The Sci-Fi Experience Kick-off Post: Consortium

Posted December 1, 2013 by Lynn E. O'Connacht in Miscellaneous / 0 Comments


Banner for the 2014 Scifi ExperienceNope, this isn’t the same as the intro post. This’ll be a very brief post too as I just want to highlight a science-fiction RPG that’s likely going to be released during the Sci-Fi Experience and give you an updated heads-up of what to expect on the blog over the coming two months.

First up! What to expect the coming two months. Sort of. I’ve scheduled a bunch of posts on science fiction games, both old and new, for the duration of the experience. There’ll be at least one game-related post going live every week in December and probably in January as well.
I haven’t scheduled anything for the books or movies/shows, so those will be going up sporadically, because, well, I haven’t read the books yet and I have played the games.
I’ve tried to match the gaming posts up with the Vintage Science Fiction Month, so you get some vintage gaming posts in January and a look at some of the newer games I’ve played in December. (Hint: Mass Effect is not among them. I may or may not rectify the lack of Mass Effect in my life eventually.) As a bonus, I’m still working on a scifi short story too! Lots of scifi in my year.

And now that you know what to expect in a little more detail over the course of the month, the meat of this post: a heads-up about a science fiction RPG called Consortium. I haven’t played it (it’s not out and I’m not a betatester), but I’ve been watching its development… pretty much since I found it on Kickstarter and I wanted to link you all to Rock, Paper, Shotgun‘s preview post of the game. They do a much better job at describing Consortium than I could, and they offer commentary on how the game plays as well!

The the Consortium website does better job than I could do, but have the first part of the description on their website and if it sounds interesting you can click the link for the rest.

We have been spending years bringing to life a bright vision of humanity’s future – a world that has overcome many of the gravest environmental and societal issues we face today. Step through the rift and join the CONSORTIUM; the most feared and revered paramilitary peacekeepers on the planet.

WHAT IF you could take complete control of another human being? And what if that human being was a man destined to decide the fate of an alternate dimension? Speak for him, move for him, and be known as merciful and/or a killer, hero, liar, wild card…or perhaps the strong/silent type?

CONSORTIUM gives you that chance…

Like I said, I’ve been casually following the development of Consortium since their kickstarter back in the spring. I’m pretty excited to get a chance to play it when it’s released. Those of you who know me may be a little surprised at my interest in this game because, by and large, I prefer having basic character customisation. (I appreciate the fact that the lack of it here appears to be tied directly to the game’s premise and plot.) And, really, the premise and plot, what I know of it and I’ve been avoiding the game’s backstory as much as I’ve been following its development. I want to go into it as fresh and unfamiliar as I can. It strikes me as one of those games where it’ll enhance my enjoyment. (YMMV.) If the game gets released during the Sci-Fi Experience, there’s a good chance I’ll be talking about my initial impressions later in the experience, but for now I just wanted to bring it to people’s attention in case they felt it sounded interesting. ^-^