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Books with (presumed) Asexual Characters

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A few days ago, I compiled a brief list of books that I know feature asexuals or people strongly presumed to be asexual. Subsequent discussion suggested that perhaps it would be nice to have them in a nice and handy blog post list, so. Here it is! ^_^ I hope people will find it useful and please don’t hesitate to mention any books you know of in the comments!

Also, please note that the list below features predominently SFF since, as readers of my blog probably gathered, that’s the bulk of what I read. There is also brief commentary and this list is compiled in no particular order whatsoever beyond that I’ve put my own stories last.

Hope this helps people out!

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What I Like about Books

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Thoughts. The text 'rambling thoughts' underneath a burning lantern. For rambles, thoughts, and not-essays.

No, this isn’t going to be one of those ebooks versus print books lists. Don’t worry. I like both. I thought it might be a nice and refreshing change to have a list of why I like both in one spot. ^_^

In some ways the ebooks vs print books debate is an interesting one since people feel so strongly about them. There’s such an either/or mentality to the debate. In others, the debate is utterly baffling because, despite the either/or mentality I see in those articles, most of the people I know have an and/and mentality.  They may, for various reasons, have concluded that either side isn’t for them, but the vehemence I see in some of the articles written about the topic? Never seen that before.

So. What I like about print and ebooks.

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The Continued Adventures of Lynn’s Everyday Life

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Daily Life. The text 'Lynn's Living Life' underneath the cameo silhouette of a woman. Daily life updates.

Which I actually rarely talk about, but there you go. Early on in September, I screwed up the courage to ask my optician about contact lenses. I’m putting the remainder of the whole post below a cut because I know one of my friends has had bad experiences with them. Before I give you the cut, though, I’d like to reminder you all that this is not a post describing what you should or should not do. This is a post discussing what works for me and why it works for me. There are details of the process of putting in and removing contact lenses, so if that squicks you out, skip this post.

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Film Talk: Sailor Moon Crystal (Episode 7 & 8)

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Sailor Moon Crystal: Act, 7 Chiba Mamoru, Tuxedo Mask Sailor Moon Crystal: Act 8, Minako, Sailor V

For those of you following this set of reaction posts along whilst being new to the Sailormoon franchise, I’d like to point out that we’re about halfway through the first arc. Last I checked, it was still planned for 26 episodes. We’re on episode 8 AND WE ARE HALFWAY THROUGH THE STORY. If not more so. The manga has 12/13 acts for this arc depending on how you want to count it. (This also means I can start poking at the spoiler comparisons because the big reveal was had, mind you.)

You… go and let that sink in whilst I put a cut for spoilers right here. ^_^ Just remember there are also MAJOR PLOT TWIST spoilers if you haven’t worked them out yourself yet. I am working on the presumption that the next-episode preview is enough to take anyone’s doubts away about what the twists are in that regard.

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Writing Dyscalculia

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Thoughts. The text 'rambling thoughts' underneath a burning lantern. For rambles, thoughts, and not-essays.

I don’t know how old I was when I learned that my dad has dyslexia. It’s one of those things I’ve always kind of known. I’ve also always kind of known that he never got the support he needed to excel at school. For me it’s maths. Like my dad’s situation with dyslexia, when I was in primary and secondary school dyscalculia wasn’t a thing people paid attention to. My mum remains firmly convinced that I woke up one day, said “I don’t like maths” and decided to suck at it for the rest of my life. Because that’s a thing people with invisible disabilities do, you know, they decide that they have a problem. Please note the heavy use of sarcasm in that sentence because we do not, in fact, decide to have a problem and then it magically appears and if only we just decide not to have a problem then it will go away like it’s never been.

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Interview with Cheryl Mahoney

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Last year,  I interviewed Cheryl Mahoney about her debut release, The Wanderers. This year, we’re back with an interview centring on her second book, The Storyteller and Her Sisters! (I had the privilege and pleasure of being one of Cheryl’s betareaders. I’ve been sitting on my squee for so long. SQUEE! Suffice to say that if you enjoy fairytale retellings, I recommend you go out and get this as soon as possible. It’s a fantastic retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses.)

