UnNaNoWriMo Week #4, The End!

Posted November 30, 2014 by Lynn E. O'Connacht in Miscellaneous / 0 Comments


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Granted, I cheated copiously by writing on a variety of projects and counting drafts I’ve subsequently had to discard. So! Let’s take a look at everything I accomplished this month.

Space Ghosts: 19,669 were written during NaNoWriMo. Finished. The story is 33,454 words in total. (I expect this number to go up slightly still in revisions.)

Ribbit, Charles Wilson: 7,401 words. Unfinished. All words written for NaNoWriMo. I expect this one will need 5,000 more words at most before it’s completely finished.

All Our Good Intentions: 2,564 words. Finished. All words for NaNoWriMo.

The Night I Met the Girl that Lived Outside of Time: 1,942 words. Finished. All words for NaNoWriMo.

The Gate of Dawn: 9,414 words. Unfinished. I got stuck on a fairly important bit of motivation that I’m still feeling my way around. I might need an outsider’s perspective, but if nothing else the break gives me a proper chance to work out a bit more of the setting now that I’ve got far enough into the thing to find my feet.

He Must Go Walk the Woods So Wild: 2,008 words. Unfinished. This count will go up before the day is done as I haven’t yet reached the end of the scene. I just knew I’d passed the 50K mark and hied off to celebrate. I’ve got about 1,500 more words to go, I think, before the scene ends. This one’ll be a novella.

Discarded drafts of things: 7,175 words. Mostly these drafts are for Ribbit or Gate. I only counted entirely rewritten bits, no sentences I’ve rephrased slightly or things of a similar nature. That’d be far too fiddly for me to keep track of, so it’s only when I ditched a scene entirely (at least a paragraph) that it’s gone here.

That all adds up to a total of 50,170 words. WHOOHOO! *slumps* Next month is editing month. It is also “look at taxes and tear my hair out” month because taxes and “let me try to reorganise the categories and consider using tags to further organise things” month.

And now I’ll be off to finish the scene I was working on, see about dinner and then maybe poke Charles some more. He was being a bit grumpy with me. So I grumped back. If he’s done grumping I can continue with the story. I’d still like a bit of clear fantastical elements in it, though. It feels weird writing something that feels so much like contemporary fiction.