My first fantasy read

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In keeping with the theme of personal experiences with books that I seem to be hosting this half year or so, I thought I’d discuss some meme-like topics regarding fantasy books as well. ^_^ Today’s topic is…

My first fantasy read

There is a slight issue with this question in that my memory is pretty terrible. I’ve already tried to narrow down the “first fantasy” question by specifying that I must have read it. That neatly rules out The Hobbit because my dad read that to me and is the first fantasy book I remember reading. Some of you may remember me talking about it before because it’s a story I like telling.

But as for which one I’ve read first? I don’t couldn’t begin to tell you. I remember reading The Lord of the Rings far earlier than most kids did. (As we as my mum getting dragged to school because “kids your daughter’s age don’t read books like that; she is clearly lying in class and this is unacceptable”.) I remember reading The Clan of the Cavebear. I remember reading Ronja the Robber’s Daughter. I remember reading fairytales and collections that failed to attribute author’s names properly.

I’m going to guess that, since one of those collections included the entirety of Peter Pan, that that’s likely to be the first fantasy book I read by myself. (Not counting picture books which I don’t remember in the slightest.) I suspect that there is very little that I need to say about Peter Pan as a story, though as an anecdote…

For the longest time, I thought that the Disney adaptation was the original tale. I thought that the story I’d read was a retelling to make the story more exciting than it had been. Or something. I was, at any rate, convinced that the story I’d read was not the story as J.M. Barrie had written it and, being convinced that I knew the way he had written it, I never thought to put up the book on its own. And then the story slipped from my mind for years and years with me enjoying film adaptations without seeking out how they connected to the original plot.

And then Peter Pan was assigned reading in one of my university courses and I discovered that I’d been wrong all those years. I also discovered that I liked the original story more upon rereading it as an adult than I had enjoyed it as a child.

How about you? Do you remember the first book you’ve read in your favourite genre? If you do, what was it? Did you enjoy it?


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