Film Talk: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon, Act 20

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Pretty Guardian Sailormoon: Act 20 (PGSM 20)Plot Recap: Nephrite has bested Venus and stolen her crown! Usagi has been encouraged by Mamoru to try and win Mamoru’s heart, not realising that he’s encouraging her to be interested in him specifically. Also, Rei and Makoto sort of had a fight and Ami was left all alone. And Kamekichi still does not have a proper home to live in.

And so… Onwards to episode 20!

Venus is playing Nephrite, of course. But the show still hasn’t told us why. She does seem to be enjoying herself, giving the Dark Kingdom the run-around like that too, but then we’ve seen her competitive streak with Rei earlier when they had that sick dog to look after. That might play into it.

And Kunzite wants a senshi? What for? And how is this different from his first idea which went so horribly wrong? (Also is there fanfic where the senshi fail to rescue Usagi because I’m kind of curious how that would pan out.)

Oh, damn! We almost had Rei asking Minako if she were really the princess and she gets interrupted with some noise about how she’s not awakened as a real senshi yet. I wish you lot would talk to one another for a change. Wait, Minako, wasn’t Usagi the leader of the senshi? She’s the one with the magical defeat monsters powers, after all. (Yes, the other senshi do all do their share, but Usagi’s the one who can heal them and such.) Plus, when in a fight, the girls all defer to Usagi. They don’t in civilian form, though, so perhaps the show’s meaning for that to be a difference. I don’t even know what I’m saying at the moment. >>

Nephrite, that’s an outright lie and you know it. Interesting to see Beryl finally fed up, though. Or not. Look, Nephrite, why are you afraid of her? She’s clearly not going to hurt you or she’d have done it by now. I mean, she hasn’t even hurt Kunzite and he’s shown her about as much respect as he might his boot.

Pretend I have screamed in frustration at Kamekichi’s home. Also I have decided that in my headcanon, Motoki just takes Kamekichi to work with him so his turtle won’t be lonely and there’s a perfectly good pond awaiting Kamekichi after Motoki goes home. You have to agree that Motoki is totally the kind of person to take his pet to his work.

Poor Ami, being left behind like that, and no one notices that she’s unhappy because they’re all busy worrying about their own lives. Luna, why don’t you plan a meeting to discuss this separate-way going? Grumbling aside, though, it’s a very different dynamic from the other stories where the girls bond and become fast and strong friends. That’s… not the case here at all. They’re friends, yes, but they’re not the BFFs that they are in the manga or either of the anime. There is no magic “We are bound by the same duties and past WE SHALL BE BESTIES FOREVER” for them. Well, unless we’re talking Usagi because she clearly befriends everyone with the mindset of “WE SHALL BE BESTIES FOREVER”, so that doesn’t entirely count. Beyond that, even though the girls have overlapping interests and build up friendships (partially because they’ve got no one else), they’re so different it’s easy to see them drifting apart the way that they are even when/if/though the show isn’t showing us how those drifts happen very conclusively.

One of the things to note, as well, in that regard is how absent Usagi actually is. She’s constantly off doing something else. She’s the glue that brings the group together in the first place and she’s the glue that keeps it together afterwards too. But she’s not there in this show whereas she’s always there in the anime and the manga.

Ugh, Mamoru. Stop doing uncalled for things that Usagi clearly doesn’t like. Mystery person is also mysterious. I wonder if that’s Makoto. (It could also be Hina, I guess, but Makoto seems more likely. Or Rei.) Mamoru, pay attention to those little kids’ conversation there. And TAKE NOTES. Daiichi is actually being really sweet. Possibly a bit condescending, but he’s not being mean to Hikari.

Usagi, sweetie, he already thinks you’re weird. Ish. He acts that way. (We know that’s not the extent of his opinion on what Usagi is and is not.)


Makoto! Right the first guess around. And suddenly! youma! Several!

Someone with doubts about Venus’ status as the princess. Kunzite, I still don’t like you and trust you about as far as I can throw you, but I kind of heart your observational skills. I’ve been saying this is fishy for the past several episodes. I’m so glad someone didn’t take forever to figure out that something was up! (Yes, I’m also superglad to be dealing with Mars’ suspicions, but they’re being so thick with the hinting it’s just a breath of fresh air to see someone question it. Now tell me why you haven’t managed to take over the entire Dark Kingdom yet. That should be ridiculously easy given you’re apparently smarter than all three other members of the Dark Kingdom put together.)

Awwwww, poor Usagi. Just as she’s got a chance and the courage to give her scarf: Hina appears. I love how happy the children are. And can this Mamoru stick around? You know the one who’s nice and gentle and everything. ’cause I’d like that.

And so Kunzite’s great plan is revealed! He’s targeting Mercury. Does make sense. She’s easily the weakest link in the group. Her attacks aren’t as strong as the others’, being water-based, and she’s the most insecure and emotionally unstable of the group.

I do really have to ask why they do so many cartwheels when they’re fighting. What’s the point of them? Don’t they use up more energy and tire you out faster?

And… that’s the end, with Mercury getting kidnapped. Exciting things are afoot! See you next time!