Where’d the stories go?

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They’re gone! :O The stories have gone! :O :O :O

They have! I’m (admittedly very slowly) prepping to self-publish them in a collection, so I’ve decided to pull them. They’ll be unavailable for around 3 months and then they’ll re-appear, proofread yet again, in handy ebook format all collected and prettified.

I’d say they’ll be available for free, but actually that’ll be your choice entirely! I aim to release a sampler collecting all the posted pieces for free and an expanded paid-for version that has roughly double the amount of stories and a slew of extras.

It’s all rather exciting and scary. But mostly exciting. I spent most of my morning and afternoon poking at sketches and ideas with my cover artist. I heart. So much. We’re still at the conceptual stage, but… Yes. It’s all rather excited and, I admit, harder than I anticipated. That’s what you get for making a collection around the unifying theme of “I wrote it!”, though. And it’ll be a good (if steep) learning curve.

So today I’m doing prep work like this and telling myself that it’s okay not to edit or write today because this prep work is important too. So I’m playing with the ToC and seeing what I do and do not like about it and pondering cover composition — the concept sketches are gorgeous, though, and no you can’t see them, sorry; they’re not mine to share — and writing this.

Speaking of writing this, I was going to follow up my comment on the cover being hard with discussing why. I got a bit distracted. One of the things that wasn’t hard was coming up with a title. I had several stories that I thought made nice collection-title candidates and picked the one that sounded best (to me). Voila, title. The current cover concept is very much drawing on that title to present itself, but we’re still poking them. Concept stage is very much concept stage. (But so exciting. Did I mention exciting?) And the story order is challenging too, trying to figure out which stories make the best start and which to balance how. They’re all good challenges, don’t get me wrong, but they’re challenges all the same.

I don’t have a set publication date for the collection. I aim to have it done in October/November, but if I need to I’d really rather delay it to make sure it’s the best I can do rather than put out a product I know is inferior. I don’t really anticipate that happening (and will be mightily put-out with myself if so), but brain demons will demon.

I also don’t have a fast publication date for The Passage of Pearl, my novelette, but I aim to have that done by mid-September. I’m about halfway through the second-last (or third-last) round of edits, but I’ll be down to sentence-tweaking rather than altering the story massively, so I don’t anticipate any problems unless work decides to flood me. And The Passage of Pearl may or may not be available in the collection. I’m still mulling that over. It may depend on the overall length and the time it takes me to polish it up. (Did I mention yet how very, very happy I will be to be done with this novelette? Because I will be very, very happy to be done with it. It has been the bane of my existence for most of the year because of all the problems it keeps throwing up. The worst part? They’re not even problems that get thrown up because I’m a perfectionist! Oh well. I’ll get it done in the end. I have this annoying tendency to cry wolf about my abilities, so maybe having announced that I want to have it done by X and having announced I might not make it, I’ll make it with time to spare? *crosses fingers* Back to the productivity board with me!)

Things I am mulling over/thinking about:
– What to do about my DW journal/blog (I need to pick one or the other, but I can’t have both)
The Passage of Pearl editing
– Cover layouts
– ToC layouts
– File formatting
– Typocatching
– Post writing
– Marketing (that I can afford)
– Dayjob and other financial things
– mental health and spoon-costs (this actualy ties in with the first one, so I’ll leave it at this and the list’ll be nice and circular)

So there’s is lots and lots to do in a relatively small time frame to do it in as my September is shaping up to be pretty busy in the weekends. (I think I’m projected to have… one free weekend? And that may yet get filled with A Day Out With Family Members And/Or Friends, so.) Best get back to it. (The more I do now the less I have to do later, hopefully. I stare at all the stuff I need to do and try not to panic at the amount despite having broken it up into manageable chunks.)

Back to work I go! I think I’ll switch to editing something, after all. That’s one of the total-is-a-big-lump items on the list and it can be relaxing.


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