Before we get to the interview, here’s a little bit about Cheryl herself:

Cheryl Mahoney is a book blogger at Tales of the Marvelous, and the author of two books based on fairy tales. The Wanderers, published in 2013, follows the journeys of a wandering adventurer, a talking cat and a witch’s daughter. Her new novel, The Storyteller and Her Sisters, was published in October, 2014.

Welcome, Cheryl!

And here’s a bit about The Storyteller and Her Sisters too. Have the product description. ^_^

Maybe you’ve heard a tale about twelve princesses who danced their shoes to pieces. That was only part of our story.

Talya would tell you how dark and frightening the cursed forest and enchanted lake were. Vira would be too busy looking after us all to tell you many details, while Mina would try to give you every fact and figure (even though magic is rarely so logical). Each of my sisters would tell the story differently.

And Dastan—he’d write a ballad. Or maybe a love song.

As for me, I’m the storyteller, so I’m giving you my version. It’s about my sisters and me, our father, twelve princes and a cursed country—about a series of misguided champions, one even more misguided Fairy Godmother, and a great deal of dancing. It’s about twelve trapped princesses who decided to take control of the story.

I’m Lyra, the ninth princess, and this is how I tell the tale.

<3 And now, without further ado, below the cut lies the interview with Cheryl. Enjoy!

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Release: Tales of the Little Engine

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Tales of the Little Engine

Check out The Little Engine That Couldn’t before buying or the release prompt call (open until October 15th)
Available now from Amazon (US, UK, CA, AU, DE, FR, ES, IT, JP, IN, BR, MX).

Jan would like nothing more than to carry people across the mountains like the big trains do. When the steam train gets the chance to do just that, will it manage? And will it find happiness?

Together with its canine friend Mister Whiskers, the bravest little engine finds itself right in the middle of several magical mysteries. The narrow pass between its hometown of Vawick and the city of Dunnsbridge is haunted by the Nethertrain and its minions, but the bravest little engine isn’t afraid. When the Nethertrain learns of the little engine’s intrusion, it is furious. Can the bravest little engine and Mister Whiskers find a way to stop the Nethertrain once and for all?

Accompanied by two essays on the influences and ideas behind the stories, “Tales of the Little Engine” collects some of the adventures of two very different little steam engines. Join Jan as it learns that, sometimes, dreams come true slightly differently from how we think they should or tag along with the bravest little engine as it travels around Vawick and Dunnsbridge.


News and Notes

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Links. The text 'links' underneath a big, old-fashioned key. Links I felt were interesting.

It is… so tempting to write a silly vlog-like introduction. But I’d like to mention a few news items and some upcoming events. ^_^

First up in signalboosting news not related to me, we have an Elizabeth Barrette special. ^_^

October 7th will see a poetry fishbowl with the theme of “mad science”. Be sure to note it in your calendar.

The second part of Amazing Stories’ interview of Elizabeth is now up. There are also two more audio recordings of Elizabeth’s work.

In me-related news (mostly) there is the following. ^_^

On October 1st, I opened up the very first Dovelet Prompt Call. The session will remain open until the 15th. So far it hasn’t garnered a lot of interest, but there’s still time. ^_^ I’m still figuring out what the best way to tackle them is for me.

You can leave prompts on this post as well if you’d rather. (Or emailing them. Just make sure you prompt where I can see you and where I know you’re giving me a prompt. I’m not fussy.) I’ve been having issues with comments getting eaten on the main blog. I’m really, really sorry. I think it’s fixed now, but I’m not entirely sure. If you can’t get your comment posted here, please drop me an email or contact me some other way and let me know that the problem is persisting! Thank you!)

