170+ International SFF Authors to Read

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Year of International Reading

A little while ago, I promised to collect a list of as many international SFF authors (read: authors not born/raised in the United States of America) as I could find, especially in light of my Year of International Reading project. It can be difficult to find international authors, so I wanted to compile the authors I’d heard of and the authors that had been recommended to me in a way accessible to other people as well. Below the cut, then, you can find a list of 170 SFF(H) authors (not counting myself) to help you get started. It is a woefully incomplete list because I’m just one person, but it’ll be a start.

But! Butbutbut. I also compiled the list into a GDocs file for you all. You can find it here, so if you’d rather have a nice, downloadable spreadsheet… There you go. And now, onwards to the list of authors. I’ll tackle a few questions and comments I’m expecting following that, but for now it’s time to let the author names shine!

The List of International SFF Authors

  • Abbas, Ibraheem
  • Adaf, Shimon
  • Alfar, Dean Francis
  • Allan, Nina
  • Allende, Isabel
  • Andreadis, Athena
  • Ange
  • Angway, Marilag
  • Baker, Celeste Rita
  • Basu, Samit
  • Beckman, Thea
  • Beukes, Lauren
  • Bodard, Aliette de
  • Bondoni, Gustavo
  • Boulle, Pierre
  • Boyong, Ma
  • Broscie, Jack
  • Buckell, Tobias
  • Çakan, Myra
  • Calvino, Italo
  • Čapek, Karel
  • Chandrasekera, Vajra
  • Chaponda, Daliso
  • Charretier, Elsa
  • Chikiamco, Paolo
  • Chng, Joyce (also publishes as Joyce Damask)
  • Cho, Zen
  • Colinet, Pierrick
  • Dambre, Roxane
  • Dila, Dilman
  • Dimacali, James
  • Dimacali, Timothy
  • Dissanayake, Prathibha Nadeeshani
  • Douglas, Marcia
  • Dragt, Tonke
  • Drilon, Andrew
  • Duyvis, Corinne
  • Ellingsen, Berit
  • Elliott, Will
  • El-Mohtar, Amal
  • Ende, Michael
  • Esquivel, Laura
  • Falgui, Raissa Rivera
  • Falgui, Raymond G.
  • Fazi, Mélanie
  • Fei, Tang
  • Fernandes, Fábio
  • Fernández, Bernardo
  • Fernández, Rocío Rincón
  • Flores, Raúl
  • Francisco, Mo
  • Frei, Max
  • Funke, Cornelia
  • Garcia-Rosas, Nelly Geraldine
  • Gerasimov, Sergey
  • Goh, Jaymee
  • Gomel, Elana
  • Gorodischer, Angélica
  • Grimbert, Pierre
  • Halim, Tunku
  • Hartmann, Ivor W.
  • Hasson, Guy
  • Healey, Karen
  • Heitz, Markus
  • Hellisen, Cat
  • Hennen, Bernhard
  • Heuvelt, Thomas Olde
  • Hill, LL
  • Hinlo, Alessa
  • Ho, Olivia
  • Hontiveros, David
  • Hopkinson, Nalo
  • Hossain, Saad Z.
  • Hoving, Isabel
  • Huang, Sabrina
  • Jääskeläinen, Pasi Ilmari
  • Jansson, Tove
  • Jia, Xia
  • Johanabas, Fadzlishah
  • Jones, Diana Wynne
  • Kay, Guy Gavriel
  • Khan, Sumana
  • Kirino, Natsuo
  • Kishore, Swapna
  • Kleinheincz, Csilla
  • Knox, Elizabeth
  • Koo, Crystal
  • Kwaymullina, Ambelin
  • Lagerlöf, Selma
  • Lanagan, Margo
  • Lem, Stanislav
  • Lindgren, Astrid
  • Lindqvist, John Ajvide
  • Ling, Aya
  • Lint, Charles de
  • Liow, Robert
  • Liu, Cixin
  • Loenen-Ruiz, Rochita
  • Lord, Karen
  • Lowe, Helen
  • Lukyanenko, Sergei
  • Magnason, Andri Snær
  • Malik, Usman T.
  • Mandigma, Kristin
  • Manickavel, Kuzhali
  • Marillier, Juliet
  • Markov, Haralambi
  • Marolla, Samuel
  • Márquez, Gabriel García
  • Mboob, Biram
  • McMullen, Sean
  • Mda, Zakes
  • Mendels, Ivanna
  • Menon, Anil
  • Moers, Walter
  • Moreno-Garcia, Silvia
  • Mudzar, Zulaikha Nurain
  • Narayan, Shweta
  • Nasir, Jamil
  • Novakova, Julie
  • Nuallak, Pear
  • Nury, Fabien
  • Ogawa, Yukimi
  • Onwuala, Chinelo
  • Ormes, Nene
  • Osias, Kate
  • Palma, Félix J.
  • Pelevin, Victor
  • Piñeiro, Anabel Enríquez
  • Ping, Yang
  • Pratchett, Terry
  • Priest, Christopher
  • Quifan, Chan
  • quỳnh, zm
  • Rajaniemi, Hannu
  • Reynoalds, Alastair
  • Roberts, Tansy Rayner
  • Rushdie, Salman
  • Saint-Exupéry, Antoine de
  • Salvo, Daniel
  • Sapkowski, Andrzej
  • Saraband, William G.
  • Schmidt, Annie M.G.
  • Sedia, Ekaterina
  • Silayi, Swabir
  • Somtow, SP
  • Sriduangkaew, Benjanun
  • Stanislav, Maria
  • Stoque, Josy
  • Strugatsky Brothers
  • Süskind, Patrick
  • Tadjo, Véronique
  • Takács, Bogi
  • Takeuchi, Naoko
  • Tan, Budjette
  • Theodoridou, Natalia
  • Thorarinsson, Ami
  • Thorsson, Johann
  • Tidbeck, Karin
  • Tidhar, Lavie
  • Trininad, Celeste
  • Tupaz, Andrei
  • Udayasankar, Krishna
  • Udo, Uko Bendi
  • Uehashi, Nahoko
  • Unnikrishnan, Deepak
  • Valtat, Jean-Christophe
  • Vaughan, Hilda
  • Verne, Jules
  • Victoria, Eliza
  • Vo, Nighi
  • Vries, Jetse de
  • Warren, Kaaron
  • Yane, Sese
  • Yang, JY
  • Yaniv, Nir
  • Yap, Isabel
  • Zafón, Carlos Ruiz
  • Zamyatin, Yvgeny
  • Žiljak, Aleksandar
  • Živković, Zoran

