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Revision Notes: All Our Good Intentions/Made to Be Broken

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Lynn's Projects. The text 'Lynn's Projects' next to a big quill. Updates on what I'm working on.

It’s been a while since I touched my revision chronicling projects. Part of that is, simply, that I’ve been buried in other projects. The last time I touched Made to Be Broken was in 2013 and that draft never got finished. The last finished draft, then, is the one collected in Feather by Feather and Other Stories. You can read that version here (for free) if you’d like. The latest draft can be read here. It went up yesterday.

And then 2014 came about and I decided to semi-officially signup for NaNoWriMo. Unofficially since I had a novella draft that I really had to finish that was already partway done. Having finished that, I decided to focus on something else and try to take advantage of the NaNoWriMo sphere to see if I could if not finish at least speed along another project (or two). There was, however, a problem. I finished the novella much sooner than the previous ten months led me to believe I would and I hadn’t decided what to write yet.

So! While I asked friends and internet acquaintances to cast their vote on what they thought sounded the most interesting, I decided that, in the interrim, I’d return to Made to Be Broken at long last and see what happened this time. It’s been a while and, as you can see if you compare the latest draft to the previous one, been changed quite substantially.

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Unofficial NaNoWriMo Week 1

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Lynn's Projects. The text 'Lynn's Projects' next to a big quill. Updates on what I'm working on.

As some of you are aware, I’m unofficially doing NaNoWriMo this year. This basically means that I’m ignoring the “It must be one single novel” part of the rules and am aiming to just finish things in general. Notably, the novella draft I’ve been working on for the past year-and-a-half or so.

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Monthly Goals October/November 2014

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And thus October ended! Let’s go look at the old goals and the new! WHEE!

I Want to Read:
– Rose Point by M.C.A. Hogarth
– Be With Me by Becca Lusher

I Want to Write:
– rework at minimum 1 chapter from the Space Ghosts
– rework 1 chapter of A Promise Broken
write whatever prompt calls come in

And those goals? I made them and then proceeded to completely and utterly OBLITERATE them. Why? Because I am awesome, that’s why. I read 12 books! That’s, what, nine more than last month? A fair bit more anyway! Most of them were novellas, admittedly, but I also read some that were either chunksters or close to it. Yay!

And my writing! I got no prompts, alas, so that didn’t happen, but I made up for it by focusing a lot of my attention on A Promise Broken. I wrote a good four chapters of that, so the serial WIP draft is now finished. I’m letting it sit and ferment a while, but if you’d like a chance to influence the writing time is running short.

I also got a chapter of the Space Ghosts done, though that one squeaked in at the very very end of October. With… Four hours to spare before November. I am down to one big project now! I AM DOWN TO ONE BIG PROJECT! Which is about halfway done in this draft and then I can finally show my friend. *bites nails* Scaryscaryscary.

It also finally has a proper working title. I’m still trying it out and seeing if it fits, but it’s found itself a nice comfy space in my brain, so there’s a good change that it’ll stick. We’ll see if it survives people-who-are-not-me.

Without further ado: November!

I Want to Read:
– Some Kind of Fairytale Graham Joyce
– The Second Mango by Shira Glassman

I Want to Write:
– rework at minimum 2 chapters from Space Ghosts

Yep. It’s even less than October’s goals. BUT LOOK WHAT I ACCOMPLISHED WHEN I SET THEM SO LOW. Also, y’know, November is NaNoWriMo month, so even though I’m not officially participating, we’ll see how far I’ll get wordcount-wise anyway. No big and long book list for me. The focus shall be on this story I’m still chipping away at. That won’t be 50K, but I do have an unofficial goal of getting it done. It’s doable if nothing unexpected happens.

So! Onwards I go! (OMG I’m so close to finishing up a second piece, albeit still in relatively rough draft form. So close to finishing all I aimed to finish this year. I AM EXCITE. BE EXCITE WITH ME!)

So. Anyway. Those are my November goals: work on the Space Ghost tale and do my utmost to finally finish it. I’ll definitely get it done before the end of the year, but I will aim for November because I would so dearly love to get it done before December. That’ll be my NaNo project. Not officially, though, since I’d feel like a cheater, but even so. Writing month of writingness! Goals!

And also trying to cut down a little further on my TBR pile. I’m doing much better than I was expecting and far worse than I could have been. It’s all the new books I bought. If I hadn’t added as much as I did I’d be down to zero by now, or close enough that that would look like a realistic goal for the end of the year. But I have 50+ books still to read or at least sample, so I still have quite a way to go. Maybe next year! So my unofficial reading goal of November will be to read at least three more books to the ones on the list. Bonus points if they’re print and double bonus points if they’re Forests of the Heart and I actually finish it this year. This will likely carry through into December even. We’ll see!

I hope everyone who’s participating in NaNoWriMo is having fun with their projects!