Film Talk: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon, Act 16

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Pretty Guardian Sailormoon: Act 16 (PGSM 16)Plot Recap: Minako has disappeared! Intentionally! And Usagi and Mamoru spent more time together! And a youma tried to eat Makoto! And, uh, that’s all the plot progression we’ve had since last episode, so we’ll dive straight in instead.

Onwards! To spoiler territory!

We know from a few episodes ago that senshi transformations are actually pretty instantaneously, so it makes sense for them to let go of Makoto to transform, but a) we also know that they can change whilst moving, b) the fact that we get the transformation sequences in full negates the sense of urgency the scene warrants, c) they change change whilst moving, so why not whilst standing still? d) why would they transformanion at the same time? They could just wait and have one of them hold Makoto whilst the other transforms instead of letting her slip further down because they both let go at the same time. Couldn’t they?

And as Usagi says ‘Naru’ the camera shows us Ami’s eyes suddenly jumping to look at Usagi sideways. I WONDER WHY. (I like the way it’s actually open to interpretation. ^_^)

Usagi, Mamoru just fell off a several metre high platform and that cut doesn’t look like it cut all that deep. I’d be a lot more worried about bruised ribs or a concussion from the fall.

And Ami runs up to Usagi all excited and then Naru shows up. Abandoned Ami is abandoned. I do like the tension between those two after what Ami did when Usagi was becoming a youma. It’s interesting and it’s nice to see both of them affected by it so deeply. Makes me wish we had an episode from Naru’s pov actually to show us how she’s affected by Usagi’s senshi duties and suddenly having a whole new set of friends she’s never shown an interest in.

And Kunzite explains his plans with the youma. It’s actually not a terrible idea and he’s got the arrogance to pull of making it look better than it is. (This was, what, episode 3 of Classic when it was still just Jadeite who had the same idea?)

Yeah, Beryl, I don’t think Kunzite is on anyone’s side but his own. You might want to pay more attention to that insolence he’s displaying.

And Ami fails to save Naru, though not through lack of trying. Poor girl. It’s not like she’s not already feeling terrible.

Kunzite, a question. How does no one see all the kidnapped people wandering around the well-maintained building you’re storing them in? The senshi said nothing about hiding them from view? (And, anyway, you’d have people mysteriously unable to pass through and calling who knows what into the location to explain the unexplained things.)

And Ami talks about how jealous she is of Naru for being a good friend of Usagi’s (and generally a far more assertive person than Ami) and how she’s only doing this because she’s selfish and jealous and this is what has caused all the problems. Oh, Ami. Poor, messed-up Ami. I feel for you. (And relate to that kind of level of messed-up, it has to be said.) Rei, you should give her a hug. Or something. She’s not as evil as she thinks; that’s just brain demons talking.

And Rei is still the voice of sense and reason, but this part where people are not saints (in general) is a good one. It’s easy for someone like Ami to feel like they must be absolutely perfect and flawless and… they don’t allow for being human because reasons. It’s important to hear what Rei is telling Ami now, even if she’s not quite ready to really hear it.

And thus Naru and Ami work out their problems by… admitting they’re the same and thus bonding again because yay similarities! It’s a nice little scene, actually. It shows so clearly how Ami thinks about herself (despite Rei hitting her with a clue-by-four because self-esteem doesn’t work like that) and how little things can change something. They’ve not entirely sorted things out yet, but they’re making steps towards meeting in the middle and that’s going to help.

Sure, Kunzite, steal Beryl’s plot moment to tell us that Metallia is slowly resurrecting. Nice touch! (But I still don’t like you.) And the power of Metallia resurrects Jadeite. Clearly, we have not yet seen the last of the shitennou, but given how ineffective he’s seemed so far that doesn’t actually create much of a threat level now that Kunzite’s awakened, does it? It’s just interesting since I don’t recall him being very much out of the senshi’s league.

And the plot thickens again because just as Usagi is figuring out she’s having feelings for Mamoru, she discovers him walking with a young woman. And he just ignores Usagi. Just like that. Because another girl is there. How rude of him.

Next episode: Rei meets Minako and learns that she’s Sailor Venus. Exciting! See you next time!