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Guest Post: Character Interview with JJ Sherwood

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Cover for Kings or Pawns by JJ SherwoodToday we’re shaking things up at the blog with a guest post by JJ Sherwood, author of Kings or Pawns! I’ll let JJ introduce herself, the book and the overarching series, but first! Some of my waffling! (It’s relevant waffling, don’t worry.)

Kings or Pawns, the first book in the Steps of Power series, will be released on October 1st, 2015 (That’s in a couple of days!) in both ebook and paperback. JJ ran a successful Kickstarter for an audiobook edition, so you’ll be able to listen to it as well. You can read more news about the series on the website’s blog or the Facebook page and you can also keep up with JJ at her Twitter account.

And now… I shall hand over the post to JJ and her characters for the interview. Enjoy and go check out Kings or Pawns!


The Most Awesome Character Interview of All Time. And That’s a Fact.

Hello everyone! I am J.J. Sherwood, author of the upcoming fantasy series, Steps of Power. The first novel, Kings or Pawns, is about an elven nation riddled with corruption and balanced on the brink of all out war with the enemy warlord Saebellus. It features a wide array of characters—the mute servant girl, Alvena; the naïve king, Hairem; and the arrogant and mysterious foreigner, Sellemar—but today I wanted to do a character interview on General Jikun Taemrin, one of our primary protagonists.

But wait!—this isn’t just your typical interview. I don’t want to interview Jikun himself… Well, ok, I do, but he refused to co-operate. So we’re going to interview some of his roommates and see what they think of our dear General. (All of the interviewees today will debut in future Steps of Power works, but few are present in the four The Kings novels of the series.)

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Book Talk: In Heaven and Earth

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Book Talk: In Heaven and EarthIn Heaven and Earth by Amy Rae Durreson

When the crew of the Medical Explorer Juniper arrive at the space city of Caelestia, they are horrified to find it floating airless in space with thousands of its people dead. The only survivor is a cyborg gardener, Vairya, who has been left amnesiac and terrified, barely able to choke out a few words: “It could happen again.”

As ex-military doctor Reuben Cooper explores the illusory rose garden of Vairya’s memory, where Vairya himself flirts and hides among the flowers, he discovers a terrible threat, not just to the crew of the Juniper but to all humanity.

Can four doctors and a cyborg fight a merciless enemy that can kill with a touch?

Also by this author: Reawakening, The Court of Lightning, Gaudete

In Heaven and Earth is Amy Rae Durreson’s contribution to this year’s Don’t Read in the Closet, held by the GoodReads group M/M Romance. You can download Amy’s story (and find others) here.

Disclaimer: Amy is a dear friend, but her work really is this awesome.

Also, this is erotica.

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Promo: Tales of the Little Engine

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Cover for "Tales of the Little Engine". A cartoon steam train looking happy.

Tales of the Little Engine has been updated with a shiny new cover! I’ve also recoded the ebook again, fixing some remaining typos, and getting the tiered ToC to work on the Kindle. Huzzah!

To celebrate, Tales will be on sale for $0.99 or your local equivalent for the entire month of October.

It’s currently percolating through the distribution channels, but it should all be good come October. ^_^

Jan would like nothing more than to carry people across the mountains like the big trains do. When the steam train gets the chance to do just that, will it manage? And will it find happiness?

Together with its canine friend Mister Whiskers, the bravest little engine finds itself right in the middle of several magical mysteries. The narrow pass between its hometown of Vawick and the city of Dunnsbridge is haunted by the Nethertrain and its minions, but the bravest little engine isn’t afraid. When the Nethertrain learns of the little engine’s intrusion, it is furious. Can the bravest little engine and Mister Whiskers find a way to stop the Nethertrain once and for all?

Accompanied by two essays on the influences and ideas behind the stories, “Tales of the Little Engine” collects some of the adventures of two very different little steam engines. Join Jan as it learns that, sometimes, dreams come true slightly differently from how we think they should or tag along with the bravest little engine as it travels around Vawick and Dunnsbridge.

Tales of the Little Engine is a collection of 8 short stories about Jan and the bravest little engine. If you enjoy meta-commentary in your stories, you’ll love these. The bravest little engine stories are full of meta and discussions on the nature of storytelling.



Book Talk: Queers Destroy Science Fiction

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Book Talk: Queers Destroy Science FictionQueers Destroy Science Fiction by Various
Pages: 432

LIGHTSPEED is an online science fiction and fantasy magazine. In its pages, you will find science fiction: from near-future, sociological soft SF, to far-future, star-spanning hard SF--and fantasy: from epic fantasy, sword-and-sorcery, and contemporary urban tales, to magical realism, science-fantasy, and folktales. Even in science fiction, supposedly the genre of limitless possibility, where everyone is invited to the adventure, heterosexual, heteroromantic, and cisgendered are considered the default, to the extent that everything else is “deviation,” and must be eyed with suspicion. LIGHTSPEED was founded on the core idea that all science fiction is real science fiction. The whole point of this magazine is that science fiction is vast. It is inclusive. Science fiction is about people, and queer people, no matter how they identify [Gay, lesbian, bisexual, demisexual, asexual, pansexual, intersex, transgender, genderfluid, genderqueer--anyone who fits within the QUILTBAG], are a big part of that. They always have been. They’re just sometimes harder to see. So, in the interests of visibility and breaking stuff, Queers Destroy Science Fiction! will show you just how wide the spectrum of sexuality and gender identity can really be. This special all-queer issue features original science fiction short stories from John Chu, Kate M. Galey, Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam, Chaz Brenchley, Felicia Davin, Rose Lemberg, Jessica Yang, K.M. Szpara, Amal El-Mohtar, Tim Susman, and Susan Jane Bigelow. Plus, we have original flash fiction from E. Saxey, Charles Payseur, Claudine Griggs, Stephen Cox, Eliza Gauger, Erica L. Satifka, Gabrielle Friesen, Gabby Reed, Shannon Peavey, Sarah Pinsker, Bogi Takács, and JY Yang, and reprints by RJ Edwards, AMJ Hudson, Raven Kaldera, Rand B. Lee, and Geoff Ryman. All that, and we also have our usual assortment of author and artist spotlights, along with our latest book review column and an assortment of nonfiction features, plus more than twenty personal essays from writers about their experiences being queer reading and writing science fiction.

Also by this author: Fight like a Girl, Women Destroy Science Fiction (Lightspeed Magazine, June 2014, Special Issue), Women Destroy Fantasy (Fantasy Magazine, October 2014, Special Issue)


Note! Due to reasons that have nothing at all to do with the stories themselves, I sadly didn’t get on very well with Queers Destroy Science Fiction. I repeat, this has nothing to do with the stories themselves, which are of a good standard and a high caliber and I’ve done my best to be as positive and enthusiastic as I can be because there are some seriously good stories in this issue. I just didn’t click with them the way I’d wanted to because most of them clashed, in some way or another, with my personal reason tastes.

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Film Talk: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon, Act 17

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Pretty Guardian Sailormoon: Act 17 (PGSM 17)Plot Recap: Kunzite is an arrogant bastard with about as much respect for Beryl as a cat for a mouse, and Beryl is oblivious. Also Queen Metallia is awakening and Usagi is thinking she is maybe liking Mamoru. BUT! Mamoru has a girlfriend! (Because clearly any man and woman hanging out together must be dating. They couldn’t be, like, siblings or something. To be fair on Usagi, she’s right about the girlfriend, BUT STILL. It is actually possible for people of different genders to hang out and not be romantically involved.)

Anyway, so there we go. That’s pretty much it for where we’re at since the last episode, so… Onwards!

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