Film Talk: Sailor Moon Crystal, Episode 25

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Sailor Moon Crystal: Act 25, Showdown, Death PhantomPlot Recap: We have discovered that Black Lady is actually Chibi-Usa, Prince Demande has captured both ginzuishou and Sailor Pluto is coming to the rescue. Also Black Lady still has a romantic interest in Mamoru and this show is just not succeeding at making that come across as icky as it really should.

But before we go onwards, lookit! I added small title screen images to each post, so people can see at a glance what episode we’re on! (Yes, I know two episodes from the end is ridiculously late, but better late than never?) Also, image pretties! And I made a landing page for all the episodes so far. You can see that one right here.

Episode 25: Showdown – Death Phantom

You know, it’s a good thing Pluto is the senshi of time or that really would have been it. Kudos to the show for ending it on a massive cliffhanger and not giving us a long recap. I wasn’t expecting one, mind you, but still. I appreciate the fast pacing there.

Oh, a flashback! I get why you’d tell a child not to stop time (like, ever), but seriously Queen Serenity, do you think you could maybe have remembered you’re talking to a child and not an adult when you were telling her about all these taboos and assigning her the life of a lonely soldier forever? I DO NOT KNOW WHY SAILOR PLUTO DOES NOT HATE YOUR GUTS BY THIS TIME. (If you have fanfic exploring this, please leave links. I am very curious about how that would look.)

Oh, yes, of course the flashback stops before we learn what the penalty for stopping time is. (If time is stopped, how would Serenity even know? And if she’s about to die from it, why not just let the audience know that it’s a thing inherent in the power instead of suggesting that Serenity would be very upset about it and take drastic measures to ensure it won’t happen again.

Seriously, I liked Queen Serenity well enough in the first arc/season/whatever, but the more I see of her in this arc, the more I’m going “I CAN SEE WHY HER DAUGHTER KEPT SNEAKING OFF TO EARTH” at it. This is kind of not how I want to react to a queen who is supposed to have brought peace and prosperity to the Milky Way for ages upon ages. (Also what happened to her husband? We never hear anything about her husband.)

I would ask why King Endymion isn’t frozen, but presumably being a projected hologram somehow makes you immune or maybe Pluto has sneakily been practicing her time-freezing skills and can unfreeze specific people, such as the king she has a crush on. (Personally, I’d unfreeze all the senshi and get them the medical aid they need to be in fighting condition again, but that might be just me.)

See, like that. I guess that means we’re going with “Magical holograms are somehow immune to time-stop” because Plot Requires someone to be amazed at what just happened. Which could as easily have been Pluto herself since she’s been told never to do this and every thing we’ve seen suggests that she’s the person who would have taken that order and not broken it. Oh well, King Endymion it is then.

Please tell me that Luna and Artemis were equally unfrozen by the shiny sparkles and not that they were immune too. Visuals are unclear to me on that front. (Also, something I didn’t consider last time, but how are future!Luna and future!Artemis going to feel about their daughter taking over Pluto’s duties like she has? (Presumably Plot will happen because that would also deprive Chibi-Usa of her cat advisor, but you know. Just as a hypothetical question.)

If the air is entirely frozen, how are you breathing it or moving around in it? It can’t move. Although it’s air, so I suppose physical motion is stronger than magical time-stopping in terms of what’s possible. I WAS NEVER GOOD AT PHYSICS.

For a period in which time has stopped, there sure are a lot of people moving around. Show, I don’t think you and I are using the same definition of ‘frozen’.

SHE STOPPED TIME BECAUSE IT WAS THE ONLY EFFING THING THAT WOULD SAVE YOUR WORLD, KING ENDYMION. And all you can yell is how reckless she was being? Try “She knew this was going to kill her and did it anyway to save the world as you know it“. Reckless, maybe, but you all were kind of out of other options at that point. Reckless beats nothing when the entire world is at stake. (I mean, maybe not in other situations, but in this one?)

Dramatic reveal of Pluto’s destruction is dramatic!

Poor Pluto. I want a third season just so we can all see Pluto’s wish come through on-screen.

Why is Pluto coughing, though?

Is Pluto’s death going to make Chibi-Usa revert back to her old self? Oh, please make her friendship with Pluto be the thing that restores her rather than ginzuishou, show. I liked that in Classic, but you’re setting it up to show one of the things losing friendship in some way has the power to do if a person is already open to change.

Awwww, flashbacks to show their friendship. I love these flashbacks. And, though Pluto is definitely right, I kind of thing that this doesn’t really count where motherly love is concerned. Chibi-Usa’s a child. She needs affection and attention, not being loved from afar.

YES! YES THE SHOW DID THAT. IT RESTORED CHIBI-USA TO HER FORMER SELF AND THE GINZUISHOU OF THE FUTURE IS IN HER HANDS. OMG! I won’t say I wasn’t expecting it, but I was dreading they’d go another way anyway.


I mean, I recalled it vaguely from the manga and there’s her theme on the soundtrack, BUT STILL. OMG!

Look how shocked she is. T_T

Oh. Oh. Oh. And of course even with her mother stuck in eternal sleep, she doesn’t understand death at all. Because she’s, what, like six mentality-wise? And the longetivity on earth means she’s probably never experienced any kind of death before. This scene people. It is going to break my heart, isn’t it?

Yes, yes, it is. And look Usagi has had enough now. (Seriously, if you’re a villain in the Sailormoon-verse, do not mess with Usagi’s friends and/or family.)


Awwww, Chibi-Usa didn’t get to do anything this episode. I do like the way she’s seeing what senshi do and really getting it for the first time, though. If we go with the theory that Chibi-Usa won’t grow up anything until she’s learned the same life lessons that Usagi’s already learned about being a senshi, then we’ve just seen her take the first few steps.

Suddenly Venus has her hands separate when before she was holding her wrist with one hand. I guess she moved it in the bright flash? I am so far underwhelmed by this epic finale, however. Show you’ve got about six minutes to go. Impress me.

Purple beam of doom will do nicely, thank you, show. I like the fact that it was entirely quiet the moments before so the sound effects of the beam are more startling because “Suddenly lots of noise”.

Hey, Demande is doing something nice! That’s not going to last very long, is it. Nope. No, that lasted about as long as it took him to open his mouth. Too bad. I kind of liked the idea that everything that had happened so far had been a giant cluebat for him. That would’ve made him one of the most complex and human characters on the show because of the way he learns and not-learns things and been a neat twist. But no nope. We’re going for the Once a Villain Always A Villain. Which I’ll grant is more Demande than the twist I was hoping for, but still.

Usagi, you remember that that is the guy who forcibly kissed you, tortured your friends and just told Wiseman that he was planning on killing you, right? Why are you shouting his name like he’s a good friend getting hurt in front of you?

If you can crush them so easily, Wiseman, why don’t you just crush them? You want them dead. Stop giving them time and chances to come up with a way and the strength to defeat you. I disbelieve that you have the power to destroy the senshi with just a touch.

Didn’t we already know all this about Wiseman? I mean, apart from the fact that his real name is apparently Death Phantom? I initially put that in my plot recap.

Aaaand it looks like the last episode will be another half-hour-long battle against the Final Boss (Form). Crystal made that work the last time, so hopefully they’ll succeed this time as well! I wish these episodes came out sooner. I hate cliffhangers.

I find it ironic that this next episode of Crystal is supposed to be our last and yet it is titled “Never-ending”. But there we go. One more episode and we are at the end of the show! Eep! See you all next time!