Film Talk: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon, Act 12

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Pretty Guardian Sailormoon: Act 12 (PGSM 12)Series Recap: We have discovered that the senshi are warriors from the Moon Kingdom, whose aim it is to protect the Moon Princess (who is still missing and presumed to be Sailor V alias Minako). We have discovered that their enemy is the Dark Kingdom ruled by Queen Beryl (who is oddly confused by the fact that Zoicite isn’t interested in winning her love) and they seek the ginzuishou, which at least one of them presumes to be with the princess. Usagi has now met Minako and we learn that Zoicite has mind-control magic through music. Which he does not proceed to use on any of the senshi’s family members for reasons unknown. And also a youma took over the body of Minako’s manager.

And that’s where we’re at, so without further ado. Below the cut lie spoilers! Beware!

Recap time! Wherein we learn more about Minako and we have to wonder just why meeting Usagi immediately changes her outlook and makes her rethink her entire strategy.

That thief did kind of save your lives, Makoto. Look, I’m probably about the last person to defend Mamoru this watch-through and his saving you is a massive strike against the “girls saving themselves” that the series is known for, but credit where it’s due. He deserves at least a little better than what you’re giving him.

That said, it’s a really nice way to show the dynamics between the group and the friendships between them to have Usagi and Makoto bickering good-naturedly in the background whilst we get more information. And there we see Usagi’s naive nature in just assuming that she’ll get her book back by asking nicely. Okay, in this case she probably would, but it’s also the fact that she expects to get to ask Minako about it.

That’s either a really hard kick or a really soft wall. Poor manager. He was so upset when Makoto and Usagi grabbed him. He’s going to be worse when he’s not controlled by a youma. The actor must’ve had so much fun, though. XD

You know, I really like the internal monologues between Minako and Usagi. I love the way it highlights their differences even as it tries to highlight their similarities as well. It’s a nice touch.

It’s nice to see more rivalry between the shitennou too. Well, not so much the rivalry as a general sense of their personalities and loyalties.

And finally we see Minako react in a way that you might expect when faced with an excitable fan like Usagi. Though, to Usagi’s credit, she does seem to be trying to not-creep-out Minako. She just fails miserably.

Usagi, Minako isn’t clumsy. She was trying to deal with you being all creepy-fan. THAT IS NOT THE SAME THING. Also, why is Minako changing her entire outfit because her jacket is ruined? I guess it’s good friendship-forming experiences with Usagi because she needs help finding stores? I admit I’m slightly confused. I do like her jumping in to save Minako without listening, though. It’s sweet. And, of course, in the other stories, Usagi and Minako look enough like each other to dress up as one another, which Minako actually does at least once, so this is a nice change in role there. ^_^

And of course Minako has not yet figured out that Usagi is the most clueless senshi in the entire world and keeps hinting instead of just outright going “Hey, Sailormoon, I’m your princess” whilst they’re on their own and won’t be overheard. But look at the way they bond over eating cake the same way. It’s such a small and silly thing to bond over, but it’s what people do sometimes. So it’s a really nice touch to see.

Yes, Beryl. Fear the memories. FEAR THEM. I like Beryl’s interruption of Zoisite’s memories. (In case you haven’t noticed. This is a veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery different person from any other interpretation.) Poor guy. His head really hurts.

Oooooh, it’s revelation time! With Minako finally telling everyone she’s the Princess and revealing herself. (Please note: We’re twelve episodes in and we’re down only one shitennou whilst the fourth hasn’t even been introduced yet.) Plot progress scene is plot progress! And we see that Usagi’s general sense of promoting healing and well-being to the people around her extends to Minako as well.

Okay, let’s get this straight. Just because it’s what it is. So we have a Moon Kingdom, yes? It’s been destroyed but it had a princess. The Moon Kingdom had a princess named Venus. And guardians named Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Moon. This does not strike anyone as off. Which, fine, we’ll assume that reincarnation is weird or that there are odd succession laws we don’t know about (that even Luna doesn’t know about and potentially Artemis). Or we’ll assume “magical false memory plant because reasons we never learn about”. Either way. That still leaves an Usagi who has a vastly different transformation item and phrase than the rest. And no one thinks anything is the least bit odd about this. Why?

For the sake of noting this: the youma voluntarily left the manager and Usagi killed the youma. There’s been very little actual healing of anyone so far this in this show.

And oh look. There’s a Mamoru-related plot point too because we learn he’s Endymion and Zoisite considers him his master. Senshi, now you get to question his loyalties again.

And look at the revelations. So we’ve lost Zoisite and Jadeite and are introducing two new characters and we actually have a scene wherein Mamoru is not a jerk to Usagi?! Eeeee! The plot it thickens! Which name does Beryl refer to? Why can’t people use it? Who is this Kunzite?

Yes, yes, I know. I already know all that. That’s beside the point.