Film Talk: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon, Act 26

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Pretty Guardian Sailormoon: Act 26 (PGSM 26)Plot Recap: Kunzite, having suspicions, teams up with Jadeite and set a trap for the senshi and tried to kill Sailormoon. Jadeite’s youma froze all the senshi except for Sailormoon and Kunzite was very intent on killing her. Tuxedo Mask got in the way of Kunzite’s blade, however, and died. This greatly upset Sailormoon because she watched her true love die (again) and awakened her senshi powers. Surprise! She’s actually the Moon Princess!

Also we’ve found the ginzuishou in one of her tears and all the magical energy restored Mamoru back to life and unfroze all the other senshi.

And that’s pretty much where we’re at, so let’s get on with the spoilers!

Past life backstory! That only took half the season to arrive! To be fair, that’s pretty par the course for Sailor Moon. It’s always been a decent balance between “We don’t know what’s going on, but this Dark Kingdom is clearly evil” and “We know what’s going on and the Dark Kingdom is still clearly evil” episodes.

And you know what? Unlike the other versions, PGSM actually explains why Usagi was a senshi before awakening to her true identity. It’s a big change from the original narratives where no one knew, or suspected, that Usagi was actually the princess and it’s a big surprise to everyone. We also see Rei and Makoto change their opinion of their behaviour towards Usagi, which is a nice touch, because again this something the original show didn’t really do. (The infamous slap in Classic happens minutes after the big reveal, in-story time, if I recall.) Yet, in this iteration, both Rei and Makoto immediately reassess how their relationship should go, which is more along what you’d expect if the friend you’ve spent months with suddenly goes around and says they’re actually royalty. It changes the (perceived) power dynamics — and here’s it’s more than perceived because the senshi are supposed to be the princess’s bodyguards — and it’s nice to see the show acknowledge those changes.

It’s also nice to see that Usagi is still Usagi and uncomfortable with this as well as, in a nice twist, she doesn’t actually have her memories back.

Oh, so Artemis really is as unpleasant as the show’s hinted at. He’s made Minako be lonely by telling her to stay apart from the other senshi because Duty (although I’ll grant him that she seems to have genuinely believe in the solo run thing and it’s only meeting Rei that’s let her know what she’s missing out on) and now we learn he’s deliberately interfered with Luna’s memories. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT ANYWAY?! The whole point of it was to awaken everyone for… reasons. By now I’ve forgotten the reasons. Was it solely the youma thing?

And Venus is off on her own again. I like the exchange between her and Rei here, as well as the undertones of what’s going on with Minako. The scene doesn’t really highlight them (for obvious reasons) and it’s been a few episodes since we saw anything about them, but we know Minako only has about six months to live and we know her idea of helping/training Rei is to throw her into the deep end from the singing lesson episode. Staying apart and making sure the other senshi can function as a team without her and that Rei is used to taking the leadership role isn’t necessarily a bad idea even if she doesn’t want to explain it to them. Even if I’m entirely off-base with it, it suits my perception of a pretty duty-bound Minako.

Here’s a question: if the ginzuishou gives off the energy to feed Metallia, shouldn’t that mean the senshi have been trying to keep it from appearing instead of looking to uncover it? Although, of course, either way it’s necessary for them to hide it from the Dark Kingdom. It’ll be interesting to see if the show changes its goals somewhat now the senshi have been found. Surely that’s the kind of memory that would have returned.

Yeah, Beryl, first of all I don’t think they did that on purpose. Secondly, it’s very clear that they didn’t know. And thirdly, you’re still about as scary as a, um, grapevine. Your intolerance does not, in fact, fill me with scariness. (But I remember your presence picking up somewhat in the latter half of the show, so we’ll see how well I remembered that. It’d be nice if you got an episode where you actually did something.)

Kunzite, what is your plan getting Nephrite involved again? I suppose it could just be because you’re a bastard, which is what you give as a reason in a few moments, but I kind of doubt that’s all of it. So far you’ve been the kind of bastard whose acts have purpose rather than just amusement.

And thus we learn that one of the memories Kunzite doesn’t want to think about is watching his fellow shitennou be dead and him the sole survivor. Well, I guess that would rather sour you against a repeat of such events.

Wait, why is Mamoru in a hospital bed? Also what are those doctors making of magic-caused injuries they can’t explain away with science?

