Film Talk: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon, Act 7

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Pretty Guardian Sailormoon: Act 7 (PGSM 7)Welcome back to the seventh instalment of “Let’s Rewatch Pretty Guardian Sailormoon”! Last week, we were introduced to the final senshi of Sailor Jupiter (the show suggests) and this week we’ll be looking into the possibility that Sailor V is actually the Princess that they’re looking for.

Notice that the introductory discussion is now shaped like a moon to indicate that Usagi’s transformed. Anyway! To episode 7!

We start this episode with Usagi fighting a youma on her own. Okay! Colour me intrigued. I don’t think any of the other shows started mid-fight or ever suggested that youma might not be tied to an episode but existed outside of them as well.

Questions we may not get answers to: Where are the other senshi?

Look at Usagi being all competent on her own, though! Well, sure, there’s magic afoot to make sure it goes wrong that I’d like to think is as much rooted in Japanese folklore I don’t know as it is Plot Convenience, but if not for that she would’ve got the youma without any help whatsoever and, again, we see Tuxedo Mask intervene at a time when Usagi is physically unable to move fast enough to get out of harm’s way on her own. So even if he does step in to rescue here, there’s less sense that he didn’t when it wasn’t necessary.

Usagi, don’t you just hate it when people tell you to do something and refuse to explain why they’re telling ou to do it?

Beryl, why don’t you tell Zoicite to kill the princess yourself? THAT IS A SERIOUS QUESTION. But hey look. Jadeite and Nephrite both keep failing Beryl and both of them are fine. Also I just noticed this, but so far all the guys have capes. Everyone. Tuxedo Mask, Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoicite. This show has a thing for men in swishy things. I am not complaining. I like swishy things. They go swish. *distracted*

Anyway! Wait, you’re going to complain about her ordering Zoicite to kill the Princess, Nephrite? Honestly, I do not blame Beryl for going a polite form of “WTF?” You have done nothing to suggest you could kill the princess. At least Zoicite’s abilities are an unknown quantity at this point.

And look. Actual Dark Kingdom politics. Though why Zoicite gets to do what he wants… who knows. I should warn/spoiler/note for anyone who doesn’t know and hasn’t caught on yet: PGSM Dark Kingdom is nothing like Classic or Crystal. Expect Dramaz. And piano. Lots of piano.) But hey let’s go and have politics for now with Nephrite and Jadeite having a bit of a rivalry going on.

Gah. Luuuuuunaaaaaa. JUST TELL US WHO THE PRINCESS IS. There’s no reason for you not to tell us right now other than to up the drama even more and keep it to one revelation per episode. Or, you know, at least give us a reason why you’re not telling us that’s a bit less flimsy than “When it’s time”. You don’t even have the excuse of telling kids they’re not old enough yet. So much trouble could be averted if you just told people what was going on.

Oh, hey. I just realised that act 6 had no Mamoru in it.

I like this switched identity thing going on here. Motoki is a pretty sweet guy (minus not giving the turle enough living space. No, I will not let that go.) and you can see that here when he’s giving Usagi the tickets in thanks.

Wah! Mamoru! *gnashes teeth* But yay Motoki! Wait, did Mamory just say something in a way that did not entirely tick me off? Was his talking to Makoto supposed to tick me off or was he trying to be nice and not quite managing it? Or was it an issue with the translation not carrying over the difference? I’m confused!

I feel kind of sad for Rei and Takae. Neither of them look like they’re having a lot of fun this way. Oh, hey the youma is back. And everyone got separated in a mirror maze. I hated those when I was a child. Although at least Mamoru is being tolerable again. He knows Motoki better and we know that he means it when he says Motoki isn’t good at mazes because we’ve just seen him have trouble with this one. Poor Motoki.

Oh, now Mamoru figures it out. Well, I suppose he hasn’t heard Usagi’s family name yet that we know of, so he’s probably missing that bit of evidence. Not that he still needs it. For reference, that only took 7 episodes to be revealed.

And look at Usagi being competent again by anticipating what the youma was going to do and vanquishing it that way. Imagine Crystal or Classic Usagi doing that unprompted.

Jadeite introduced himself! Huzzah! And Luna apparently has no clue who Queen Beryl is. That’s going to be interesting. And okay that was a gratuitous rescue. The girls could easily have moved at the speed with which Jadeite throws thunder at them and surely Makoto would have moved if nothing else.

It’s that I know Usagi thinks Tuxedo Kamen is Motoki or I’d be annoyed at her giving his handkerchief away like that. That said, she’s still giving it away as Sailormoon, so… Probably still not the brightest idea if you want to keep your secret identity (which she doesn’t).

We’re keeping the Venus knows more than the others about what’s going on, I suppose… Ah, well. We’ll see how it goes. Poor Motoki. I understand why Mamoru didn’t come back, but poor Motoki. He could really use a friend and some help at the end there and Mamoru seems to know him well enough to be of help. I’m not entirely sure I like the reveal in the mirror maze, though, but I think that’s just the look of it didn’t quite work for me.

I can’t actually remember enough of the story to remember the details per episode from hereon in. I remember some big things (that would currently be spoilers to reveal) in outline, but that’s about it. I don’t think next episode is the big reveal, but it at least promises to have plot progression going by the preview. We’ll see!