Film Talk: Sailor Moon Crystal, Episode 26

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Sailor Moon Crystal: Act 26, Replay, Never-endingPlot Recap: Chibi-Usa has awoken as a senshi! Pluto did a thing that was going to kill her (and she died). Demande did something that for a few moments might actually have been described as redemptive and good and then ruined it and the senshi finally discover what it is they’re actually facing is Death Phantom, an entire planet’s worth of evil energy.

And now for the dramatic conclusion to the Black Moon arc and potentially the last episode of Sailor Moon Crystal ever. (Nooooooooo!)

Also, remember. I’ve read the manga, but I don’t actually remember much of the plot outside of the first season. This finale is basically brand-new material to me. Expect all-caps. Lots and lots of all-caps.

Episode 26: Replay ~ Never-ending

No! Sailor Moon isn’t allowed to disappear like that! She’s the protagonist! Also this is the first minute of the episode. I WANT MY EPIC BATTLE, SHOW. T_T

Yay for entirely new powers that don’t get any explanation whatsoever! (To be fair, that is a totally acceptable way of storytelling and it can work really well. I actually don’t have a problem with Crystal doing it here. At least it’s been leading up to “Hey, Mamoru, you also have magical powers” in at least one previous episode. I’m just in a grumpy mood.)


Random: I have a love-hate relatonship with heels. I kind of adore those shoes and loathe them and want them in slipper-form without the heel. Or at least a much lower one so that it’s more practical.

Awwwwww, a kiss to wave him up. Wait, how is she going to wake the senshi and her cat advisors in that case? And why, oh why, is the space-time continuum not collapsing around everyone like King Endymion warned them all it would if past and future selves were too near? And when did Usagi’s hair go white?

FAMILY REUNION. Okay, no it’s more like mother/daughter reunion. TEARS I HAVE TEARS.

Uh, Neo-Queen Serenity? I like that we’re getting a sense of how you’ll behave in future and I appreciate that you’re trying to offer Chibi-Usa some reassurance here, but I really don’t think that’s the best thing to tell her right now. It’s certainly not what I’d be telling her.

Wait, wait, wait. In Crystal Chibi-Usa is going to work with Neo-Queen Serenity to fix everything instead of with past!life Usagi? I am both excited about this change and a little sad. Oh, no we’re talking future threats. I do like Chibi-Usa and Neo-Queen Serenity having a conversation. I’m not sure how many they tend to have. And poor Chibi-Usa, being all filled up with all the emotions and crying because of the feels. SO MANY FEELS. <3

No! No, you don’t bury Pluto in the Crystal Palace, Neo-Queen Serenity. You give her her dying wish of having a life. THAT WOMAN SAVED YOUR DAUGHTER, surely you can find a way to make it happen. I means yes okay yay sadness and drama and everything, but give us something to be happy about. T_T

Oooh, explanations! Aaaaand she’s just about to ask her six-year-old-for-the-past-900-years daughter to fight because she can’t anymore, isn’t she? Yep. Well, okay, she’s asking her to look for Sailor Moon, not fight, but that’s going to amount to the same thing.

EPIC MUSIC IS EPIC. <3 Also, Yay Chibi-Usa gets the same item as Sailor Moon to fight with this time.

Wait, are we going to side-line the senshi for this battle? I will be miffed. They’ve been side-lined pretty much all season/arc and their friendship is such a strong theme and such a powerful draw. I would like that friendship to actually be present on-screen in the finale.

THANK YOU, VENUS. NO, DON’T DO THAT HEADSHAKE. I WANT A GOOD EXPLANATION, SHOW. No, waiting for them is not a good idea, Neo-Queen Serenity. You sent off your daughter — your daughter!!! — to fight a planet along with one (well, two) other people and you’re leaving behind four others would have have lent their strength to this fight. WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT?!

Awwww, Usagi was unconscious and is now conscious again. And Mamoru is holding her protectively and answering her questions sensibly and sorry I recently did a marathon sprint on Pretty Guardian Sailormoon and I may have all-capsed a lot about its Mamoru.

No, Death Phantom, no, it really won’t be.

Usagi, how did you jump from “I will envelop the galaxy” to “Usagi should not exist because it means people will wage war”? I’m pretty sure this would make more sense if I’d been watching these episodes relatively consecutively instead of every two weeks, but even if I’d watched them directly one after the other YOU WERE UNCONSCIOUS and in no shape to jump back to a previous thought like you’re doing.

Also, did we just step away from the girls saving themselves (and the guys) theme of the show to go “Without a man at my side, I cannot release my full potential”? Really? I mean, yay, romance and I think Mamoru is actually being mostly kind of sweet (apart from the whole “I was born to be your support” thing) and I like the fact that it’s still Usagi getting to do all the hard work instead of seeing her side-lined but WHAT HAPPENED TO THE GIRL POWER?

BUWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA. And then we think Epic Romance Power Blast to wreck Wiseman, sorry, Death Phantom and it’s Chibi-Usa interrupting them instead. Well, at least I was expecting an Epic Romance Power Blast (that failed) and then for Chibi-Usa to show up.


