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Goal Review December 2015

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Monthly Goals. The text 'monthly goals' underneath a scroll with a key on it. A look back at my goals of the month.

December, because of an issue my webhost had, saw me lose a few posts, most notably my monthly posts. By the time I got everything fixed, I more or less decided that December was going to be a complete free-for-all on all fronts.

Last Month's Goal
I Want to Read:

  • Anything!

I Want to Write:

  • Anything!

December saw me more tired than I have been in a while. I was finally making improvements too, damn it! It’s always one of the busier months, what with holiday celebrations happening all around me and trying to keep up with the people who celebrate so I can wish them well on the appropriate holiday. (Sadly, I failed miserably.)

Still, I have done my best to make the best of it and spent my holiday working hard to get all of the back-end stuff that desperately needed doing for pretty much most of this past half year done. I’ve made a decent amount of progress on the ebooks at least. Huzzah! More on that in a later post since this one is about looking back. I’m really glad that I got those ebooks done. I’ve also been trying to catch up on my mail since NaNoWriMo saw me abandon keeping up for a month.

Speaking of, I’ve managed to rework a couple of paragraphs and little else. All of my spare energy this month has gone into reformatting ebooks or reading. I read quite a lot, though most of the books are also short nonfiction books and I snuck in a few relatively quick rereads just to make up for the reading ground I’d lost over the course of November.

At the time I’m writing this I’ve managed to read 22 individual books. As I said, most were pretty short (think ‘less than 100 pages’), but even so. I’m really happy. November saw me read only 3. I may manage one more book in December; I’ve forgotten about one of the books on my demisexual fiction list and missed out on it in my earlier bout of reading all the demisexual fiction.

I’ve also started work on an essay about how these books represented demisexuality in fiction, but since just about all of the authors on the list are American and I write essays pretty slowly anyway, you can probably expect to wait a while for it. It’s been my top writing priority over the holidays, though, so hopefully I’m grossly overestimating the time it’ll take to get it done. And then… I’ll have to see what I can do with it once it’s written.

And that’s more or less what I’ve been up to this month. It has also, almost miraculously, involved watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens. That was a good way to spend an evening and it was surprisingly (and blessedly) quiet in the cinema. But mostly I wanted to read books and enjoy quiet and at least try to relax and catch up on much needed rest. (I failed spectacularly. I’ve spent most of the month keeling over.)

For now, it’s back to work with me. I have a ton of stuff still left to do that I really want to get done whilst I have more time to devote to doing it than I have been having recently.

Have a lovely end of the year, everyone!


International (SFF) Fiction: The Blog Series (maybe?)

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Year of International Reading

So. I was thinking, in addition to sticking to/running my Year of International Reading (there’s another similar challenge hosted by The Introverted Reader which you can read about here), I could do a set of posts on (SFF) fiction as it intersects with international topics.

For example: geo-restrictions on ebooks (and why this is a ridiculously bad idea) or what kind of books you can find in small-town bookstores or libraries (hint: American bestsellers is a very safe bet) or the effects of pricing on book buyers (hint: the answer isn’t usually piracy).

But, despite having loads of narrative and creative ideas, I am the world’s worst inventor of blog topics. (Okay, I’m probably not, but it feels that way.) So! I was wondering:

What would you like me to talk about? Is there anything you’re desperate to know about the experiences of living outside of the US when it comes to book-buying/reading? Do you have a topic you’d like to talk about yourself? Have you written about it before and want to send me a link?

Etc. I do add the caveat that, obviously, I cannot speak for the entire world. I can’t even speak for my little European Continental corner of the world because people’s experiences are personal, but I can certainly shed some light on general trends and ideas especially as they apply to specifically Western European situations. Again, the caveat here is that this is not the same across the board.

Someone from Spain will have a vastly different experience to someone from France or Denmark. I cannot speak for them, though I can point out things that are highly likely to be comparable. Large countries like Germany end up with a lot of American TV shows just like smaller countries like the Netherlands do, but in between that the way they handle it and the number of native shows available to people differs tremendously. Fun fact: Disney films in the Netherlands and Belgium don’t use the same translation or voice actors despite being branches of the same language and generally mutually comprehensible. Because Reasons.

