Monthly Goals November/December 2013

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Monthly Goals. The text 'monthly goals' underneath a scroll with a key on it. A look back at my goals of the month.

So. It is now December and NaNoWriMo is passed and the year is almost over and it’s time to reflect on what I’ve been doing the past month. Let me remind everyone of my goals this month!

I Want to Read:
– Alysha’s Fall by M.C.A. Hogarth
– River of Stars by Guy Gavriel Kay

I Want to Write:
50000 words of fiction

I’ve accomplished exactly one of those goals. I managed to read Alysha’s Fall. I’ve made no new progress with River of Stars because I really, really do not wish to run out of new to me Guy Gavriel Kay books. Also, it’s bulky and painful to hold, but mostly I don’t want to be out of new Guy Gavriel Kay books. T_T

NaNoWriMo, even rebelling, turned out to be… not impossible, but certainly more challenging than I’d anticipated. I wrote 31,087 words, most of which was nonfiction and some of which I’m not going to be sharing. The good news is that the nonfiction writing has helped me sort myself out a little. Sometimes nonfiction writing does that, you see, and that’s a worthwhile result in its own rights. I’m nowhere near sorting the issue or discussing it more publicly — part of what I’m struggling with is public face and presentation; this means it’s likely that once I have an actual storyline to comment on the situation with, I’ll probably go that route — but I’m somewhere closer to getting there. I’m sure I’ll sort it out eventually. I did get some writing done, though! I currently have about 5K of a story (projected to be nearer the 30K mark) I promised a friend ages and ages ago. It’s a very draining story to be working on. I’m fairly sure the protagonist and viewpoint character has GAD, which isn’t the same as SAnD, but which is still harrowing to write. I can’t say I recommend trying to draw on experience when describing panic attacks, even when they’re comparatively mild. I’m so sorry to be taking forever with working on it, but I do hope it’ll be considered worth the wait. I’d really wanted it to be finished at about this length, but I’m not even a quarter of the way through. When I’m not busy avoiding it because of ow, though, I’m pretty excited about it.

So. December is going to be about making some proper headway with this story. I’ve been learning a lot these winter months, though. For example: I’ve learned that I really did make the right call in not trying to start crowdfunding projects. I’m not in the right space for them, my stories repeatedly refuse to stick within the word count I estimate for them, and I write ridiculously slowly. (I hate the latter the most, even though I’m trying to work out how it got to this point and how to deal with it.)

Anyway! I did read a decent amount in November too, but it’s definitely been one of the worst months for it this entire year. Still, I enjoyed what I read immensely and I’m really proud of myself for finishing The Wanderers on time before my interview with Cheryl. That became a goal partway through the month, because I really wanted to have a review accompany the interview, give a recommendation based on “I read this!” as much as on anything else.

I Want to Read:
– The Speed of Dark by Elizabeth Moon
– The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin
– Goblin Moon by Terera Edgerton

I Want to Write:
5000 words of fiction

December will bring with it a few things, including a holiday. I seem to be going for a darkness/night kind of theme with my titles. We’ll see how it goes. Most of these are fairly thin and December, in recent years, usually sees my reading surge up one last time before the holiday season ends. I have a list of (paper) books I’d like to finish before the year is out. I’m probably not going to make it, but we’ll see. I’ve surprised myself with my reading lists before. I just have so, so many books I’m looking forward to. I’m toning down my writing goal a little in keeping with my tendency to read and the desire to try and finish up a few games if I get a good chance to play any, but also to keep with the fact that I want something easily obtainable. I’ve fallen off the writing bandwagon in the latter half of the year, and even at my most generous I find the numbers of what I accomplished this year depressing. I want to try and step back and take it slow. 2013 has, so far, been all about trying to figure out my health and if not improving then at least maintaining where I’m at. Oh, and I spent my year so far doing a million scary things, such as publish a book, so I want to try and leave the year gently and simultaneously productively. Get 2014 off to a good start and all. We’ll see how it all goes in the end. ^–^ I’ll also be reading a fair few short stories and trying to catch up on a few of my friends’ pieces.

Anyway, those are my goals. I don’t celebrate Christmas — or much of anything, really — or have any holiday plans so apart from spending some obligatory time with my family I should have plenty of time on my hands. That also make spending time with my family sound less pleasant than it normally is. Sorry about that, family! We’ll see how things go. I’ll be trying my hand at making to-do lists again. Maybe this time I can stick with them. They always help.

And that’s where I’m at for December!