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I have several bits of writing-related news for you all today and hopefully both will be quite exciting.

* * *

I have a Patreon page now. I don’t plan on mentioning that too often, but I’ll be putting a link in the sidebar somewhere and I’ll add links at the bottom of webserial posts. You can check out the Patreon page for the full details, but it’s essentially a kind of (monthly) tipjar for people who like my blogging or the fiction I share. Hopefully, Patreon will allow me to share more fiction online for free like I’m doing with Sea Foam and Silence and did with A Promise Broken.

Please do let me know if there’s information you’d like to see on Patreon! I’m a little leery of making goal milestones, but if people really want me to I’ll poke those and add them.

* * *

Cover for Feather by Feather and Other Stories by Lynn E. O'ConnachtAs an experiment, I’ve decided to lower the price of Feather by Feather and Other Stories to $2.99 (or its equivalent in other currency) until July st, 2015.

I aim to be a bit more experimental with pricing and promotional pricing in future, but this is still pretty nerve-wracking experimentation for me. I don’t want the people who bought it at the full price to feel cheated and like they were treated unfairly and I’m not entirely sure how to square everything with one another.

Oh, to be the kind of person that wouldn’t care. But then I probably wouldn’t like myself very much. (Well. I probably would because I’d be that kind of person, but the person I am now wouldn’t like that me. I’m making a mess of this whole announcement thing, aren’t I?)

In any case: Throughout May and June, Feather by Feather and Other Stories will be available for $2.99 from all retailers. After that, we’ll see how it goes. That depends on the outcome of the experiment. (Yes, of course I’ll share some of the details with you all. ^_^)

It’s pretty scary, but hopefully the experiment’ll go better than making the book a Kindle-exclusive did.

* * *

Sea Foam and SilenceThe serialisation of Sea Foam and Silence starts next week! Friday, May 1st will see the first poem in the verse novel go live and the serial will update every Monday and Friday until its conclusion sometime in 2016.

I am so excited, everyone! The Little Mermaid has always been a fairytale close to my heart, whether the original version or Disney’s adaptation, and I love retellings. I’m so happy and excited to get to do one of my own! And in a way that feels fresh and new (to me) too!

I hope readers will like it just as much as I do. Or more. More is also good. I’m really looking forward to trying to get readers involved with the storyline as well. I haven’t quite worked out how to go about this yet, but it’ll be loads of fun to find out! The story’s more episodic nature should lend itself well to experimenting with this.

* * *

And… that’s it for me for now. I’m slowly poking at some other things that I’m (in no way) ready to comment on just yet. Writing is going relatively slowly, with most of my focus on building a bit of buffer for Sea Foam and Silence at the moment, and I’ve apparently spent most of April focusing on non-fiction posts. I have made progress on my fiction! Just… it pales in comparison to the non-fiction.


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