On October 8th, Tales of the Little Engine will be released. *bites nails* I haven’t been this nervous about anything else I’ve published, not even The Passage of Pearl.

On October 14th, I’ll be interviewing Cheryl Mahoney about her upcoming book, The Storyteller and Her Sisters.

I’ll also be talking about the pros and pros of ebooks and print books, contact lenses, dyscalculia and several of the books I’ve read recently at various points this month. It’s a high-volume posting month! ^_^

I also have some sadder news. I’ll be pulling Feather by Feather off Smashwords and the retailers it ships to on October 31st. It may take a little while for it to percolate and it’ll remain available on Amazon, but if you want to get a non-Kindle copy be sure to buy it by the 31st. After that it’ll join Tales of the Little Engine in my experimentation with going kindle exclusive. (It’ll also have fewer typos, though!)


Monthly Goals September/October 2014

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Monthly Goals. The text 'monthly goals' underneath a scroll with a key on it. A look back at my goals of the month.

And thus September comes to an end. Let’s see what I was planning to get done this month.

I Want to Read:
– Earthrise by M.C.A. Hogarth
– Unbound and Free by Becca Lusher
– Solitary Star by Clare K.R. Miller
– The Revenge of Kaivalya by Sumana Khan

I Want to Write:
– this dratted collection of train-stories already so I can publish it in the last quarter of the year ><
– rework at minimum 1 chapter from the Space Ghosts
– rework 1 scene of A Promise Broken

I haven’t managed to complete my reread of Unbound and Free, but given how little I read this month in general, I’m just happy that I got the rest all read. I’m not sure what was up with that. I haven’t touched A Promise Broken either, but I spent much of the month rearranging the blog and setting stuff up. I also did finish the collection about steam engines. (Sort of. I was evil and mean to end it there, I know.) And then I went on and reworked about four chapters of the Space Ghost tale.

All in all, September was actually my second-most productive writing month of the year. I wasn’t expecting that at all, but there you go. I’m now past the half-way point for Space Ghosts (though since the chapters that need the most work are still coming up, I expect that to change). Exciting things!

So onto October!

I Want to Read:
– Rose Point by M.C.A. Hogarth
– Be With Me by Becca Lusher

I Want to Write:
– rework at minimum 1 chapter from the Space Ghosts
– rework 1 chapter of A Promise Broken
write whatever prompt calls come in

As you can see, this month looks a little different from the others. There are fewer books on it, for a start. There is a reason for this and that reason is that when I looked over my TBR pile, I had no idea what else I wanted to add and those ideas I did have I wanted to save in case I wound up signing up for the readathon again this year. I have a few novellas lying around that’d be perfect for the event and they’d be light enough that I’ll manage to keep up with the writing side of things. I seem to have packed a fair amount into the final few months of the year somehow.

So what I really wanted to do was talk a little more generally about how I’m doing for the year. Readingwise, I’ve finished about 58 books. I’ve read a couple more, but I haven’t really kept track. That’s a little over a third of what I normally read in a year. I’ll be curious to see what the yearly total amounts to. I’ll be surprised if I make it to 100 books this year, but we’ll see.

Part of it is that I’ve been quite invested in gaming and writing this year. I’ve seen several games I was looking forward to a lot get released early in the year and a couple more later in the year. I’ve spent a fair bit of time with those. I’ve also been juggling one (serialised) novel, one novella/novel, and two short anthologies, on top of every-day life things. It doesn’t sound like a lot to me, but I know it’s not actually that simple and I know I’m comparing myself to people whom I know are far more productive (and talented) than I am and to older standards I used to be able to keep up which means I’m selling myself short to at least some extent. (I’m trying not to do that, no worries. ^_^) It’s not actually as little as it seems to me. I’ll get there. It’s just at half the speed I’d like to be working at.

It’s just interesting to see how little I’ve been reading this year compared to the previous several. I’m pondering whether I might want to try and make next year a slower reading affair as well.

For October, though. I just want to stay caught up on all the projects. ^_^