Film Talk: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon, Act 11

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Pretty Guardian Sailormoon: Act 11 (PGSM 11)Welcome back to the rewatch commentary on Pretty Guardian Sailormoon. This week, Act 11. Where we start off with a brief exposition scene of what’s been going on. This mostly revolves around the senshi knowing who their enemy is.

I’d like to take a moment to point out that Beryl is introducing herself to the senshi on a rooftop and had Zoicite’s help. Meaning this is reasonably close to the original storyline’s introduction and yet quite different in a lot of ways.

That said, let’s move on. Below the cut, there will be spoilers.

Awwww, lookit how happy Motoki is. I quite like PGSM’s Motoki actually, although I do wish he’d get that turtle a bigger and better home already. (No, I’m not going to let that go. We had a turtle living in our pond growing up. It was massive. Y’know, for what people’d expect a turtle like that one to be.)

Also, Motoki, Mamoru does not have ‘trouble with words’. He has trouble with being a jerk. That is not the same thing.

Luna, if they recovered their memories of being senshi during the time of the Moon Kingdom, would you actually still need to tell them the story? That makes no sense. They’d already know what you’re trying to tell them. Unless there are bits of memory that got walled off for reasons.

One of the things I like about PGSM is a good chunk of Minako’s backstory, actually. She’s been one of the less developed senshi in the original (which, in the case of Classic, doesn’t say that much), so it’s really nice to have a show that focuses so much on all the senshi, including Minako. And making her an international popstar gives her more reason to travel the way all the storylines have implied she’s done pre-Sailormoon. So that’s a neat touch, though it significantly changes the dynamic between the group.

And hey look. Foreshadowing that Minako isn’t the princess. And Beryl’s creepy face. I do wish she’d do something that made that face effective for me, but what can you do?

And Makoto and Usagi banding together over music while Rei is trying to be all responsible and sensible. Hee. And of course you could see their entering the building a mile away. I do like the scene switch and Makoto you really have no foot to stand on, telling Usagi she’s going too far. You’re right beside her and I don’t think anyone is buying your “Someone needs to look after Usagi” defense.

Ha! Sneaky Minako is sneaky. And what the hell, Usagi? I guess it’s the nail-drying that does it? I can’t say I’m very sympathetic to Minako’s manager, but… Ouch.

Oh, poor Minako, you grossly overestimat Usagi’s ability to use logical deduction. Now, if Ami’d gone along you might’ve been in trouble. I do love the apprehensive face and Usagi’s behaving like an excited four-year-old. There’s such a lively sense to the scene, and paired with Minako catching the group photos… It’s quite touching, actually, especially if you already know the storyline enough to know some of the plotline developments.

Surprise! Ami and Rei have apparently turned evil! And Tuxedo Kamen gets more of his dream/memory than he has before. Excitement abounds! And the plot thickens with Zoicite remembering something from Mamoru’s dream. (Also, Luna you did notice that Tuxedo Kamen just saved Sailormoon, right? You noticed that he didn’t have to do that and quite probably wouldn’t have done that if he’d been in league with the enemy? That whole “enemy of my enemy is my friend” thing? I’m pretty sure that applies when one of them is saving your allies’ lives. But nope. No, it’s all going to be “He’s our enemy and evil and we should totes not talk to him!”, isn’t it?)

Poor Minako. Artemis, stop lying to her. She’s a professional performer. You don’t actually need her to believe she’s the princess. Or, if you do, I actually need a reason you’re lying to her eventually.

And then we’re setting up for the next episode. :O Revelations abound! The plot progresses even further and we’ll get to see Minako and Usagi bonding in friendship. We just saw how friend-starved Minako actually is in this episode, so that’s a nice follow-up narratively.

See you next time!