Summer Progress Report #3

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Time for another summer progress report update! WHOOHOO!

Or, you know, possibly not if you weren’t looking forward to more of these.

Summer has been a time of planning and trying to get things done and… lots of stuff. I may have mentioned this. I’ll try and compile a nice complete list of things I’ve accomplished when summer’s over, but for now a general look at the last half of July.

I accomplished a fair bit in the beginning and barring a few issues things pretty much kept up a similar pace.

  • I’ve resigned Little Lion Lynnet’s AND Dovelet Books. (Though DB will need to be redone again at some point. I HAVE PLANS.)

This didn’t take as long as you might expect, but it did take a relatively long time. I had to redo my book talk entries a few times to make them all show up nicely in the review indexes. (YAY! I have review indexes now!)

At the moment, I’m slowly wending my way through all my old posts to add SEO keywords and hopefully make the whole site a little easier to search. I’m still playing around with things to see what I like/dislike there and what works and what doesn’t. (So far it seems to be pointing people to very old, general update posts. Huh.)

  • I’ve slowly been poking at blog posts to fill up the Saturday slot.

I’ve written up some suggestions on what to pay attention to when writing a character with dyscalculia. I noticed that there were a number of searches for that, so… Well, I wrote one and hi I have it, so that seemed like it could be a very useful thing to discuss a little.

I’ve also written up some thoughts on my writing process. Yep, again. Some things remain relatively the same, after all. It’ll be fun, I promise! Even though, right now, I’m trying to throw my situation around a little by trying out a standing desk and whether I like it. I suspect I’ll do better with a treadmill desk, but seeing as I have neither the space nor the money that’s… going to be a far into the future experiment. I’d like to write a post about my experiences with that as well!

And, of course, I’ve got some book experiences to discuss with everyone too!

Doesn’t sound like much put like that, right? I’ve got a few more posts in the works, but they’re still in rough draft stage. Most of them are about publishing. I’m working on a mini-series called “Design Adventures” that’s, well, about layout design and my adventures therein. It’s a lot of fun. ^_^

I’ve also got a veeeery rough draft of a post on translations in SFF(H). For somewhere closer to 2016. That one still requires a lot of work. I may have to figure out how to set up a GoogleDocs file and ask people for help. (Short version: I want to do a small survey into the setting of translated SFFH fiction set in our world as compared to the setting in the original language. I have suspicions about those settings and I sincerely wish to be proven wrong about them.)

I also have a few posts floating around in my head that haven’t yet formed themselves into a proper set of ideas and several more book experience discussions that I need to try and write up.

  • Writing! HUZZAH!

Still not exactly what I intended to work on and still not as much as I’d ideally have wanted, but writing! I seem to be alternating between Sea Foam and Silence and the Demi-Princess story. The former is being slightly stubborn (joy) and the latter is generally coming along at a relatively quick pace at the times where I’m not held up by going “I KNOW NOTHING OF HORSES WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME WRITE THIS?!” at the screen. I actually have more than the progress bar indicates, but that’s because I tend to update after finishing a chapter and I’ve put it aside mid-one because I switched to Sea Foam and Silence. I’d really, really like to finish it already. *throws a pillow at it* Stubborn mermaids not doing what you want them to.

But yay writing! And I really like what I’m working on and so far most of the people who’ve seen bits of the Demi-Princess story seem to like it, so hopefully that’ll work. (Hopefully I can actually pull the dual first person pov off. >> Yes, I have three first person narrators at the same time. I like a challenge?)

  • Book bundle creation!

As another part of the experimentation with publishing, I’ve created a Payhip-only book bundle that collects all my ebooks to date. (Yes, all. Even the sample ones.)

  • Sekrit Projects for Friends

Going apace. I have done all I can for now. They are so close to being completed entirely. SO CLOSE.

  • Reading!

I’m trying to catch up to my nice reading goal on GoodReads, since there are some things that I’d count that GR doesn’t and doesn’t allow to be added as I understood things. So I’m actually on track.

I’ve also gone ahead and cheated on the Full Fathom Five readalong. *hangs head* And already read it in its entirety.