State of the Lynn

Posted June 13, 2013 by Lynn E. O'Connacht in Miscellaneous / 0 Comments


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First up, as a reminder The Last Unicorn Read-along is scheduled for June 17th to July 7th. Come join me! so tired it really isn’t amusing anymore and life has been… Well, it’s been. I’m horribly behind on all my goals. T_T

This is partly due to happy circumstances and partly due to sad ones. The happy one I feel I can’t talk about in public but it involves typocatching. (It’s a courtesy thing, so this is all I’ll say.) I’m only sad that the sad circumstances have affected that deeply as well.

The sad circumstance is that one of the dogs, Luna, is ill. She’s been sick for a while, but she’s slowly getting worse and we can’t figure out what’s wrong with her.

Right now it could (still) be anything from hydrocephalus to Lyme to a tumor to who-knows-what. You’ll note that none of those options are very… encouraging problems. And Luna is a small dog. She’s an Italian greyhound. They’re very sensitive dogs.

So. Yesterday, the vet called to schedule another blood test (to check for/rule out Lyme and a few other things I forgot) and, being without a car (and, y’know, a license even if I had one) and without money for a cab, I carried Luna to the vet rather than wait until today when there will be a car available at a decent time. Turns out it’s a good thing I did because said car is not available at the right time.

My arm hurts a ridiculous amount today. Despite appearances I do not mind that. I do, however, mind the strain this puts on all the animals. Millie, Greypuss and Cat do not get along. I normally divide my time between them with a focus on spending time with Greypuss and Cat because they dislike being alone and Millie… is too laid-back to care much.

But being with Luna all the time means I don’t get as much (read ‘barely any’) time with Greypuss and Cat which makes them cranky and upset. Which makes everyone cranky. And spending time with a sick dog and you cannot do anything but let her know you’re there… That takes a toll too and balancing everything I needed to do yesterday… It was a very tiring day and I’m exhausted and it probably won’t let up for a while. *flop*

And my own blood tests returned nothing abnormal, so I still don’t know why I struggle with tired so much. I’m sure the lady who told me the results were good has never heard someone so unenthusiastic about being told they’re perfectly healthy. (Don’t get me wrong. I like being healthy. I just don’t like feeling like I’m being told my problem doesn’t exist/isn’t real.)

So that is the state of the Lynn this month. I’m horribly behind on everything that needs doing (and there’s a lot) and I don’t know when I’ll get things back on track. At this point, I’ve cut down to the absolute minimum I feel I can do:
– look after Luna
– edit (albeit apparently slower than I’d like)
– run the read-along
(- write/read as I have spoons)

I will get more done than that. I don’t doubt that. But this is the way I’ll get more done. By focusing on the core things and tackling everything else that comes on my way as it comes and just juggling core things as needed. I’m about to dive back into editing, but. Update was due. I do miss blogging… Just haven’t had the time. (So, yes, you could count this a ‘core’ thing that I can now cross off my list if you want.) I’ll no doubt not be around other people’s blogs for a while and I’m thinking I’ll give myself permission not to catch up, so please do give me links to anything you feel is important for me to see or that you’re proud of or… etc.