UnNaNoWriMo Week 3

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I have three words for you this week. Just three: Dragon Age Inquisition.

All right, that’s not everything. Other highlights of the week include: insomnia, central heating breaking, more hours at work and mostly it’s been one thing after the other all week long. Except for DAI which, um, may have seen me lose track of time under the guise of “Just one more quest” turning into “Oh, just one more area”. Oops. And, of course, it means the writing suffers. Tremendously and dramatically.

I am okay with that, for the most part. I’m not trying to write a whole novel in a month, after all, just to get properly started and a decent way into at least one project. I’m on chapter 4 of this one and so far all chapters have clocked in around 2,500 words. We’ll see if that lasts, but it means I’ve got around 10K on this story. I got stuck on a particular scene there, which is part of why I let myself get distracted. Something about the characters was feeling off. I’m still not entirely sure what’s bothering me despite letting the story percolate for a while.

It doesn’t feel like a situation where the major events of (some of) the scenes are wrong, just that the emotional shift of them and some of the motivations resulting from there aren’t quite where they should be. Yet.

Some days I wish I were an outliner and knew exactly where I was going and how and why. But I usually don’t and you get situations like this one every now and again. ^_^ I think it’s about time for me to switch projects, so I can go ahead and make my November wordcount as awesome as I can make it and give my brain the time it needs to poke at this story some more. I know where the story is off and what the issue is, but I’m not yet close enough to fixing it. My brain needs a bit more time. (Boo!) So I’ll be shifting things around to focus on… *checks* Actually, I have a three-way tie between another novel(la) and two short stories/novelettes.

The short stories have it! I struggled working on two long projects simultaneously this year. I really really really don’t want to be working on three long new projects in 2015. That’s going to be a terrible idea. Boohiss.

So for now! Short stories. I’ve got two on the list. I’ll start with the one that’s been on there the longest. It shouldn’t be too hard if one of the characters would deign to cooperate. ^_^ Next week, totals! This week, because I promised somewhere, an excerpt of the story I’ve been working on last week. Rough draft is rough, but I hope you’ll enjoy it! This is from the first chapter and introduces both Justin and Valerie, so you don’t need to worry about spoilers.

Justin picked up the book he’d been reading again. The receipt he’d written up and was now using as bookmark didn’t tell him exactly where he’d left off on the page, so he scanned it to find out. The door bell started to ring and Justin glanced up to see someone contemplate entering the bookshop and then change their mind. Relieved as well as annoyed, Justin turned his attention back to the page.

He’d left off just after Mizzlit had decided to sneak into the Dark Lord’s stronghold on her own. That was why he’d dusted the shop again: he’d hoped it would have taken so longer that he’d be able to read without risking interruptions. With no such luck, Justin simply prayed fervently that if anyone did decide to duck into the shop now they’d at least have the courtesy to wait until after he’d discovered what Mizzlit would find. Alycia’d told him that the book would surprise him.

Just as Mizzlit was exploring a secret passage, two pages further in, the bell rang and Justin had to paste on his best I’m-so-glad-you-interrupted-me-and-how-may-I-help-you smile rather more quickly than he’d ever thought himself capable of managing. The customer didn’t appear to have noticed him at all. The dark-haired woman was dusting off her government-issue business suit. A few seconds later the air around her fogged before settling. Great. Justin fidgeted on his stool, turning the book he’d been reading in his hands. He hadn’t even put the receipt-bookmark back in. The overlapping triangles logo embroidered on the woman’s jacket marked her as a member of the sorceress corps. They were never a good sign. The woman had ignored him to scan the bookshelves near the door, though, so perhaps she was simply looking for a book to read. He hoped so.

And there you are. Meet Justin, bookworm extraordinaire, and Valerie, bookworm on a mission. (Also meet Mizzlit who may or may not make repeat appearances throughout the books. Sadly, this bit does not introduce the DI Branch series which will make repeat appearances. And is apparently written by a certain Garrett Newport, whom readers of The Passage of Pearl may remember. I was amused, yeah.)

Onwards! Into the last week of NaNoWriMo and the final stretches of writing all the things!