Film Talk: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon, Act 29

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Pretty Guardian Sailormoon: Act 29 (PGSM 29)Plot Recap: Ami is back and no longer mind-controlled by the Dark Kingdom! We have now been introduced to a new character too: Mio Kuroki. (Well, Kuroki Mio, but you know. Thought I’d go with Western conventions for a change.) This name is not in the least bit ominous.


Party time! YAY AMI IS BACK!

And straight to a worried Minako. I did say that there was nothing in the least ominous about the sudden appearance of a new character, right? What’s true, Minako? What? Don’t cut to opening credits on something like that! That’s mean!

And a memory of Mamoru. Here’s an interesting note, though: in all versions of Sailor Moon (except possibly the musicals) Usagi loses Mamoru for an extended period at least once. That’s one of the constants we get to see in the narratives.

Then the show treated us to the most un-British accent ever. I’m just going to assume that’s an American exchange student. That is very profound, Zoisite. Mamoru could never have figured that out without your excellent guidance.

From what I’ve seen of this Kunzite so far, Zoisite, my guess is on “Yes. Yes, he could and he’d probably enjoy it whilst he was doing it”. Granted there’s a small chance that afterwards he’d fall into a worse state than he’s in at the moment because of how he was the most loyal once, but it doesn’t count if he kills Mamoru first.

Beryl, what is this obsession with ruling the Earth? I mean why do you want to rule the whole earth? Is it just a power thing? An “I’ll show that princess and her little cat too!” thing? What? Is this because I’ve had to take a fairly long hiatus between episodes and I’ve forgotten your motivation for world domination as explained in previous episodes or am I only just now noticing that we’re all taking your world domination plans as a given since, being evil, of course you want to own the entire earth?

Oh, Usagi, I doubt this show is going to let your forget about Mio. It only just introduced her. See, it’s already confronting you with her. I like the little touch of asking Ami to translate the sentence too. It’s a little bit of Ami-inclusion and, though brief, a nice reminder of her personality.

And, of course, the whole class goes wild over the celebrity. Hee!

It’s interesting to see the rivalry between Usagi and Mio, actually. Since right now it’s all set up to be just Usagi and for a pretty silly reason all things considered: because Mio is a rival to Usagi’s favourite pop idol. And, of course, Usagi having spent time with Minako does consider Minako a friend, so that adds to her feelings of animosity.

And in the volleyball game we get the first clue that something is truly up. Only it doesn’t look like a clue just yet. Er, I was trying to keep spoilers to a minimum, right? Sorry? But it is! We’ll learn why later, but for now let’s stick with “That was not an accident”.

See? She kicked Usagi for no reason there because no one was watching. NOT AN ACCIDENT.

Hi, Luna! Motoki, you have such a crush on Makoto. Even I can see that. >>

And what does Mio want? Well, apart from emotionally manipulating Usagi and setting her up to be emotionally abused as much as possible. SHE KICKED YOU, USAGI. I know you’re soft-hearted and everything (I am too), but she deliberately kicked you.

I don’t care if they did it in their previous lives, it still looks odd. I suppose it’s effective, though. It requires speed and good hand-eye coordination.

Senshi, why are you just standing there when the youma points its hands at you? Looking away isn’t as effective as trying to dodge. Also notice how earlier the show made a point of showing us Mio injured her hand in the youma attack? That totally isn’t going to become relevant.

Ami, what are you doing with that water beam? I know it’s a sign of her awakening powers slowly getting stronger and all, but why can’t the youma just jump higher to get it. It didn’t miss by that much. With a higher vantage point, surely it could get its hands on the thing.

Convenient Luna appearance is convenient. And that attack doesn’t even make sense within the universe of the story, Luna. Also why do you get the exact same attack item as Usagi? Really, the whole point of Usagi being the main character and leader is that she’s unique. Not even Chibi-Moon mimics her senshi gear that closely and that’s her daughter.

And thus everyone turns against Usagi. Again. Hands up everyone who thinks Kuroki Mio is somehow involved with the Dark Kingdom. *raises hand*

Next time! More Kuroki Mio. Minako is not impressed.

See you then!