Month: July 2015

Film Talk: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon, Act 9

Posted July 14, 2015 by Lynn E. O'Connacht in Film & TV, Not-A-Review / 0 Comments


Pretty Guardian Sailormoon: Act 9 (PGSM 9)Luna is a circle apparently. Okay. I was expecting a cat-shape.

Anyway! Last time, Rei and Makoto became sort-of friends, Jadeite attacked Sailormoon directly (and as far as I know never uses that he’s seen Usagi in civilian form ever again), and Usagi studied hard to join a competition and pass a test both on the same day. She doesn’t win. Also, we get to meet Zoicite rather than just glimpse him.

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Summer Progress, Accountability

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Daily Life. The text 'Lynn's Living Life' underneath the cameo silhouette of a woman. Daily life updates.

Since the summer’s projects were so big and daunting to me, to the point where I’ve ditched my July reading goals in favour of “I would love to do this too” rather than “This is my goal this month”, I thought I’d also keep myself a bit accountable and periodically comment on my accomplishments and/or failures.

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Film Talk: Sailor Moon Crystal, Episode 25

Posted July 7, 2015 by Lynn E. O'Connacht in Film & TV, Miscellaneous, Not-A-Review / 0 Comments


Sailor Moon Crystal: Act 25, Showdown, Death PhantomPlot Recap: We have discovered that Black Lady is actually Chibi-Usa, Prince Demande has captured both ginzuishou and Sailor Pluto is coming to the rescue. Also Black Lady still has a romantic interest in Mamoru and this show is just not succeeding at making that come across as icky as it really should.

But before we go onwards, lookit! I added small title screen images to each post, so people can see at a glance what episode we’re on! (Yes, I know two episodes from the end is ridiculously late, but better late than never?) Also, image pretties! And I made a landing page for all the episodes so far. You can see that one right here.

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Book Release: Courage Is the Price (novella)

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Cover for Courage Is the Price. A nebulous shape floating through space in predominantly purple and pink hues.

Available Now: Amazon, Kobo

Other retailers coming soon.

My first foray into science fiction! Sort of. Courage Is the Price is a YA science fantasy novella with a dash of the paranormal (only not quite) and scads of adventure and excitement. Here let me give you the description:

Seventeen-year-old Rue doesn’t need any friends other than Ghost, her not-so-imaginary best friend. They’ve been inseparable for as long as Rue can remember and Rue shares everything with Ghost.

The day before Rue returns home from school for the long holiday, Ghost disappears. Ever-fretful Rue tries to tell herself it’s fine, but she knows something is horribly, terribly wrong. She’ll have to overcome her anxiety find her courage and push her boundaries further than she ever thought possible in order to save her best friend, and perhaps make some new ones as Rue finds herself drawn into the fringes of a secret battle for human survival.

Soft science fiction meets fantasy in this exciting novella-length adventure of daring and friendship.

It’s a story filled with women. There’s no romance! (Well, I lie. There’s a tiny hint of romance that gets mentioned in passing.) It is all about friendship and learning to be your own person and doing things even when you’re scared to do them. (And acknowledging that anxiety doesn’t just magically disappear once you do something scary once.) It’s a story about discovering strengths you never knew you had.

Mostly it’s a story about friendship between women, though, and how our friendships can bring out the best in us.

Also ghosts in space. IN SPACE. (I still can’t get over that one.) The science fiction elements are actually really light touches, more along the lines of Ann Leckie’s Imperial Radch books or the Women Destroy Science Fiction special by Lightspeed, so if you’re going into it expecting masses of science details or lots of space ships, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed. (I blame the space station.)

Courage Is the Price is a story I wrote for a friend and that took much longer than I’d thought it would. I’m really sorry it took so long! But I think the extra time it took was so very much worth it. Rue has GAD and I drew a lot on my own experiences with anxiety and panic attacks. That made the writing particularly slow because I kept having to take breaks to restore my own headspace. I am so, so happy to have finished it and be able to share it with you all.

It’s a thrilling, fast-paced read that I hope you’ll all be able to enjoy. ^_^

As a special release promo, it’s available from retailers at a reduced price until the end of July.

It’s also available from Payhip at a slightly more expensive cost to (hopefully) cover Paypal transaction and conversion fees. (European shoppers: remember that Payhip prices already include VAT.) I’m sorry about the inconvenience, but I hope you all understand!

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Livereact: Sailor Moon Crystal Season 1 & 2

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The logo for Sailor Moon Crystal as it appears in the anime. Big Japanese characters to spell the title and smaller English letters for the translation.

I’ve been a Sailor Moon fan since my early teens, when I was introduced to the original anime adaptation by a friend. I adored the show and was excited when I got a chance to explore the manga (albeit in translation because my Japanese never got good enough to read the originals T_T) and then when Sailor Moon Crystal was announced… Well, of course I was all over a remake more faithful to the original manga narrative.

I decided to record my reactions as I watched the episodes and here you’ll find the links to all my reaction posts. I hope you’ll enjoy the posts!

Most all of the first season was posts once a month with a reaction for each episode, but the second season has largely been commented on per-episode.

Titles cards 1 through 23 come from Sailor Moon Crystal Screenshots.

Sailor Moon Crystal: Act 1, Usagi, Sailor Moon      Sailor Moon Crystal: Act 2, Ami, Sailor Mercury

Sailor Moon Crystal: Act 3, Rei, Sailor Mars      Sailor Moon Crystal: Act 4, Masquerade, Dance Party

Sailor Moon Crystal: Act 5, Makoto, Sailor Jupiter      Sailor Moon Crystal: Act 6, Tuxedo Mask

Sailor Moon Crystal: Act, 7 Chiba Mamoru, Tuxedo Mask      Sailor Moon Crystal: Act 8, Minako, Sailor V

Sailor Moon Crystal: Act 9, Serenity, Princess      Sailor Moon Crystal: Act 10, Moon

Sailor Moon Crystal: Act 11, Reunion, Endymion      Sailor Moon Crystal: Act 12, Enemy, Queen Metalia

Sailor Moon Crystal: Act 13, Final Battle, Reincarnation      Sailor Moon Crystal: Act 14, Conclusion and Commencement, Petite Étrangère

Sailor Moon Crystal: Act 15, Infiltration, Sailor Mars      Sailor Moon Crystal: Act 16, Abduction, Sailor Mercury

Sailor Moon Crystal: Act 17, Secret, Sailor Jupiter      Sailor Moon Crystal: Act 18, Invasion, Sailor Venus

Sailor Moon Crystal: Act 19, Time Warp, Sailor Pluto      Sailor Moon Crystal: Act 20, Crystal Tokyo, King Endymion

Sailor Moon Crystal: Act 21, Complication, Nemesis      Sailor Moon Crystal: Act 22, Hidden Agenda, Nemesis

Sailor Moon Crystal: Act 23, Covert Maneuvres, Wiseman      Sailor Moon Crystal: Act 24, Attack, Black Lady

Sailor Moon Crystal: Act 25, Showdown, Death Phantom      Sailor Moon Crystal: Act 26, Replay, Never-ending