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Links. The text 'links' underneath a big, old-fashioned key. Links I felt were interesting.

Today you get a bonus post in the form of signal boosting.

Tomorrow (September 16th, if I recall on CDT), Elizabeth Barrette will be holding a poetry fishbowl crowdfunding event. Give prompts and receive poetry. It’s an additional fishbowl with a set theme. This event is all about P.I.E.

Meet Brenda Cochlain, Private Investigator Extraordinaire. She deals with the really weird cases. She also happens to use a wheelchair; and she can kill with guns, blades, or her bare hands if necessary. That guy kissing her is Darrel Finn, undercover cop. He thinks that smart, tough women are hot. This puts him ahead of Nate, a lawyer; and Rick, a construction boss — the other two guys interested in her.

The series, as you can guess, is urban fantasy. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you might have noticed that urban fantasy isn’t really my thing. If you’re an avid reader of urban fantasy, you’ll also have an idea of how difficult it is to fit that genre into poetry. But it works really well.

Elizabeth has also made a few posts discussing disability issues the past few weeks, some inspired by the fishbowl. There’s a post about the use of the terms disabled vs handicapped here on LJ and here on DW. There’s also a post about disability in SFF (on LJ and on DW.)

This discussion on narratives of diversity in SFF is also linked courtesy of Elizabeth.

If you’re interested in seeing more diversity in (SFF) fiction, Elizabeth has a lot of different series for you to check out and I highly recommend them, but this Tuesday/tomorrow, you can request specific things set in the P.I.E.-verse so if there’s anything you’d particularly like to see in fiction, visit Elizabeth’s LJ or DW tomorrow and leave a few prompts. Or, if you know you’ll be busy or fear missing the fishbowl, you can leave an advance prompt. (Please see either the announcement post on LJ or the one on DW.)

Maria Stanislav, meanwhile, is writing a neat guide on her experiences as a freelancer. The first post in the series can be found here. So far the posts cover self-care and time management. They’re filled with practical advice and very accessible.

Elizabeth Fitzgerald, editor extraordinaire, has just started up a professional blog. I’ll be looking forward to seeing what Elizabeth plans to discuss and I hope she’ll have a blast!

Grace from Books Without Any Pictures, has written up a book blogger’s guide to managing ARCs.  I’d add that a review policy that allows physical books mentions roughly where the books would need to be sent. In my book blogging days I’ve been offered ARCs only for the author/publisher to rescind when they learned they’d be shipping to Europe. Adding the information is no guarantee it’ll be read by everyone (in all cases, the information was right there on my policy page), but it’ll save both you and the person offering you the book a lot of heartache. (On the flipside, authors and publishers offering paper review copies, be sure to check whether you’re willing to ship to a reviewer before offering. You’ll make reviewers super-excited and then super-sad.)

Lastly, a few days ago, Amy Rae Durreson linked me to Queer Romance Month. As I understand it, it’ll run for all of October. Amy’s got a story ready for it, so more on that when I can. For now it has some pretty interesting articles on queer romance on the site.

And that’s all I’ve got. ^_^ May there be something useful in it!