This is fascinating stuff! I would love to do a blog series on it, but it’s one of those things that is so normal to my frame of reference that I don’t know what strikes others as interesting or odd or noteworthy and I’m not sure what other people are interested in hearing about. I have a lot of this stuff in my head, but fairly little direction in getting it out. What are you interested in hearing about? What aren’t you interested in hearing about? Help me turn “ALL THE THINGS ARE SHINY AND AWESOME TALK ABOUT EVERYTHING! Wait, where do I start?” into a place I can start from.

Please? I like talking about this stuff, but there’s so much. I could use all the direction people are interested in giving me.


My Book Releases in 2015

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News. The text 'news' underneath a big envelope. News and updates on the site.

Alongside a list of books by friends and acquaintances released this year (you can read it here), I also wanted to note the books that I’ve released this year.

Unlike last year, I’ve split them up into their own post. So, this year, if you’d rather skip any form of self-promotion for my books, you can actually easily skip over the whole post entirely. I’ve put it all behind a cut, so unless you’re subscribed through some means that gives you the full post just don’t click past the ‘more tag’. Otherwise, stop reading when you reach the big header going ‘My Book Releases 2015’ in a little bit.

I’ll save discussing the year itself for another post, so I’m not sure what else to say before getting to the books. As such, we’ll just get right in there, shall we? Enjoy!

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2015 Books by Indie Authors

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Links. The text 'links' underneath a big, old-fashioned key. Links I felt were interesting.

Last year, I decided to start up a yearly books listing books published by my friends and acquaintances. I’ve already talked about most of them at some point over the year, yes, but why not mention them again just to increase the potential of exposure. ^_^ Especially right before the holidays when people are looking around for gifts. These books will make a perfect gift for someone!

Included in the list:
– indie published works
– traditionally published works

I’m still not sure how best to track crowdfunded works relatively easily, I’m afraid, so I’ve just linked to the main pages of the crowdfunded authors I know. I’m also tackling it a little differently from last year since getting the images and text to align exactly how I want them was giving me a massive headache. Well, without tables tables that is. I’m sure I could’ve used tables to get the aesthetic right, but that would make the list far less accessible to people. So this year you’ll get a bit of me rambling about the books and then covers that link you to the author’s page about the book or, where that’s not available, the publisher’s page.

It is entirely possible that I’ve accidentally missed someone. I’m really sorry about that! Please nudge me about it! (Also, people are listed alphabetically by first name.)

Anyway! Onto the books!

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Film Talk: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon, Act 28

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Pretty Guardian Sailormoon: Act 28 (PGSM 28)Plot Recap: Ami killed Usagi! Yes, really. She’s in shock. And thanks to the ginzuishou Luna can transform into a child who can transform into a senshi. (And, unlike the others, has to press a code on her phone if she wants to transform.) And she turns back into a cat (plushie?) if she sneezes. She spent most of the episode trying to tell everyone because… Well, because. (There’s also no explanation why this isn’t true for Artemis, by the by. He is and stays a cat.)

Oh, and Mamoru went to the UK and Hina broke off their engagement.

That all said, onto the spoilers!

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Writing with Fatigue Issues

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Writing With Fatigue Issues

As my friends well know (because I somehow cannot seem to stop complaining about mentioning it), I have fatigue issues. We suspect CFS/ME, but, well, you try and get a doctor to diagnose it. We’ll go and ignore the fact where it’s not anything else, the symptoms fit and I’ve been dealing with it for a number of years. It used to be a lot worse than it is now, too, so hey progress!

But! This is not going to be a pity post! Well, not much. ^-~ This is going to be a post on my experiences in being a writer (or an author) dealing with fatigue issues as well as how those issues affect the writing advice that’s available online.

In recent months, I’ve seen a lot of posts from established authors discussing their problems with depression (or other often invisible health issues) quite frankly and I’ve been deeply gratified to see many of these authors acknowledge the effects that depression can have. Maybe it’s the articles I read before then, but so many of the ones I read before those particular discussions told people to just ‘get over’ their depression and keep writing anyway and… Well, generally ignored the impact of what depression actually is.

In this post, as I’ve said, I’d like to focus on how to write with fatigue issues. Or, more specifically, how I write with them. You may find that what works for me doesn’t work for you. And that’s okay! You are not me. Obviously, I hope that you’ll find my post useful (or at least informative), but it’s okay if your experience is different from mine.

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