What I’ve Been Up To March 2015

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Monthly Round-up. The text 'monthly round-up' beneath a wrapped package. What I've been up to the past month.

And so another month comes to an end. Let’s go round it all up! April may or may not be a little out of whack, but scheduled posts (the Saturday thoughts and the biweekly Pretty Guardian Sailormoon episode commentary will go up as scheduled, but the first Sailor Moon Crystal commentary may be later as I have to attend a funeral that Saturday.)

Oh! You’ll notice some slight changes to the way book reviews are handled starting April. I’m fiddling with things to see how I like them.

Climbing the Date Palm by Shira Glassman: My thoughts will follow, but I quite liked it. I’m less forgiving of the writing style this book around, but it’s fun. I like the characters and the setting, the way Glassman focuses on peaceful resolutions to conflict and the way everyone works as a team.

A Harvest of Ripe Figs by Shira Glassman: My thoughts will follow, but like Climbing the Date Palm, I really enjoyed the story and was less enamoured with the writing style. I think this may be my favourite. This is no way related to the sheer number of female characters having all kinds of positive relationships with one another.

Retold by various authors: I really liked this collection. With only six stories, there’s much less of a chance of running into ‘duds’, but it also means that if I do come across a story I don’t really mesh with it stands out far more. Which is a sad thing, but thankfully that didn’t really happen. These are gorgeous retellings that play havoc with the legends they’re based on, which is exactly what the stories set out to do.

Three Parts Dead by Max Gladstone: My thoughts may follow yet, but you can read my readalong responses until then. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

The Very Best of Charles de Lint by Charles de Lint: Fun! I had a hard time with it, though, because that’s par the course for me and anthologies/collections. Still, I always enjoy more Charles de Lint. ^_^

I’m afraid I have no idea what I’m reading right now. Sorry!

Cinderella – Free Fall: Because I am hopeless. It’s fun, though somehow it feels more challenging than Frozen.

Frozen – Free Fall: Since I refuse to pay for access to content I already had access to and I need a casual game for waiting periods, I guess I’m replaying the winter levels to get more stars.

Montague’s Mount: This is… kind of like Dear Esther attempts Myst, but with a more muddled-feeling story than the former and far easier puzzles than the latter. I like these kinds of atmospheric exploration games usually. Montague’s Mount combines it with several puzzles and a chance to learn some Irish. I was expecting more from the latter than just written text with a translation in small print. It’s an interest game if, like all the other exploratory games, not very long. And I do wish they relied less on “Is this protagonist mentally ill?” ambiguity to carry its storyline. I would’ve enjoyed the game more had it been my introduction to the genre. It’s worth playing if you like slightly creepy, highly atmospheric games with a little bit puzzle challenge.

Pillars of Eternity: My thoughts will follow. For now I’ll just say that I had fun with this. ^_^

Shelter 2: I loved Shelter. I love cats. I was all over this. I felt that Shelter introduced its controls better and I’m not sure that the narrative really works for me. Part of the beauty of Shelter was that your imagination was pretty much all the story there was. Shelter 2 keeps that, mostly, but the text bits felt intrusive and hampered my immersion. That aside, it is a game where you play as a mother lynx and have to raise your cubs to adulthood. This time, you get to name your cubs (and play as them after the game has finished). You hunt rabbits and deer and, as your cubs age, they’ll start to hunt for themselves. So far it’s been quieter than Shelter. I haven’t played through one game yet. But <3 Also, I am the world’s worst hunter.

Terraria: One day I will learn that sandbox games are not for me. (Except Shelter insofar as that’s a sandbox game.) That’s not to say the game isn’t fun because it is a lot of fun even when you don’t know what on earth you’re doing. And it has mini-bosses and sort-of goals and… things. But I get bored of sandbox games very easily and Terraria is no exception.

Pretty Guardian Sailormoon: My thoughts will follow, but I’ve watched acts 2-10 so far and I’ve written up the posts for them already. As a general note: I’d forgotten how much I actually liked the show for all I’m currently poking at its sheer silliness in a lot of things.

Sailor Moon Crystal: My thoughts on episode 17 and 18 can be found by following the links.


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