Full Fathom Five Readalong Week 2

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Full Fathom Five Readalong
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Just to remind everyone of the schedule, here it is!

Week 1: July 20 Ch 1-13  – hosted by Allie from Tethyan Books
Week 2: July 27 Ch 14-32 – hosted by me
Week 3: August 3 Ch 33-50 – hosted by Heather from The Bastard Title
Week 4: August 10 Ch 50-62 – hosted by Lisa from Over the Effing Rainbow

(Remember, if you’d like to take part or even just follow along as we read, you can sign up and/or keep track of the proceedings at our Goodreads group page. ^_^)

This post (and indeed this book) contains mild spoilers for Three Parts Dead, Two Serpents Rise and lots of spoilers for the first quarter of Full Fathom Five.

This week, I’m hosting the questions and… I’m afraid I have a confession to make. I had a really bad brainweekend and I may have read the second half of the book already! *hangs head* I’m really sorry about that!

Don’t worry, though! I tackled this week’s questions before reading the rest, so there are no spoilers for the book in this week’s comments and I promise that I won’t spoil anything for anyone in next week’s questions either. Again, I’m sorry about that, but I did want to be honest about it.

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My answers below the cut!

1) So Margot too is hoping that Izza can lead him to the Blue Lady. What do you make of his vision? Especially in relation to the nightmares that Kai is having. Do you think they’re related?

I wouldn’t be surprised if they are. The way I read the text it seemed like Kai didn’t have nightmares like these before she jumped in to try and save Seven Alpha, so maybe Seven Alpha is giving her the nightmares somehow? Maybe they’re part of the contract that she almost got to sign with the idol.

I’m not entirely sure what to make of Margot’s vision itself, other than that it does suggest that Seven Alpha is far from as dead as Jace wants us to believe.


2) Teo! Did anyone expect to see Teo? What role do you think she’ll play in the rest of the story?

It may be obvious from the phrasing of this question that Teo’s appearance came entirely out of the blue for me. I’m so glad to see more of Teo! I really liked her in Two Serpents Rise, although she got a little side-lined in favour of being “Caleb’s lesbian friend who shows up when he needs her”, so I’m really hoping she’ll get a much larger role here, so that we get to see more of her.

It’ll also be interesting to see what the group is trying to do with the idols they want to maybe purchase.

3) Kai is worried that Mara has set her up. Do you think it likely?

Honestly? I don’t really think so. Or that, if Mara did it, she’s not the one making that call. Mara just seems too… sweet. This is going to sound harsher than I mean, probably, but you know that stereotype of girls that is all sweet and innocent and idealistic in that “would never hurt a fly” kind of way? That’s sort of the vibe I get from Mara. That setting Kai up is something that just wouldn’t even occur to her as a thing that she could do.

So… If Mara did set Kai up, I think someone put her up to it. I don’t know who, though. Well, presumably it’s the people who are at the heart of these events, but as of yet I wouldn’t dare venture a guess on anyone’s involvement. (Not even Ms. Kevarian.)

4) It seems everyone is having discussions of faith with one another. That’s not particularly surprising given the tenor of the books, I know, but still. How does what we’ve learned from Cat and Margot in these chapters affect your feelings on the idea of gods, Craft or Idols that Allie asked?

I’m not entirely sure. I think by now I’d personally want to stay far away from Craft, idols and gods alike. So far, much of what we’ve seen involves these magical powers actively hurting people in some way. There’s what the Craft turned the watch in Alt Coulomb into before the events of Three Parts Dead, there’s the sacrifices that were commonplace in Dresediel Lex, there’s the Penitents here…

5) We’re getting a better idea of what Penitence means for the people of Kavekana. What do you think of their idea of punishment now that you have a better idea of how it works?

Oh my god, that is horrifying. And it’s not like they save the Penitents for the worst offenders. No, you steal a loaf of bread because you’re hungry and, if you’re caught, BOOM into a Peninent you go. There’s absolutely no proportion to the punishment that I can see and so far we also haven’t seen any room for mercy either.

6) Kai has built up an idea of what’s going on, but what do you think happened? Did Margot really steal soul without realising it or is there something else going on?

I don’t think Margot stole it, exactly. Um… Let me try and explain it this way. Imagine that someone robbed a bank, somehow got away with it without dye packs and decided to give a random homeless person $100,000. The homeless person, not knowing this is stolen money, spends the money on improving their life. Does that make the homeless person a thief? They didn’t steal the money. For the sake of the argument, we’ll assume the thief is incredibly charismatic and didn’t give the homeless person any reason to doubt where the money was coming from.

That’s kind of the impression I got from Margot. That he’s guilty of using stolen goods when they came to him, but didn’t actually steal (or even set out to steal) them himself.

That leaves the question, though, of who gave him that soul in the first place. Was it something that Seven Alpha did? Did someone try to break into the pool and rob it of soul and thought (wrongly?) that Margot would be a good unwilling participant to the heist? (Oooooh, imagine the fun we could have if a Gentleman Bastards-like scheme was going on behind-the-scenes.)

I don’t know! Time will tell! I’m really excited about the second half of the book!