Film Talk: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon, Act 10

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Pretty Guardian Sailormoon: Act 10 (PGSM 10)Welcome back! To recap PGSM up to this point: We’ve met all four senshi, decided that Sailor V must be the princess because of the crescent on her forehead, decided that Tuxedo Mask is the enemy because he’s a thief (because saving them from youma totally does not count for anything), met Jadeite, and generally haven’t made much more progress than Usagi getting a vague idea of why Tuxedo Mask wants the ginzuishou.

Moving on!

Usagi throws a tantrum that she’s apparently thrown before. Yet before the opening credits rolled, we saw Rei having a flashback and something about the story of Kaguya-hime. I wonder if the two are related! (Of course they are.) We also know that Rei’s mother died from a few episodes ago, so that sets up a potential clash between the two, but in the same episode we learned that Rei and her father are estranged and she doesn’t like him at all. So that sets up a good point of contact for them both.

Where’s Motoki? I like him. Shoooooooooooooooow? Where’s Motoki? Ah, there’s Motoki. And at least Mamoru isn’t saying anything yet. Wait, is that a good thing?

And, oh, Usagi. Sneaky girl. Going to check Naru, Ami and Makoto for running away help because you know they’ll be nice to you and wanting to avoid Rei because she won’t. And having to anyway because the alternative is to go home.

This episode we also see something that we haven’t seen before and which was a prominent feature of Rei’s introduction in the other version: her ability to get along with small children.

And I like the nuance that shows in having Rei’s first reaction be to understand why Usagi ran away. It makes sense, of course, with Rei’s own relation to her father being as close to non-existent as it is.

Fooooooooooreshadooooooowiiiiiiiiiing. So much foreshadowing in that scene between Usagi and Rei. But look after a whole episode of Bechdel fail, so far we’ve had practically nothing but a pass, except for the recap.

Oh, that is sad, Rei. T_T Although I admit I’ve never seen the legend associated with the dead before. I haven’t read many versions, though. Maybe it’s more common and I don’t know because the versions I do know were all aimed at small children. But there’s food for thought for you all the same.

I think that Requiem might have been a liiiiiiiiittle overkill, Zoicite. You’re catching everything with the title of princess. That’s not very precise. And surely being the Dark Kingdom with more memories of the past you have enough information to narrow it down… It’s a neat idea, though.

SPOILER: I also like the way the discussion about why Erika is affected foreshadows why Usagi is not.

As a note, though, did you notice that Mars’ heels are a lot lower in this costume than they are in the manga or the animes? Because they are. She’s wearing almost sensible shoes to fight in.

Hey, you know it took us 10 episodes, but we finally get to see Usagi use some restorative powers for a change! Remember how that was one of the things I was specifically rewatching the show for? Because in Classic (and if I remember in Crystal) she does the healing/restorative power trick in episode one. Because it’s important and a recurring theme (especially in Classic). Here? Did we even know Usagi could do this before now? I don’t think so. It’ll be interesting to see how much this power is used.

THANK YOU, BERYL! Finally someone tells the senshi what’s going on. That should have come from you, Luna. (No, I don’t like this Luna. Can we have Crystal!Luna back now?) Also, Beryl, if you were a little less evil and a little more practically reasonable, you’d take these girls who have no clue what you’re on about and tell them what the princess did the last time. Granted, that’s information we don’t have at this point. Well, we shouldn’t, but it’s a rewatch, so I know. I get to be annoyed at Beryl not trying to reason with the girls even if I won’t yet elaborate on why for the people who haven’t watched the show yet.

Oh, look at the show trying to throw us off with Mars at the end there. Look at it try. I like that. So far we’ve got three or four contenders for the Princess, although Usagi is the most subtle. We’ve got Sailor V, who’s the most obvious (and therefore, because narrative red herrings, clearly a decoy), we’ve got Minako, who’s the same as Sailor V (but perhaps not everyone has picked up on that yet, so we’ve got the reminder here with the transition),we’ve got Mars (linked to the Moon Princess quite firmly in this episode) and we’ve got Usagi (with the whole being named “Rabbit of the Moon” and being protagonist and the one with healing powers and the senshi of the moon and some other assorted little scenes such as her bursting into tears here). I like that. None of the other shows quite managed a triangle like that.

The show’s got… something like 40 episodes to go, Zoicite. Sadly there is no climax for a while yet. There are, however, changes afoot. Also do you think any fans of Minako and Sailor V will have noticed a connection between their disappearances coinciding with when Minako is away?

Also, goodbye, triangle. You were nice while you lasted. All however long it took me to write that and about a minute. *sulks* But I like my triangle. It’s more fun.

So it seems I’ll be leaving this week’s discussion in a sulk over narrative differences. But look next time promises more plot progression and we’ve just had some nice backstory exposition! We’ve also seen more of Usagi’s thoughtlessness and belated realitisation of that fact. She doesn’t apologise to Rei in the show, but we know she’s definitely affected by what she did and feels bad.

I still prefer my Princess triangle. (And don’t worry. The Ami/Usagi femslash will return eventually, I promise.) Until next time!