Month: April 2013

April/May 2013 Goals

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Monthly Goals. The text 'monthly goals' underneath a scroll with a key on it. A look back at my goals of the month.

My April goals were as follows…

I Want to Read:
– Yellow Moon by Jewell Parker Rhodes
– The Various by Steve Augarde
– Moving Pictures by Terry Pratchett

I Want to Write:
12500 words of fiction

I’ve failed to read Moving Pictures (sadness, but I haven’t really been in a humour read and I read, like, 25 other books), but I did read Yellow Moon and The Various!

And quite against my expectations, I also made my writing goal! (Surpassed it, actually, by about a thousand words.) April started off as an abysmal writing month. I barely wrote anything for the first half, but things picked up in the last week or so. I got 10+K written the past week. I’ll take it any week! Here’s to hoping I’m back on top of things for May!
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Readathon! Except unofficially this April

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My unofficial readathon was off to a… rather rocky start. We had visitors during the first few hours and then I couldn’t focus on my book or kept getting interrupted.

I interrupted my own reading all the time too, but that was intentional. I am… seriously contemplating running a couple of read-alongs later in the year. I’m still trying to work everything out and settle on dates and questions and ways to manage it. (The one date I’m certain of is an August/September readalong for Seaward by Susan Cooper. That’s roughly when the book is scheduled to get republished, so it makes sense to host the readalong then.)

This is all very scary and feeling like my questions are better suited to a reading guide than a read-along isn’t really helping, but I’m having fun.

Today’s read has been The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle. It’s a reread and it’s every bit as lovely now as it was when I first encountered the book. I’ll be tackling Seaward tomorrow and hopefully I’ll find it easier to concentrate on all the reading then. And questions. (Oh! If anyone has ideas for questions on either, please do send them my way. I’ll give you credit if I end up using them! Can’t promise that, but…)

Today has also involved attempting to play Trine 2 with my cousin. That game is every bit as hilarious in multiplayer as I’d hoped. Honestly, we’re neither of us great at puzzle solving. I think we spent half an hour trying to make our way through a timing puzzle? A timing puzzle. (Timing and rhythm, I has them not. We finally solved that puzzle by going “You know what? This is a local multiplayer. Let’s just swap controllers so you can get BOTH of our characters across” and lo that solved the timing puzzle.)

And then my BPAL order arrived. Thanks for not telling me, USPS! Turns out ordering several imps at once is a bad idea (even if it’s sound financial sense) because the scents all mix together and oh my head. (I’m fine with perfumes oils individually, but all mixed up that’s a headache waiting to happen.)

Also, readathons apparently make me very chatty? But today has been a pretty decent day all things considered. Now it is time for bed and tomorrow it is time for more reading. I hope to reread Two Hearts and The Woman Who Married the Man in the Moon again as well.

And continue my typocatching and polishing, so I can call this tale done before the end of the month. That would be a marvellous way to end the month.


Signal Boosts

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Links. The text 'links' underneath a big, old-fashioned key. Links I felt were interesting.

Some signal boosts:

Rescue Expenses. The kitten looks in pretty bad shape, so you are hereby duly warned of photos of a kitten in bad shape. Both fosters have had unforeseen medical expenses and I’ll leave the details on the page to speak for itself. If, for any reason, you don’t want to see the pictures of Frankenstein, the kitten, do not scroll past the photo of Hosea, below the description.

Ysabetwordsmith has released a freebie poem for her poetry fish bowl: The Lady of Athens. The fishbowl is still open, so you can find more details (and perhaps leave a prompt) here. The theme is fantasy in other eras.

And aldersprig is still hosting a Giraffe Call for fiction prompts here for a little while. The theme is swords and sorcery.