Hey, some of these authors have only published short stories!

Yep. I elected to make no difference between the kinds of publication. Or, as you’ve no doubt noticed, anything at all. Many authors write both novel-length pieces and shorter ones. Going over 100+ authors to get accurate data on who has and has not published in a certain format (in English) would have delayed sharing the list immensely. Besides, a lot of people like short stories and with the ebook and internet reviving the novella, we may be seeing more international authors settle somewhere in the middle lengths.

But what do they write, Lynn?

It’s a mystery! Again, many authors write in a variety of genres and collecting the data for every author already on the list would have delayed my ability to share it with you until some indeterminate date in 2016 if not even later. I’m unfamiliar with many of the names on this list. (That was the whole point of my making one, after all.)

Personally, I read across the speculative fiction genre, provided that something about the story catches my interest, so to me having to look up these authors and what they wrote with no idea what to expect would be part of the fun and delight of finding books. Your mileage may well vary.

My apologies if you really want or need more detailed information. But keep reading. I’ve got one more question to tackle before I get back to this.

Why don’t you include information on where authors are from?

Because I don’t want to delay the list even more, because I’m lazy, and because I really, really, really, really don’t want people to focus on books from one specific region. Reading internationally means looking at what’s available globally. It doesn’t mean focusing on one region to the exclusion of all others and I do fear that this is what people will do even if I’m trying to make it a little bit harder to figure out who’s from where.

You’re missing X!

Add them to the GDocs spreadsheet! ^_^ It’s editable.

If you want to add people, please ensure they’re listed in alphabetical order by surname as determined by the Latin alphabet. I can see a lot value in adding people’s names in other scripts, but I’m not sure how best to tackle that. Suggestions and ideas are much appreciated!

How else can I help?

Well, as of this posting the SF and fantasy subsheets are in pretty terrible straights. Right now, you’ll see that a lot of the authors mentioned on the full sheet aren’t listed on either the SF or the fantasy one. That’s because I only added the people whose work I could add relatively easily. I really wanted to get this list out and available before the end of the year, and it’s looking very likely that I won’t have the time to work on the list for the foreseeable future.

I’d rather share an incomplete list that I can fix over time and which is available to other people than sit on it until I have the time to make it look all neat and organised and pretty. Besides, people might want to get involved with the project! Helping me tidy up existing sheets could be a great way to be introduced to new authors. ^_^

You can also pick up works by these authors, read them and discuss them. And, obviously, you can help by spreading the list itself too.

In Conclusion

I remind you all that this list is not the be-all and end-all of international SFF available in English. It’s a list initially compiled by one person with a little help from awesome people who recommended books to be added to the list and let me discuss this with them.

I could not have made this list without help and I would like to thank everyone who’s taken the time to drop me a recommendation or who let me discuss the list with you. I’m not naming names because I’m not sure if everyone who helped would be comfortable with that, but thank you.

Thank you so much for your help and encouragement. <3 YOU ARE ALL THE BESTEST AND I HEART YOU.

And now there’s only one thing left to say, really: I hope you’ll find some awesome new authors and books thanks to this list!