Monthly goals squee!

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I know I’m a little (okay, a lot) early with mentioning my monthly goals, so this isn’t a monthly-goal post. But I just realised that I’ve met my goals already!

*SQUEE!* Although, I grant, this is partially because I abandoned one of the books. (That said, I had a private list of five, and I did read that fifth one in full.)

Writing-wise I’ve almost written double my goal. I’m actively working on two short pieces right now. I’m still going over The Passage of Pearl and it’s going to need yet another draft after this one to make sure all the sentences still flow logically into one another. (Sadness. I’m not cutting that much, but what I’m cutting has been pretty central to the structure. I anticipate rough patches.) You do not want to know how utterly happy I will be to be done with that story at last.

And I’m working on a story for a friend. I have a rough first draft, but, like most of them, I suspect it’ll be utterly changed by the time I’m done. And then I have Made to Be Broken to work on as that poor thing has been waiting on a new draft almost all year. That should take care of everything up to October. And then I have thoughts for posts in my brain that won’t coalesce into actual posts (very annoying, that).

Murgh. I Fail at time-management. I should’ve been done with at least two of those months ago. But! At least I’m writing at all and I’m making good progress at last. I’m on the right track. (This is why to-do lists and imposed-by-other-people-deadlines are awesome for me.) But, there you are, some squeefulness and some ramblings on how the writing is going.


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    • Thank you! It definitely is! I’d like to get back to some semblance of where I used to be, but I also want to build up to it slowly so I have a better chance of sustaining it all.

      (I do really need to get everything done around the next month or two, though. Self-imposed deadlines and such.)

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