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Links Round-up

Just a couple of links for you today, some are crowdfunding projects and some are not. Enjoy! ^_^

Learn about Vivandières and Cantinières: also known as “women who were an official government-sanctioned part of the French army for centuries, who saw combat and who were emphatically not prostitutes tagging along”. This is a very very basic gist of what the site is about.

The Sustainable Economy: Co-ops and Other People-Friendly Businesses: This is mostly about a sustainable law center. (I really love the idea of a writers’ co-op, by the by.)

Horses of the Moon, a Kickstarter for a series of novellas by Judith Tarr.

thebonesofferalletters on DW is currently hosting a prompt call with the theme: LGBTQA themes and/or creators and creations.

The Redeemer Chronicles, a Kickstarter for a novel (series) by CE Murphy.

SUNY-ESF have managed to develop a blight-resistant version of the American chestnut tree. They’re fundraising to help restore the tree to its native range.

Angela Korra’ti is having a promotional sale of Faerie Blood which runs until December 1st.

Lastly, meet Zeus, a blind owl.