Musical Weaknesses

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Many of my friends are avid listeners to music. Some of the authors I know practically swear by writing with music in the background. I used to, but nowadays I tend to get distracted. (I can still do it, but I need to have been writing for a while and by then I forget I wanted to turn the music on. *sigh* So nowadays I write in silence.) Still, I have several powerful weaknesses when it comes to music and I thought it could be a fun topic to discuss. ^_^ Though these are weaknesses, they aren’t necessarily things I actively seek out. These are some of the things that can (and will and have) halted me dead in my tracks within a couple of seconds and derailed my thoughts completely.

Music Box

I love music boxes. There’s something beautiful and magical about music boxes. The sound is so delicate and soft. I had an aunt who used to make music boxes. Not the mechanisms that made the music, mind, but the box around it. One day when we were visiting (a rare treat as we lived far apart), she let me have one of them. She also made jewellery and small 3D scenes out of polymer clay that she’d sometimes let me pick from. Somewhere, I still have a penguin that was never baked that is among one of my favourite possessions because she let me have it before it was wholly done, but I digress. My aunt was a wonderful and beautiful woman, who meant and still means a lot to me.

So it comes as no surprise if I tell you that I still have that music box. I know she must have told me what song it played, but I’ve forgotten and I’m (understandably) not inclined to open it up and find out. Once, She also gave me one of the mechanisms, probably because I loved it a lot. Just the mechanism. It’s been broken a long, long time and it took me years to find a replacement. It isn’t the same mechanism, but it’s the same song with the same sound. That one was easy to find and I expect you’ll recognise the tune too. It was Brahms’ LullabyThis is the closest I’ve found to the way I remember that particular version. It’s so enchanting… Granted, it doesn’t make me sleepy and it’s never made me sleepy, but it does make me want to be still and listen to it forever and ever.

I am not the only one who loves the sound of music boxes, though. ^_^ Check out this music box rearrangement for Suteki da ne from Final Fantasy X. It’s fan-made and gorgeous. Or how about Aerith’s theme from FFVII instead? Or, if game soundtracks aren’t really your thing, how about a music box version of Let It Go? That’s Disney! (And yes I still risk getting it stuck on repeat and yes I’m evil to pick the earworm song. BUT IT’S SO PRETTY.) Image Dragon’s Radioactive? Céline Dion’s My Heart Will Go On?

I was honestly surprised to find so many music box covers of songs, but oh the pretty pretty pretty pretty songs. <3 (With, as a bonus, a cover of Let It Go I can actually sing without going “ARGH!”


Piano rearrangements will also practically halt me in my steps pretty much every time. Have a rearrangement of Noriko Sakai’s Aoi Usagi. Mast in the Mist from Uncharted Waters 2. (I actually still prefer the PC version, though.)

I’m afraid I don’t really have any touching anecdotes or stories to tell about piano covers. I just really love the sound of them. ^_^


I didn’t even know these were musical genres until I started to work on this post. But I grew up with PC games and my dad’s synthesizer and I just find the sound fascinating. There’s a sense of nostalgia to it, I won’t deny that, but mostly I just really enjoy the sounds. I don’t really know enough yet to tell apart what is and is not true chiptune, but it’s a relatively safe bet that if it’s labelled chiptune, I’ll enjoy it.

One of my favourites has to be this version of the main theme of Skyrim.

I also use to play an old MSX-2 game which features Anitra’s Tanz. Kind of like this version from Asterix and the Power of the Gods, except not quite. The game itself had you playing as a fairy and solving puzzles. I never got the hang of it, though, and I can’t remember the title for the life of me. It should still be somewhere in our attic, but since dad demolished the keyboard and the joysticks were giving us usability trouble before storing them in the attic… I’m not sure it’ll be playable still. Boo.

Here, have Duel of the Fates as well. And, since I did already mention being evil, have a version of What Does the Fox Say? as well. And since I did link a music box version already, have Radioactive again. This time in 8-Bit!

Also, because I can, have the introduction to LOOM, which you may recognise as the whole score is based on Swan Lake. Well, the introduction to the DOS version I grew up with, courtesy of the very same aunt who gave me the music boxes. (And her daughters who I remember were always happy to help a small kid out when she got stuck.) My aunt (and cousins) incidentally are the main reasons I play so many games and why I lean so strongly to PC games. They introduced me to them. ^_^

And I hope that was a fun, if brief and quick, look into some of the music that I enjoy. ^_^ (I’m actually really eclectic. Pretty much anything goes. It’s just that some genres and some sounds tend to do better than others and these are some of the ones that do best.)