Full Fathom Five Readalong Week 3

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Full Fathom Five Readalong
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Just to remind everyone of the schedule, here it is!

Week 1: July 20 Ch 1-13  – hosted by Allie from Tethyan Books
Week 2: July 27 Ch 14-32 – hosted by me
Week 3: August 3 Ch 33-50 – hosted by Heather from The Bastard Title
Week 4: August 10 Ch 50-62 – hosted by Lisa from Over the Effing Rainbow

(Remember, if you’d like to take part or even just follow along as we read, you can sign up and/or keep track of the proceedings at our Goodreads group page. ^_^)

This post contains spoilers for the first three-quarters of Full Fathom Five.


1. Kai and Izza finally meet face-to-face. What do you think about their confrontation? Did it go as you expected, or did they surprise you?

Their confrontation didn’t go as I’d expected at all! I’d expected them to meet at the police station, perhaps at the request of Margot for some reason.

2. Poor Margot. Do you trust that Claude just did a stupid thing and didn’t believe Kai when he needed to, or do you think he has a bigger role in the conspiracy? And who is behind the mysterious murdering Penitent?

I’m going to recuse myself from the last question because I’ve already read the last quarter as well. I did think that Claude had a bigger role in the conspiracy, though. It just looked too conveniently related to Kai asking her to arrest him to be anything else.

3. Kai and Teo’s conversation about evolution and creation myths, science vs. belief, was really striking. Which side of the philosophical argument would you lean towards?

Ideally one that would try to compromise a little between the two. I think it’s a different debate depending on whether you’re in a situation with concrete evidence that gods exist and one where that’s not present.

In either situation, stories are an essential part of human society. They’re how we come to understand the world and the society we live in. They tell us what is acceptable and what isn’t, what is moral and what isn’t.

But in the setting of Full Fathom Five there’s an added layer to that question in that it is possible that the gods actually created humans at some point and the stories just fan around and change depending on both the environment and the gods in the vicinity. We know that gods gain strength from prayer and devoting, so it would make sense for them to twist the truth around to make a creation myth that encourages people to worship them in that setting.

So, especially in the setting, I think both have decent points. In our world, it gets a little murlier, although I’m definitely far closer to the side of evolution.

4. So we know now that all of the idols and Izza’s gods are different facets of a single goddess. How do you think this development might affect the different characters, and Kavekanan society as a whole?

Kavekana has spent a pretty long time waiting for the return of its gods, so the fact that it has a goddess again is going to have a pretty big impact. Given how much of its economy relies on the Kavekana’ai and the idols, it’s also going to be pretty devastating to the island.

5. Why do you think Teo threw her bracelet into the pool?

I’m recusing myself from answering this question.

6. Uh, oh, Jace. All signs are starting to point to Jace being the architect of this conspiracy. Signs can be wrong, of course. But where do you think we’ll go from his surprise appearance? If he did know about the goddess in the pool all along, why do you think he would have covered it up?

I’m actually really glad that Jace showed up in the big role that he did! Gladstone’s spent two books throwing us red herrings only for the obvious candidate to have been the villain all along and I hadn’t even suspected Jace might’ve been involved up to this point!

Bonus (silly) question: what possible reason could a skeleton Craftsman have for poolside tanning?

Bone-bleaching as to use less Craft to make those bones so shiny that they blind any mortal dealing with them. Keep assassins at bay with the power of sparkle. Get rid of uneven spots.

Habit and the memory of sunshine on the skin. You know, how the skeleton in The Last Unicorn is happy drinking air because he remembers the taste of wine. That kind of thing.

Also, relaxation. Even skeletons have to relax every now and again, surely, and what better way than to seek out a nice chair and sit out in the sun (for as long as you could possibly want without fear of staying out too long)?