And tragic love is tragic and will result in new tragedy if not stopped. Apparently.

Luna, why was their love forbidden? I get that it was all doom and tragedy and war and everything, but why? Ah, thank you, Makoto, for voicing that. I too don’t understand just how this is supposed to be complete and utter tragedy by nature. ARGH! NO! No, don’t go the whole “We must awaken more memories” route just STOP WITH THE BLOODY MEMORIES AND TELL US. I can practically guarantee it’ll be a better story when we’re not dealing with the frustration of the storyline making no sense to anyone, including the characters.

Oooooh. The show is actually picking up on the strand between Motoki and Hina. Yay! And, that said, I’d like to note how much I like it for having people acknowledge when they’ve made mistakes. Sure, telling Makoto and Usagi isn’t exactly the same as apologising to Hina, but at least we know Motoki knows he messed up. (Even though he didn’t know Hina was there either.) It’s just so refreshing to see a show acknowledge that people can make mistakes and recognise them as such with hindsight. So is that genuinely refreshing or is that just me thinking it is? That, I don’t know.

Okay, partially just because I decided to pay more attention to this a few episodes ago, did you all notice how Usagi has to make herself be cheerful and chipper before opening the door to her home? And of course it’s a return to normalcy for her where she can’t keep her secrets to herself, but it’s okay because her family won’t believe her.

Also magical gifts of magic appearing magically. What do they do, show? What do they do?

Out of curiosity, has anyone been keeping track of what the youma look like? I have the distinct impression we’ve seen this costume before, but with a different colour mask.

😮 Takai is back! We haven’t seen him in ages. Looks like he still hiccoughs whenever he’s talking to girls.

Look! The magical gifts of magic that appeared magically make music! CLEARLY IT WILL NOW BECOME A SHOW WHERE YOUMA ARE DEFEATED BY SONG! It… probably won’t, will it?

Magical gift of magic that appeared magically summons a taxi. BY MAGIC. Or just timing. But the magic theory is more fun. Let’s go with that.

Makoto, I love how your heart is in the right place because Usagi is going to regret not seeing him off, but oh that can’t end well.

Oh, poor Hina, tearing up her ticket like that. And telling Mamoru to leave. That must’ve been so hard for her to do. It really makes me appreciate that extra I watched earlier and talked about earlier because it gives her storyline more closure and… Given how much I’ve liked her character and cared for her character’s future going well that’s really, really nice to have.

Mamoru, that really isn’t what she wanted to hear. It’s a really touching scene because he’s clearly upset that he’s hurt her so badly (even though better communication would’ve helped and their getting married despite having grown up together might never have been the smartest idea; we know Mamoru clearly thought Hina’s father only raised and supported him because he’d promised to marry Hina) and she’s clearly hurt and they’re just… drifting apart and he doesn’t quite understand.

And Usagi is more concerned about fighting a youma than seeing Mamoru off, which is possibly the first time in several episodes she’s put something above her own feelings.

Wait, Jupiter, what happened to the magical gift of magic that magically appeared? It magically disappeared for your transformation. Did you drop it? And there it is magically in your hand like it was never gone. Hey now the youma doesn’t look like one we’ve seen before anymore. I think I’m just bad at telling apart youma.

And Nephrite shows up to kill Usagi, which he somehow manages this time. Usagi isn’t really putting in her best effort, is she? Of course that peril sets off the magical gift of magic that is magically able to appear and disappear. Awwww, it’s not musical. I AM DISAPPOINT.

And now Usagi can’t fight because she’s the princess. Did you not listen to Artemis, Usagi? Also if you’re not going to fight, why did you come along?! That just doesn’t make any sense.

I highly doubt Beryl is going to give you any strength Nephrite. She doesn’t like you right now, remember? Also, as a question, why is it Zoisite’s playing is making only Kunzite remember?

Usagi, I don’t think you’re really fooling Makoto with your “I’m all right” act. Can I note yet again that she’s clearly needing a few seconds to get her happy face on and respond?

MYSTERIOUS CAT SENSHI REVEALED. Which brings me to what, when I first watched it, was my least favourite part of the entire show. WHO COULD THE CAT-HAIRED AND BETAILED SENSHI POSSIBLY BE?! See you next time!