Feather by Feather Discount Promotion Results

Posted July 18, 2015 by Lynn E. O'Connacht in Miscellaneous / 0 Comments

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Ages ago in internet terms, I promised to discuss the results of lowering the price of Feather by Feather and Other Stories from $5.99 to $2.99.

It’s been a big busy and hectic since then, so I hadn’t really been able to sit down and write about it. Given that I actually have very little to say (and probably analyse), that tells you more about where my head’s been than anything else.

The really, really short version, then: It made almost no difference whatsoever.

To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting it to suddenly soar. I’m absolutely terrible at active marketing (you may have noticed) and I spent most of the months the book was on sale working on getting a completely different story published. So even if I were good at marketing, my energy would have been elsewhere.

Protip: don’t do a promotion if you’re not going to advertise it.

Yes, I know that that’s common sense, but here you go. Have concrete proof that this doesn’t work if you don’t already have a fair amount of internet presence (or better yet a fanbase who’ll squee over the reduced pricing). ^_^

Don’t be like me, people!

That said, I’m not unhappy about the promotion either. Right now, what I want to get out of the process more than anything is education and experimentation. What works for me, what doesn’t, that sort of thing. In that sense, the promotion was a huge success even if most of what it did was point out the obvious:

  1. Promotions need to be occasionally promoted
  2. I really need to work on my active marketing skills (N.B. this involves working on my anxiety issues, so it’s not as clear-cut as it sounds)

It may sound silly that I’m happy to have information that I already knew, but sometimes it really helps to have concrete proof to build up that information. It also allows me to set up a baseline from which I can tell whether I’ve actually improved or whether I’m stagnating.

Another thing it taught me is that I like price reduction promotions, even if I’m (still) rubbish at promoting myself. Again, that may seem like a small and silly thing to most people, but if you’re just starting out and not making a lot of sales yet it’s entirely possible that you view reduced pricing as a bad thing. I didn’t, but I was scared that running a promotion and not getting Instant Fame from it would sour me on the whole thing.

Protip: Don’t let it sour you. Writing is a long-term game. Unless you’re really really lucky it’s going to take quite a while to start building up momentum.

It’s a good idea to try and get the educational process under way whilst you still have (relatively) little work available. The habits you set now will make things either easier or harder in the long run. Might as well start building up good ones from the beginning! ^_^

And… I think that’s it for my thinky thoughts. Apologies if they’re not very coherent still!