Summer Progress, Accountability

Posted July 11, 2015 by Lynn E. O'Connacht in Goals, Miscellaneous / 0 Comments


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Since the summer’s projects were so big and daunting to me, to the point where I’ve ditched my July reading goals in favour of “I would love to do this too” rather than “This is my goal this month”, I thought I’d also keep myself a bit accountable and periodically comment on my accomplishments and/or failures.

So far this month I have accomplished

  • Dayjob madness (DONE!)
  • Writing several poems for Sea Foam and Silence (but not as many as I would’ve liked)
  • Rewatched and commented on all remaining Pretty Guardian Sailormoon episodes (DONE!)
  • Getting Courage Is the Price ready for e-release (DONE! Remember, it’s on sale until the end of the month.)

Coordinating with my designer is steadily ongoing and I cannot wait, cannot wait, to share with you all. *SQUEAL* It is magic. MAGIC, I TELL YOU. *happy dance of joy. goes stare at mock-ups some more* MAGIC. I cannot get over how gorge the designs are.

Anything and everything paperback will remain on hold whilst we do the coordinating, though. It’s a step-by-step process, so when I wrote about my July list of things to do I didn’t really take that into account. But now you know. We are slowly and steadily as we can getting that closer to being done.

Meanwhile, working continues on my writing projects where I’m focusing and I’m trying to get some nonfiction read instead of what I’d originally planned to read. (Things I need to learn: keyword research.) Right now, Promises 2 and the Demi-Princess story are on hold to allow me to build the buffer for Sea Foam and Silence back up. (EPIC FAIL. >>) I’m aiming to spend a good chunk of my weekend writing poetry now that I’ve run out of PGSM episodes (and I’m running out of poems!) to comment on. I may take a small hiatus from commenting on a second show after Sailor Moon Crystal concludes just because it gives me more time and I can easily reschedule PGSM episodes into the slots. You’re all used to the Tuesdays being Sailormoon-heavy on my blog and as it stands the commentary would run for two years because of the biweekly schedule. Two years. Let that sink in a moment.

I’ve still got some time to think about it, so if you’ve got preferences or thoughts as well don’t hesitate to let me know! Maybe it’ll help me make my mind up. That would be good. Decisions are good.

Added to the pile of things to do are some offline errands and appointments that I really do need to deal with now that my brain will most likely let me.

Anyway, some statistics. At the start of my last and latest PGSM binge, I had got to about… Episode 38. I think I forgot to note down what I watched in June. Oops. *ahem* Moving on.

Episodes 38 through to 49 makes for 11 episodes of about 30 minutes each. (Actually, it’s about 24, but 30 hurts my brain less.) That makes for a total viewing time of aout 5.5 hours. Since commenting takes me, at minimum, another half hour, that’s more like 11 hours. Add in the special act and that’s closer to about 14 hours that I spent on the commentary posts this month alone.

So… All in all, I probably spent about 55 hours on the PGSM commentary run. (If you’re curious, that would mean that if spent 8 hours a day on them, it’d have taken me about a week to finish this project.) Wow, no wonder the past few days of bingewatching have me keeling over.

I think I’m going to skip on the really long series viewings unless I have a very good reason to tackle them. (Sorry, Sailor Moon Classic, but at 100 hours just to watch all the episodes, you may just have to wait until circumstances are more favourable.) Awww. I was thinking of doing Steven Universe too, but that’s also up to 49 episodes for the first season alone and I’d first have to catch up and then manage to stay caught up. We’ll see how it all goes. For now… Writing!