Film Talk: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon, Act 27

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Pretty Guardian Sailormoon: Act 27 (PGSM 27)Plot Recap: Usagi is the Moon Princess. Mamoru was prince Endymion. They were in love and this love destroyed two world-sized kingdoms entirely and their love will destroy the earth all over again and so they must never see each other again.

Also a mysterious new senshi has appeared.

Below the cut, as always, lie spoilers. In this case, we’re actually going to start off fairly spoilerific, since this episode is all about the mysterious senshi not getting to reveal their identity and I actually want to talk about tropes for a bit before actually starting the viewing.

Because, of course, what we’ve got here is a variant of the Sixth Ranger trope, as is common in sentai shows. The original Sailor Moon stories have it too, of course: with Chibiusa and the Outers. I’d suggest that we ignore how the Outers make a really big point of not being part of the team in S and aren’t too keen on teaming up in Stars either, but they’re kind of part of what I want to get at.

The original Sailor Moon storyline plays with the tropes. Classic less so than the manga, because in the manga we learn that Chibiusa has her own set of senshi to team up with. They’re just… kind of not there because Plot Reasons. As far as I know, that’s not really part of the typical Sixth Ranger story line.

What we’ll get with this new senshi… I can’t recall 100%, but we certainly are not going to get a story that plays with the tropes the way that the original narratives did. And I wanted to flag that up from the first, so any of you following along by rewatching with me can, if you want to, pay attention to that point as something potentially interesting.

(And yes I did not link you all to TVTropes. You’re welcome.)

Mercury is looking really amused at being challenged by a child-senshi. I mean, look at that smiling smirky face! And then… she can’t.  And why is that new senshi holding the Moon Stick and how does she know so much about Mercury and the ginzuishou? And will I like her appearance any better this episode around?

And thus we learn that Luna is the new senshi. I was certain that they were going to drag that out all episode. Now, instead of us too not knowing, there’ll be dramatic irony since we do know and it’s pretty obvious to us. Next question is why Luna, who by all accounts has been acting like an adult throughout the show so far is a child while in senshi form.

And Zoisite and Nephrite get a chance to talk. Nephrite is still walking around in a self-pitying daze.

Magically appearing dog to scare off Luna! I do like the way Ami is shown to start to remember her old self.

Why isn’t Luna making this announcement at night while the girls are calling each other? I mean, what is she doing that she can’t tell them now?

Hey, does that mean the Dark Kingdom has a lake and a moon and actual plants in it?

And looks like Rei is the only one who’s piecing Luna’s identity together from the clues she’s giving them. JUST TELL THEM ALREADY, LUNA. You didn’t need to disappear from Makoto’s home unless pepper-sneezes make you teleport on top of turning back into a cat. It must, though, surely, because why else wouldn’t you just reappear as Luna and go “Surprise! I can look human now!”?

And thus we learn that Usagi is willing to lie to her friends and goes off to see Ami on her own. She won’t fight and we learn that human!Luna has super-sensitive ears and super-speed enough to confuse Kunzite. I have to say I do love his face when he gets hit with the fan.

Usagi almost heals Mercury, but not quite yet. I’d like to note the focus on their relationship. We’ve seen Ami think about Rei and Makoto a few times this episode, but it’s chiefly been Usagi all the way. And then we learn that Usagi wants to bring back Ami on her own. And leaves the whys of it open to interpretation. At least for now. We’ll see if it stays that way.

Yes, Mercury, it is very hard to toss away something you’re holding. Sword hilts really do stick to your hand when you try to throw them aside. But it’s an impactful scene, with Usagi apparently dead because the Moon Stick shattered and her death sparking Ami’s old self to resurface. Also we see that Usagi’s tiara breaks. Remember when Tuxedo Mask’s mask broke for the same reason a couple of episodes ago? Just wanted to remind you all of that, partially because we know that the Usagi/Mamoru pairing is a canon thing and this is about the only other time with the Ami/Usagi pairing that we’re going to get it. (Yes, I know. It’s a sign of just how bad things really got to have things break on their own like that and not necessarily intended to be more. But context matters and the only other time we see it happen in the show is when Usagi loses Mamoru, albeit temporarily. Plus, look at the way Ami reacts to realising what she just did.)

Dramatic music and sweet scenes with Ami and Usagi. We’re coming up to the end of the Dark Mercury arc and, with it, much of the femslash moments the show has.

See you next time!