Wait, Usagi. Didn’t we establish ages ago that two ginzuishou together couldn’t work? No, wait that was “The past ginzuishou doesn’t work in the future, except through the power of Usagi’s immense love for the world (and Mamoru) it suddenly does”, wasn’t it?

Note to self: do not drink anything during epic Sailor Moon battles scene you don’t know because you might just splutter at something and almost a) drop the cup on your laptop, b) splurt liquid at the screen. And it was just an “OMG I AM FILLED WITH FEELS AT THE VISUAL COOPERATION BETWEEN USAGI AND CHIBI-USA” moment. Not like Chibi-Usa interrupting heartfelt revelations made in privacy or something negative.

KABOOM. Wait, we still have half an episode to go. What’s going to happen next?

Oh. Oh, that’s going to happen next. I don’t want to watch on if things are breaking into pieces from over-use of power.

Neo-Queen Serenity got her rod back. But one of them is still destroyed and where are Mamoru and Chibi-Usa and Usagi and yay everyone in Crystal Tokyo is being restored and getting revived, but still. *bites nails*

Oh, no. No, everyone is squealing over what Usagi did before Usagi is on screen. THIS IS NOT GOING TO END WELL. This is set-up for a dramatically impactful But. Build up viewers’ hopes and then dash them to bits.

Wait, how does this give the senshi new powers and hey the show isn’t immediately wrecking their hopes and joy.

Neo-Queen Serenity, as far as we know, getting pulled into the future also wasn’t part of history until the Black Moon made it so. I’m not sure why you’re quibbling about meeting your past self now. Unless you and Endymion were lying in an attempt not to derail history by influencing it unduly.

Hey, she’s giving herself a new compact. I’m still not entirely sure how this is going to be working in the past, but okay. Time-space continuum. Roll with it. And it is averting my dramatically impactful But. I am kind of sad about that. THINK OF THE DRAMA YOU COULD HAVE HAD, CRYSTAL.

Well, Chibi-Usa is certainly feeling a whole lot better. Yay! She’s been so sad all season.

Ooooh, I like that little tiny note that Neo-Queen Serenity is still Usagi and how it’s not entirely clear who it is that’s saying those things. I will even forgive the show it’s use of frames to separate the two visually.

Everyone gets to meet everyone and the future is not falling apart at the seams! And oh oh those lines are just cruel if you think about the fact that, as far as I know, no renewal has been announced and we’re not going to get some of those future things.

OMG! Chibi-Usa and Usagi teasing each other, but actually getting along and without the antagonistic feels that I always got from Classic.

Awww and Usagi struggling with her feelings about Chibi-Usa leaving. (Why is Chibi-Usa still there anyway?) And Chibi-Usa going up to Usagi’s room and and and.


Oh, I forgot that! Or, well, I tried to do my best to forget that. But Chibi-Usa showing up at the finale fight against Death Phantom and interrupting a romantic moment ends up being a paralel to what happened here, didn’t it?

NEO-QUEEN SERENITY, YOU HAD BETTER SEND THAT CHILD BACK. Even when she’s jealous as heck and still needs to learn more about not being quite so selfish, Usagi is better at raising the girl than you are and Mamoru is certainly better at it.

WHY did you like Usagi best, Chibi-Usa? You both did nothing but argue. I hate you, Crystal. I hate that you keep throwing out these tiny little lines that I absolutely love and adore and look upon going “But I wanted you to back it up”. I could have loved them SO MUCH MORE if you’d done that, Crystal.

Practical Mamoru is practical. I like this Mamoru. He respects Usagi’s feelings. (UNLIKE SOME VERSIONS. NO, I AM NOT GOING TO LET THAT GO.)

Rewind. Let me rewind. So we have Chibi-Usa waving goodbye and get a general look at the senshi’s lives post-battle, yes? And we see Rei with that girl from her school and then we see Makoto with that guy she liked and Luna and Artemis all curled up together and Ami and Minako going to say ‘hi’ to Motoki? I’m getting an “We are showing various kinds of romance for the senshi” vibe.

OH, GOD NOT AGAIN. PLEASE TELL ME YOU DID NOT JUST HAVE CHIBI-USA CRASH THEIR KISS AGAIN. IT WAS ICKY ENOUGH THE FIRST TIME. I know it makes a nice narrative framework around the whole show and it’s all circular and stuff, but you know what would’ve been really helpful and a really neat way to show that the characters have all grown, show? If you’d changed that bit. I mean, by all means, have her crashing into the two of them, but do away with the kissing.


They changed the ending French note. I am not sure whether I should be excited about this or just depressed. Because there’s no reason to assume it really means that they’re making another season. It could just have been something they did anticipating another season and then not changing it. I hope it means we’ll get to see the rest of the manga adapted, of course.

But that’s it. This was the show’s finale. At least for the time being. I’ll be back for season 3 (or 2, depending on how you count) if they make another season, but for now that’s it.

Next time, some general thoughts on the overall show and after that we’re switching to Pretty Guardian Sailormoon episodes updated weekly.