Two Serpents Rise Readalong Week 2

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Welcome back to the Two Serpents Rise read-along! We’re in week 2 now, so if you haven’t read the book yet, below the cut lie spoilers. My apologies for being relatively late with this week’s post. It turned out to be a fairly busy Monday, but hey it is still Monday in most parts of the world, so that’s not too terrible, right?

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As you can see, this week’s questions are courtesy of Lisa from Over the Effing Rainbow. Let’s just dive straight in since I know I wasn’t the only one to respond to this book/section with “ZOMG!”

1) So we’re halfway in, and we seem to have uncovered the culprit already… What did you make of the confrontation at Seven Leaf?

Exciting! And dramatic! And also, even leaving aside the fact that we still have half a book to go, entirely too easy and quick to be all there is to the matter. And, of course, we don’t really know why she did it yet, which is also a big loose end. I suspect there’ll be more investigations (and possibly more things going wrong) before we find the real culprit.

2) Temoc is still turning up at random, and still protesting his innocence. Doth he protest too much…?

Maybe, but then if I were innocent and in his position I might do too. So I don’t know. And especially with what we learn about Alaxic and the King in Red in the interlude… I kind of wouldn’t blame him for grabbing every opportunity to say “I’m innocent!” in the hopes that that’d keep the King in Red from not wrecking everything I was doing because he’s decided that destroying it all is better. And there were hints also that Temoc was aiming for a peaceful protest, weren’t there? He didn’t have the power and charisma to keep his followers from violence indefinitely, but if we take that at face value then I could see Temoc as protesting that he (and his followers) have nothing to do with it repeatedly so that they won’t get turned into scapegoats and examples whilst they haven’t done anything wrong.

Watch him be behind everything now.

3) The Red King. Discuss.

He’s… more human than we’d have thought, isn’t he? Then again, if we look at Denovo and Kevarian in the previous book perhaps that isn’t all that surprising. I admit I wasn’t expecting him to be so… amiable. He’s certainly got a personal beef with the gods, though, which I’m kind of curious to see more of. I’d like to know whether it’s an integral aspect of the bigger issues that we’re seeing in the novel so far.

4) And let’s not forget Mal! I confess, I did not see any of those surprises coming. What do you think of Caleb’s ‘sweetheart’ now?

To be honest, so far I’m really disappointed in their relationship. This is partially because I don’t grasp that whole “I want to sleep with you. Let’s date!” mentality that they’ve got going on. There’s just… nothing for them to build a relationship on except for Gladstone telling me that there is. I don’t like it. Which also means that every aspect of this second book that involved their relationship felt flat and off.

The great revelation with Mal being religious and offering blood to the (old) gods and Caleb being enraged lacked a dimension that the book told me it should have. I did appreciate them, though, and I wasn’t expecting them at all. I liked the King in Red’s reasoning about sending her and Caleb and I really liked what we learned about Caleb’s scars and the way that they were able to use those to deal with Allie.

And… I think that’s me thought and rambled out. I didn’t get along with this section as much as th previous one or the first book, but it’s still really well-written. I loved learning about the Couatl ride and the discussion that Mal and Caleb had about adrenaline. She’s fearless, you have to give her that. And I liked getting to know the Wardens (they were Warders, right?) and the poker game. Having Mal and Caleb discuss deities and his worshipping a goddess despite claiming not to were all fascinating.


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