Film Talk: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon, Act 9

Posted July 14, 2015 by Lynn E. O'Connacht in Film & TV, Not-A-Review / 0 Comments


Pretty Guardian Sailormoon: Act 9 (PGSM 9)Luna is a circle apparently. Okay. I was expecting a cat-shape.

Anyway! Last time, Rei and Makoto became sort-of friends, Jadeite attacked Sailormoon directly (and as far as I know never uses that he’s seen Usagi in civilian form ever again), and Usagi studied hard to join a competition and pass a test both on the same day. She doesn’t win. Also, we get to meet Zoicite rather than just glimpse him.

Mother-daughter relationship! And I can’t remember. Did Mamoru actually steal any jewellery in any of the other shows or the manga? I know he burgled to look at them, but did he actually steal them? And what does he do with them if they’re not the ginzuishou? Does he give them back?

And beyond that we seem to have a Tuxedo Mask centric episode on our hands. It’s about time, really. We haven’t yet learned a whole lot about him. Awwww. Motoki still doesn’t have his handkerchief back. T_T

Beryl, you are seriously damaging your “I am not a merciful queen” cred here. Look how gentle she is with Jadeite. That is not the behaviour of an unmerciful queen. I’m sorry, it’s just not.

And I seem to have very little to say. But I suspect it’ll get boring if I go “Look! Shiny things!” all the time. So, instead, I shall simply note that this is an episode that seems to be low on the Bechdel pass. It’s been almost exclusively boys in the discussion, after all. We’ve had episodes similar to that, notably when Makoto was introduced, but think this is the worst of them so far for that.

That guy is not very attentive to detail, is he? Neither is Tuxedo Mask, mind, and hey look. Professor Aoi may not be who he claims to be. Colour me surprised. No, I really have little to say about this episode, it seems. Apologies about that! I’ve got about ten minutes to do, though, so maybe that’ll change.

I think Makoto is the only person in this episode who’s paying any attention to anything. And Aoi. I think he’s paying attention to things too. Oh, and Usagi. I have to give her credit because she totally did spot Tuxedo Mask hiding and save him and all. Speaking of, Usagi saved him. That’s a role reversel we haven’t had yet and, okay, it’s not quite the same as taking a magical attack for a person, but it’s a rescue and where there is one rescue there might be more, right? It’s a start to make them slightly more equal in the rescue department if nothing else.

Aoi isn’t actually a youma. I am not surprised and yet I still didn’t see that coming. I like it, though. It’s a nice change from all the monster-of-the-day episodes. Which we actually haven’t had all that many of yet. I mean, yes, most all of them do have monsters of the day, but the episodes themselves have such a wide focus that the monsters take up very little screentime and none of them have yet felt to be there only to be filler and padding yet.

Okay, I did not see that coming either. Fake!Tuxedo mask is super-creepy! Also why was she supposed to transform? Couldn’t she just use her phone to turn back into her old clothes? Does she have magical jumping powers when she’s transformed? HOW DID HER DISAPPEARANCE WORK?!

And that was less plot progression than I thought we were going to make, although we can see that PGSM has kept the “Make the whole of Tokyo search for the ginzuishou” bit intact. The next episode promises Yet More Plot Progression, so we’ll see how that goes, won’t we?

See you next time! ^_^