Film Talk: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon, Act 13

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Pretty Guardian Sailormoon: Act 13 (PGSM 13)Recap: We have learned that Mamoru was some chap named Endymion, the princess of the old Moon Kingdom is known as Venus (aka the pop idol Minako, last seen hospitalised, or escaped from the hospital on a shopping trip because Usagi was not-quite-stalking her). Also, Zoisite has been turned into a gemstone after attempting to kill Venus with a shard of crystal and new characters are promised to be introduced in this very episode!

Oh, and there is a name that Beryl does not want uttered for reasons we have not yet discovered.

Onwards! To Act 13!

Yes, Makoto. Speaking of wishing you could’ve been in the climax of the last episode, where were you anyway? I’m curious. I don’t think I noticed that in the other episode, but this is a revelation that’s made only to Usagi, Ami and Rei this time around and we don’t have an explanation why.

Well, perhaps if you count “It means we can use the first minute of the next episode proper to explain that Venus is a loner”, but that’s not an in-story reason. Maybe she had practice she didn’t want to cancel?

I’d say her plan as the princess is to act as a decoy, but since we already know that she kind of believes she is the princess… She did believe that, didn’t she?

How does defeating someone earn you the right to be considered the princess? I thought that had to do with who your parents are. Or, in this case, who you were in a previous life. I AM CONFUSED, BERYL.

And also we’ve just learned that the name she never wants to hear spoken is Endymion. That was the name Zoisite used for Tuxedo Kamen. I WONDER IF THEY’RE RELATED. I do like the dramatic not-squirrel shot, though. XD Okay, now we’re just going into “I have too little information, what the hell is going on” territory, Beryl.

And, fair enough, that is not entirely true because I’ve seen this story in various incarnations before and I know where this one is leading towards. (Not-spoiler: Drama.) But this is a good point to up the stakes a little. We’ve just had a few revelations in the previous episode that deal with the heroes, so it’s only fair that, with the end apparently looming closer, we get to see the villains up the stakes too. And we see something that’s actually pretty nice in that it’s so missing from other versions: Beryl’s personality.

Notice that she didn’t want to wake the last of her shitennou and that she does genuinely seem to care about them. (Not that the whole “I am full of threats and very little action” towards Jadeite and Nephrite so far gave us any indication that she’s not as all-round evil as she seems already. Well, for some maybe.) Anyway! It’s a tiny little thing, but it’ll be important later on as we get to see more of Beryl as a person, so I wanted to note it now.

And oh poor Motoki! Is he going to be the last of the shitennou?! Adorable, sweet Motoki? DOES THIS MEAN HIS TURTLE WILL NEVER GET A PROPER HOME?! (Maybe his turtle has a proper home at, uh, home, and this is just for Motoki’s working hours?) And why is Crown a complete and utter mess?!

And after all that build-up, the turtle escaped. I’m not sure whether I want to laugh with relief or at the absurdity of the way the episode dealt with the whole thing. (That said, people can react that dramatically to the suddenly disappearance of a pet, so I do actually have some sympathy for Motoki. I may complain about his treatment of the turtle, but I don’t doubt his sincerity and this is actually a gripping scene in its small way.)

I wish I knew what they thought was so creepy about the house. It doesn’t look that creepy to me. And hey look Mamoru as the voice of reason. (I CAN SO SAY NICE THINGS ABOUT HIM.)

I wonder how this guy thinks they’ve met before. Could this be foreshadowing? It had better not be foreshadowing, show. That would mean he’s liable to be part of the Dark Kingdom and he’s nice. It’s that I already know he’s not Tuxedo Mask or that could actually be a really neat piece of misdirection towards the viewers. But it’s not, so we shall sit in the dramatic irony that we know more than Usagi at this point.

Yes, it’s probably a really bad idea to leave that place, Shin. Let’s all stay put!

And amusement as the New Year’s preparations go horribly wrong because Usagi was a no-show. I like seeing the four of them work together like that (or, uh, not) because it really helps show you that they do stuff together as friends and not just because they’re senshi working together. And Usagi, being Usagi, is of course too impulsive and forgetful to remember she’d promised to help and gets side-tracked by helping someone else.

I’d like to take this moment to note that Ami is shown to be angry at Usagi for not-showing up, which is interesting because it’s a bit of personality that we haven’t seen much from her in other shows. She’s always been the quietest and nicest of the group and the one most likely to fold and forgive Usagi for whatever trouble she’s in or just caused. It’s also interesting that Usagi chose to call Rei, given how much animosity lay between them in general. (Though, of course, she could as easily have called the others first and got no reply.) Or, perhaps, she’s counting on Rei being the one least angry with her? Who knows. It’s just a nice little tid-bit to think on because of what it says about their relationships.

Mamoru, why are you following Usagi around? And are you actually talking to her without insulting her? (I’m vaguely inclined to give you a pass on being concerned about Shin rather than her because she really would overwhelm the poor guy and you weren’t verbally rude about expressing those feelings.) And look you’ve established now that she’s not planning on kidnapping him or doing something worse than bringing him examples of stuff he said he liked. You don’t have to keep on following her surreptitiously.

Wait, are you helping her now? Who are you and what did you do with Mamoru? I mean, not that I’m complaining because the Mamoru we’ve seen so far was a jerk and I know you lost your memories and sympathise with Shin’s wishes, but you don’t like Usagi. (I know. I know. This is the start of that changing because he’s getting to know her as a sweet-natured girl who likes helping other people and tried to do the right thing and all that.)

Yes, Mamoru. Why are you picking on her? And who was comparing it to forgetting homework? Because that sure wasn’t Usagi. She was just happily putting together a little glass of sea shells for Shin because she wanted to make him happy by helping him get his memories back. The only one making that comparison is you, Mamoru, and evidently based on nothing but your own thoughts.

And yep. Now we know for sure that Shin is the last of the shitennou. I knew this was coming and I’m still sad about it. I liked Shin. He was gentle and sweet. I wish he could stay Shin. I wish Mamoru could behave towards Usagi the way he does to Shin here.

T_T Poor Shin. And Mamoru you are a liar. But I suppose it’s a white lie in this case? I don’t know if that makes it better or worse.

Hey look! New enemy has the power to turn people into youma using his hair! Whaaaaaat? Also, we finally get Usagi fighting youma that she can’t just destroy. You may recall this was a big thing for me in the rewatch. Thirteen episodes in and we’re getting to see some actual healing of people who need it. And less impressive youma since this one was barely a threat. It was all introduction of Kunzite and an excuse to get Usagi and Mamoru to hang out together in a way that wasn’t entirely antagonistic. But what a cliffhanger for the episode, though, right? Usagi going to end up turning into a youma? Very daring introduction of the new villain.

Oh, and if you were waiting for more Ami/Usagi moments? They are incoming in the next episode. Until then!