All Bundled Up: Beginning a Book Bundle Experiment

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In the interest of experimentation, let’s experiment with a book bundle!

I’ve tried to answer any and all questions I’m anticipating about the bundle and some that I’m not really anticipating but thought worth answering anyway. We’ll see how this book bundle experiment goes, but I’m excited about it! I think it’s really good value for money (but then I would; I wrote the books and compiled the bundle). ^_^

Introducing Lynnet’s Discount Bundle…

(Below the cut because it’s a big picture.)

Lynnet's Discount Book Bundle: Includes A Promise Broken, The Passage of Pearl, Courage Is the Price, Feather by Feather and Other Stories, and Tales of the Little Engine.

What Is Lynnet’s Discount Bundle?

Lynnet’s Discount Bundle collects all the stories I’ve published to date at a 52% discount if you were to buy the lot separately. That’s $9.99 for five ebooks. Put differently, that’s both of the most of expensive books in the bundle totally free of charge! Buy three, get two free and other such marketing slogans! Another way to put it: that’s approximately 242,000 words for the price of a single traditionally published paperback. (The average SFF novel, last I checked, was between 100,000 – 115,000 words. You’re getting twice that!)

If you’d like to pay more than the bundle price, though, you’ve got that option as well. Just change the cost to the amount you’d like to pay and hit ‘purchase’. ^_^ (And thank you! That’s incredibly sweet!)

The bundle consists of separate DRM-free epub and mobi files for all stories. It also includes the webserial version of A Promise Broken and the sampler version of Feather by Feather and Other Stories as additional extras. Gift them to as many friends as you’d like. I hope they’ll enjoy them! (If you’re keeping word count score, that puts the total at 344,000 words, but the only thing you’re getting new is the introductions.)

Included in the Book Bundle Are

  • A Promise Broken. Fantasy of manners with a child-protagonist and a queer-friendly society. Approx. 71,000 words. (Also includes the webserial version.)
  • The Passage of Pearl. New Adult fantasy college novelette about a people-eating book. Approx 21,000 words.
  • Courage Is the Price. YA science fantasy with queer protagonists. All about friendship between women. Approx. 36,000 words.
  • Feather by Feather and Other Stories. A collection of short stories and poetry in a variety of genres. Approx 90,000 words.  (Also includes the sampler version.)
  • Tales of the Little Engine. A collection of children’s stories about a couple of little engines making a big impact. Approx. 24,000 words.

Don’t you already offer two of these books as a tipjar perk?

Yes. With the tipjar bundle, I’m offering the much shorter sampler version of Feather by Feather and Other Stories and the original webserial version of A Promise Broken as a way of saying ‘thank you’. If you want to tip me a fair bit, I really recommend buying this bundle because it’ll be a lot better value.

But there’s no unifying theme to this bundle!

Sure, there is. The theme is “I wrote it (and published it)”. ^_^ Remember that offering this bundle me is experimenting with what works for me. If I like it (and/or it works remarkably well), I’d really like to do themed bundles when I have more works available and bundling things makes a bit more sense in that context.

Themes I could do include “All the stories I wrote in the Promises-verse” (disclaimer: I will probably do this regardless once the books are available) or “All the short story collections I’ve written” or, I don’t know, “Mermaid extravaganza!” if I end up writing a lot of mermaids. Themes are only as endless as my ability to combine things. For now, with as of yet only five books published, I’m going with “All the things I published” so I can actually make a bundle of books.

Why a 52% discount? Why not a 50% discount?

The truthful answer? Because I have no idea what I’m doing and I like round numbers. 50% didn’t get me a round number.

The not-entirely-truthful answer? Book bundle promotions are a thing. Go ahead, throw ‘book bundle’ into Amazon and see what I mean. They’re usually series or parts of series or bundles of first-book-in-a-series and from what I’ve been able to tell tend to be a whole lot of erotica, not a mishmash of speculative fiction genres.

The bundles don’t all have the same number of books in them either. Some contain three books, some two, some 24 (that are actually short stories given the page count), some four, some five. And they aren’t priced consistently. Some offer a deal where you get ‘X for the price of 1!’. Others offer a relatively small discount. Yet others offer it at $0.99 or for free.

Allowing for the fact that I’m absolutely terrible with numbers, there is no standard for selling a book bundle that I’ve discovered. It depends on the amount of books, the length of those books, the genre, the kind of combination (whether first-in-series or next-three-in-series, etc), the author’s whim… So, I’m just experimenting as I go along and I’d rather discover I’m undercharging and shift the prices up until I find the ideal price point than overcharging and have to shift them down a lot.

$9.99 is about the lowest I’m able and willing to go to try this whole bundling thing out when considering that I’m also trying to earn (part of) a living off selling my books. I’m really sorry, but I don’t sell nearly enough books to be able to afford making it supercheap.

It’s a happy coincidence that discounting the books by around 50% lands me right in the general cost of a single traditionally published book.

I already bought more than one of the books. Can I get that purchase deducted from the bundle price as well?

Sorry, no. I love getting my work out to people, but I also need to eat and be realistic.

If you’ve effectively bought two copies of the same book, why not consider giving your ‘spare’ copy of the files to a friend? They’re DRM-free, so that’s entirely possible. Introduce a friend to a new author, help me out by letting people know my work exists. Those things mean the world to authors, especially us small ones just starting out.

Also note that if you buy the books on Payhip, you can get a 25% discount on individual titles for spreading the word of their existence through social media. (Courage Is the Price is currently sold at a promotional discount, so I haven’t added the social discount for it yet.)

Will you add more books to the bundle?

Only if I’m releasing them for free elsewhere, sorry. Future books will undoubtedly make their way into other bundles if I decide to make other bundles as well, though.

I’m contemplating adding a small chapbook of poetry to the tipjar bundle and this one as an additional perk. Have something never-before-seen available as a perk. The chapbook is mostly finished at around 2,500 words, but Anxiety Brain kicked in because I have no confidence in my poetry skills. There are a couple of promising prose poetry pieces that would go nicely with the chapbook content, so I’m letting my brain mull over how much work they need at the moment. (The last time I reworked a short story it decided it wanted to be a novella, so I’m a little wary of adding more to my plate.)

I’ve got a question you didn’t answer!

Let me know and I’ll do my best to answer it! ^_^

I hope I covered all bases, however, and I hope you’ll all get as excited about the bundle as I am.