
I love the feel of the air
It is time to leave
I have started to count the days
Love is
I can smell the sea long before I spot it
It is not long before we reach port
My prince squeezes my hand
A conversation
I thought my prince went sailing for me
I leave. Slipper-soft I leave
My sisters are there
I do not see my sisters all day
I seek out my prince
The pearl lies uncomfortably in my hand
I think I am alone
Where does one start?
My hands are tired
I am restless
The Witch is among my sisters
I remember the sea
I love the sun
I will lose everything
My prince sits with me
The Witch comes again
I am angry now
Who knows what love is
This will be the last day
If I will be sea foam
I dive
Knowing something is not the same
That will be my gift
Like butterflies
I’d rather stare at the moon
That is why
I’d miss
I want
Like a mermaid
Since I should have become sea foam
Lonely again
I have met the princess
The princess and I
Do you like him?
I seek out my prince
It is evening when I tell him
My prince and the princess get along
Dinner conversation
The night is cold
A gift
I stare at the princess
In a thorn bush
Cultural differences
I do not understand
My birthday
Though it is snowing
It feels like home
The weather gets warmer
My tall-crab family