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You may remember me talking about Elizabeth Barrette’s setting Terramagne of her Polychrome Heroics series of serial poetry a couple of weeks ago. If not, I added in a link, so you can check it out. For the past couple of months, I and DW user stardreamer have been working with Ysabet on reorganising the index page for the Polychrome Heroics pages to help people find the poems and characters they’re looking for and are interested in following.

Ysabet has recently unveiled the first two pages for the subthreads of Aquariana and Antimatter/Stalwart Stan and I’m super-happy to signalboost them. We worked hard on them and shiny pages are shiny!

On a related and more general note: There is a half-price sale on Polychrome Heroics poems from April 20th (today!) to April 26th, so if you’re into crowdfunding this is the time to get some really cool superhero poetry fiction for a really good price. Both threads discussed below have several unsold poems, and you’ll find that there are quite a few other threads to follow along too.

Under the cut lie descriptions of the subseries for which we’ve managed to finish the pages and a few questions I suspect newcomers to the series may appreciate seeing answered. I’ve taken the descriptions straight from the series page.


Muriel Green was a professional swimmer until a scuba diving accident left her with superpowers. No longer allowed to swim competitively, Muriel becomes an environmentalist and the superhera Aquariana. She moves to the Republic of the Maldives, which is one of the most soup-friendly countries in Terramagne.

Read This If: You’d really like your superhero stories to take place globally instead of being restricted to the US with ‘the rest of the world’ as a vague afterthought at best, enjoy reading about animals with superpowers or heavy emotional quandaries, enjoy reading about different cultures intersecting, societies that try to embrace differences, or just plain like reading about the sea.

Antimatter & Stalwart Stan

Stan Wood and Lawrence Cunningham are high-school classmates. They are also the superhero Stalwart Stan and the minor supervillain Antimatter respectively. This storyline tracks the evolution of their relationship from nemeses to frenemies to … maybe something more?

Read This If: You’d like a more YA-oriented superhero story, want an m/m teen romance, enjoy reading about complex teenagers developing healthy relationships, people learning from their mistakes, or enjoy character personalities in the vein of Captain America.

That’s great and all, but I’m new to this setting. Where do I start?

Anywhere! The subthreads are a little like the Discworld subseries, though the individual poems don’t all stand alone as well as those books. You can just pick whichever series sounds most intriguing and dive in.

However, if you want a solid introduction to the setting ofTerremagne in general, you’re best of starting with a few other poems. The very first introduction of Terramagne happened in Damask Speaks. Some poems, such as A Safer World and a Better Future and SPOON In Every Pot, offer a broader overview of what Terramagne is like on a global scale, while others give more of a general feel of the setting. Examples of that include Heroic Physics 101 and Early Days, but also FORK in the Road.

I don’t usually like poetry, but this sounds like an awesome setting. Do you recommend it for me?

I recommend giving two or three pieces that strike your fancy a chance, yes. Most all the poems in this setting are free verse and read much like flash fiction. It’s possible that you’ll just read them as such and stop noticing that they’re poetry after a while. But, really, you’re the only person who can answer this question. All I can advise you is to give the series a chance to see whether your initial reservations hold up or disappear.

One of my favourite poems is missing! / I found missing information! / You missed out on a character!

If you find something amiss, please let us know! We’ve worked hard on these pages and done our best to ensure that all the information is present and accurate, but we’re only human and it’s a lot of information to work through and so we may have missed something.


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