Favourite Fictional Worlds: Part 2, Aekhverse

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The next installment in my “Posts on favourite fictional worlds” to answer the_rck’s prompt on DW.

Other People’s Settings: Becca Lusher’s Aekhverse

The Aekhverse is massive and spans everything from historical fiction to science fiction to secondary world fantasy. For someone who does like reading across a variety of settings and genres while still sticking with known and beloved characters (all with an overarching narrative plot!), it is a gold mine of stories.

I love the setting and the mythology. I love the characters. Becca’s already introduced a couple of my favourites. I love the world and Becca’s writing. The one thing that makes this setting a little hard to talk about is that Becca has only recently started to publish the stories and the main narrative hasn’t, at the time I’m writing this, been established.

And, honestly, as much as I’ve loved the stories Becca has published to date, for me the head-over-heels, I-want-to-never-leave-this-setting feel doesn’t really kick in until Nawa shows up and starts hogging the spotlight somewhat. Nawa is the kind of bad guy you love to hate and want to ram a cluejet into. Not that it’d work, but hey maybe he’ll get a clue the twentieth time.

One of the things to love is, as I’ve already noted, the span of the stories. There’s something for everyone in the Aekhverse, provided that ‘speculative fiction’ as a whole appeals. And the Aekhverse doesn’t stick to the main cast either. It can (and sometimes happily does) go off into spin-offs in beloved secondary worlds or exploring the relationships between secondary characters and giving them a story of their own.

It is a sprawling, beautiful, diverse setting that I heart and I look forward to sharing Becca’s stories with you so much. (I’ve read older drafts of many of them. This is why this post is a little all over the place and very vague. There is so much to say and so little of it currently available and I don’t want to spoil it for people. I want to revel in the shinies and the characters and the dynamics.)

I have nabbed one of Becca’s non-spoilery drabbles for a sample.

Songbird: Nel
Someone was singing. Out gathering herbs, Nel paused to listen. It was beautiful. The Shadow Garden was often filled with laughter, joy and music, but to hear someone sing was rare.
To hear someone sing like this was a blessing.
Curious, Nel slipped through the trees, flitting between shadows, until she saw her.
A stranger. New to the Garden, short and pretty, with brown hair and freckles. This must be Dóma, their newest Aekhartain.
Certain the Shadow Garden would be even brighter from now on, Nel slipped away to find Ollie and Fara. They had a welcome party to throw.

– Songbird, Becca Lusher. Drabble originally appeared here on Becca’s blog.