Missing Sea Foam and Silence Poem

Posted July 29, 2015 by Lynn E. O'Connacht in Miscellaneous / 0 Comments


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Because I am absolutely and entirely brilliant, I have managed to post the 21st poem in Sea Foam and Silence as the 20th and then failed to notice the issue for, uh, about a month. As I said, I am brilliant and clearly perfection personified. (Disclaimer: I’m neither brilliant nor perfection personified.)

I noticed today, though, so I’ve updated the serial accordingly. (That link will lead you straight to the missing poem, if you’d like to read it asap. Otherwise I’m over here discussing this for a little while longer before presenting you with a whole list of poems.)

I’ve renumbered the posts following part 20 (Chaos) and posted the missing poem on the Sunday between parts 19 and 21. If you’ve felt like the transition between part 19 and 20 made no sense, this is why.

I’ll have another reminder on Friday’s poem for you all, but for now I’d like to note that the posts and the ToC have been updated accordingly. It’s been a while since I’ve scheduled the posts, so I don’t remember how it happened or why it happened. Possibly I simply miscounted rather than pay attention to the poem titles, so hopefully it shouldn’t happen again.

I’m really, really, really sorry about this, everyone! I’ll do my best to ensure that I won’t forget about any other poems in the serial.

For now, if you want to read the poems in order from around where things went wrong, have the list, starting from part 19.

Oh my heart is sore
I will remember
A crisis
I will not get caught again
The seal
My first tall-crab
I can return