Film Talk: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon, Act 8

Posted June 30, 2015 by Lynn E. O'Connacht in Film & TV, Other People's Creations / 0 Comments


Pretty Guardian Sailormoon: Act 8 (PGSM 8)Awwww. We’re not actually doing the Usagi is rabbit-shape Sailormoon is moon-shape? I am disappoint. I liked that idea.

Anyway! Last episode, Mamoru learned Sailormoon’s identity, I still can’t settle on spelling and names, Usagi learned that Motoki is not Tuxedo Mask, and the senshi are introduced to the Dark Kingdom. Or at least to Jadeite. Onwards! To spoils and spoilers!

Awwww, poor Motoki, trying to apologise and Usagi not caring. She’s so much younger in this version. I mean, not that she’s particularly mature in any version. That’s kind of who she is, after all, but there’s something that actually says “I am a young teenager” about this Usagi’s behaviour that I’m not sure I entirely find present in the other versions of the show. It’s interesting. It’s easy to say that this is down to the fact that this is a live action show and the anime and manga are all drawn to make the girls look older and leave the difference at that. But is that really it?

Ooooh, I like the strong head-butting between Rei and Makoto in this episode. (We’re also seeing some more of Ami in this as a result because she does not like conflict.) I like that both of them also have a point, though I’m more in line with Rei in this one than Makoto. Yes, helping Usagi is important because she’s their friend, but she does does need to learn to take some responsibility and helping her out all the time won’t teach it to her. So it’s an interesting discussion they’re having and it’s also clearly about more than just whether they should help Usagi. It’s also about their personalities and styles just not matching. It’s about how you can be in a situation where you’re working with someone and just still not get along great.

Of course we know from the preview that things are going to change to at least some extent at the end of the episode, but for now this section? Is about how being colleagues doesn’t automatically mean you’re going to be friends with a person.

Piano with multicoloured sheet music! (Fair spoiler warning: this show will have a fair number of gratuitous piano shots. <3) Also I’d like to take a moment to note that Zoicite is all in white. In the Dark Kingdom. There is absolutely no way in which this is ever going to become important.

Actually, there might genuinely not be for Japanese viewers. I’m not well-versed enough in their colour associations to say, but for Western viewers there is definitely something to note there. This will make more sense as the show progresses and we get to see more of the Dark Kingdom, I promise.

And in case it wasn’t obvious yet, Beryl is clearly playing Nephrite and Jadeite’s interest in her love against each other. But I do like the way Jadeite asks Zoicite for help. That’s a dynamic we didn’t really see (for good, in-story reason) in the other versions. It’s a nice change because it helps nuance the Dark Kingdom further. PGSM has by far the most fleshed out version of the Dark Kingdom, for all that it bears little resemblance to the one from the other versions.

Usagi is actually doing her homework voluntarily. I’d forgotten that! And look sure she tries to meddle and sort out the trouble between Rei and Makoto in a way that’s not likely to work, but she did try.

And look! It’s Usagi’s little brother! Showing up for no other reason than to confirm that this is odd behaviour for Usagi and to give us a small mother-son moment. About Usagi, true, and to set up the comic relief moment in a bit, but it shows us something of their personalities all the same.

See? Obligatory Rei and Makoto bonding moment of becoming something other than two people who can’t really stand one another through learning about the other person. Although Makoto’s so far revealed little of herself to Rei. And they’re quite lucky to have ended up with a room service girl with a pony tail like Makoto.

And thus things are revealed! Potentially. Why is Zoicite showing up for this girl? (Who if you didn’t notice is Minako, idol extraordinaire.) Wasn’t he looking for Sailor V? Questions I would have been asking if I didn’t already know the answer.

Wait, weren’t Mars and Jupiter on opposite sides of Jadeite when they did their “We are stationary” special attacks? I do like that they’re discovering team work, though. Was Jadeite holding his knives when they grabbed his wrists? Timely disappearance is timely.

And lookit Rei and Makoto both trying to help Usagi win that Nakonako. They’re clearly still rubbing each other the wrong way somewhat because their views and ideas are different, but they’re definitely less antagonistic.

Also we actually get an answer why timely disappearance was timely! And I’m not going to complain about it! I mean, sure, it’s awfully convenient and all, but the show gives us an actual explanation at the end and Jadeite is clearly suffering from what happened. (Which is sad. PGSM!Jadeite is kind of sweet, like a little puppy.) So I’m okay with it the way that it is. It introduces us to something we’ll see more of in the coming episodes and it introduces us to Zoicite in more detail. Considering how important he’s going to be throughout the show, that’s a good thing. We also get to see some of his powers with music. Which never quite get explained, but oh well. Mystery can be good and this is one I personally quite like.

And next time we’ll have actual plot progression rather than friendships getting strengthened/created!