Welcome to the Strange Chemistry and Exhibit A Reading Month!

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Banner for the Strange Chemistry and Exhibit A Reading Month in August, 2014


Hi, all! As I’m writing this it’s August just about everywhere in the world, I think, and that means that the Strange Chemistry and Exhibit A Reading Month is go! WHOOT! And welcome! I hope everyone who wants to join me will have a blast with the books they’re reading!

I can finally finally finally pick up Stolen Songbird without feeling guilty about cheating again!

I’m also still looking for good Exhibit A recommendations, so if you’ve got any pleasepleaseplease let me know!

For those of you just learning about the reading month, the extended rationale is in the sign-up post, but the premise is very simple: read at least one book by Strange Chemistry or Exhibit A in the month of August to celebrate the imprints (ex-imprints?) and give their authors some love after losing their publishers. And maybe talk about the book in whichever way you’re comfortable for added author exposure. And have fun with it! ^_^ You can join at any point during August too. Just go off and have fun with the books that strike your fancy! ^_^

As I said in the sign-up post, my pile at the start of August looks like this:

I may or may not be adding sequels to the list. In theory I can read all of them this month with time to spare, but whether I actually will… Well, we’ll have to see. I’m off to a good start anyway. First up is Stolen Songbird by Danielle Jensen as you may have guessed! After that, who knows. Feather Bound most likely.

You may notice a distinct lack of linky attached to this post because it’s just the introductory post. Linkies and round-ups shall follow next week. I’m thinking that I’ll probably dedicate my Sunday to a nice mini-readathon just to get the ball rolling for me. Possibly my Saturday evening as well. I’m not sure on that one.
And… that’s it, I think? Let me know if you have any questions!Oh! I’m cross-posting this over to DW and LJ as an experiment. I’m not really sure how well running the month across blogs will work, so I may not do it for future posts. We’ll see.Welcome, everyone! Let’s go have fun exploring other worlds or solving mysteries (which may or may not be set in another world)!