Strange Chemistry and Exhibit A Reading Month Sign-up Post

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Banner for the Strange Chemistry and Exhibit A Reading Month in August, 2014

Welcome to the Strange Chemistry and Exhibit A Reading Month sign-up post!

This past June, Angry Robot has had to close two of its imprints, Strange Chemistry and Exhibit A. The announcement post on Strange Chemistry’s website said the following:

As you will be aware, Angry Robot Books has a history of innovation and we continue to go from strength to strength. We’re constantly trying out new concepts and new ideas, and we continue to publish popular and award-winning books. Our YA imprint Strange Chemistry and our crime/mystery imprint Exhibit A have – due mainly to market saturation – unfortunately been unable to carve out their own niches with as much success.

We have therefore made the difficult decision to discontinue Strange Chemistry and Exhibit A, effective immediately, and no further titles will be published from these two imprints.

After some thinking of my own, I decided that I wanted to dedicate a whole month of reading to Strange Chemistry’s books. Their books sound like so much fun and I’d like to support the authors. It’s not a fun position to be in. I also know myself and my reading habits. I didn’t want to support the authors by buying the books and then leaving them to languish on my TBR pile for months if not years when the authors need our word-of-mouth support the most right now.

I asked around and people certainly seemed interested in joining me for the reading month, so I dithered and dallied a little more — I don’t want to leave out Exhibit A, but I’m sorry I’m not a crime/mystery reader and I would not do their authors justice at all — and poked at dates. August rolled out. August gives other people who want to participate a month to get hold of any books they want to read in the way that works best for them. Library books, ebooks, paper books that need to be flown in from the other side of the world, etc.

So, for the whole of August, I aim to focus on reading books by Strange Chemistry authors. Anyone who wants to join can read as little or as many StrangeChem/Exhibit A book as they want, with a minimum of one.

And now, with roughly two weeks to go before August begins, I’m publishing the sign-up post for anyone who’s interested in participating! Please sign up using the Mr Linky widget below. (Please note that I’ve never used Mr. Linky before, so let me know if something doesn’t work right and I’ll do my best to fix it asap.)

I’m sure others would love to know which books you’re reading, so if you have an introduction post on your own blog, don’t hesitate to link to it! You can also leave a comment if you don’t have a blog of your own.

If I see a lot of people wanting to read the same book, I may also decide to work out a read-along for that book, so we have added incentive to do so!

For my own reading, I have several choices. I stocked up on ebooks this June and I’m really excited about them! (I’m less excited about the amount of culling I had to do to make my basket affordable. GRABBY HANDS, people!) The list below was taken straight from Strange Chemistry’s catalogue and was cut down only to reflect the books I own.

Someone find me at least one Exhibit A book I’ll stand a chance of enjoying so I can read something by them too, please? *sad kitty eyes*

My posting plans for August are to write up my thoughts on what I read in separate posts — I feel like I haven’t done this in forever — do round-ups and… generally not deviate too much from my regular blogging habits of irregularity, really. Mondays remain serial days, there may be a conversation with Memory Scarlett on The Angel’s Cut by Elizabeth Knox later in the month (but it may also appear in September), there’ll be goals and monthly round-ups at the beginning of the month and… I think that about covers it. (It is ENTIRELY POSSIBLE that I forgot something, so do let me know if you think there’s anything I missed.)

SO EXCITED! (So far I have been incredibly good and not started my books yet. So tempting. Will I last the whole of July? Time will tell!)


12 responses to “Strange Chemistry and Exhibit A Reading Month Sign-up Post

  1. Stolen Songbird is the best book that I’ve read this year. It’s sooooooo good.

    Thank you for hosting this!

  2. I will do this! I loved Strange Chemistry and so sad to see them go but I admit I have loads on my TBR. I will link up once I’ve done a sign up post 🙂

    • Welcome along! ^_^ I hope you’ll have a blast!

      I hear you on the TBR pile! Mine is nowhere near as high as it used to be, but I still feel much the same about the height. So many books. I need to add a couple more to my list when I get a chance. (Also a paycheck. >>)

  3. majoline

    *waves hi* I don’t have a book blog, but I’d love to join in!

    I’m just waiting to get Poltergeeks by Sean Cummings in the mail ^u^ and I bought The Assassin’s Curse by Cassandra Rose Clarke on sale 🙂

    • *waves back* Hello and welcome! ^_^ I hope you’ll have fun! You definitely do not need a book blog to join in, no fear. Just an interest in reading at least one Strange Chemistry/Exhibit A book. ^_^ (I don’t think you even need to fill in an URL if you want to add your name to the link-up post, but I’m not sure about that.)

      Ooooooooooooooooh. Sounds good! Which do you think you’re most looking forward to? (You don’t need to answer, of course, but I’m ever-nosy.) I think I’m most looking forward to Feather Bound, but I have a massive soft spot for fairytale retellings. That said, I’ve been fighting the urge to pick up Stolen Songbird all month now, so perhaps that’s the one I’m most looking forward to.

      Hope you’re having (or have had or are about to have, depending on which area of the world you’re in) a good day! ^_^

      • Nicole McCormick

        Stolen Songbird is fantastic. So is Pantomime, and the sequel, Shadowplay.

        • I’ve heard a lot of good things about most all of the books on my list, though I think Pantomime is the one I’ve heard the most about. I haven’t bought any of the available sequels yet just to be safe, but I’ve set aside emergency funds for them for the same reason. ^_^